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CBSE Affiliation No. 1030239



Author: Pranishi Agrawal, Class XI E

Why are sad quotes the best?

Why never ends the happiness’ quest?

Why is good all alone?

Why always the evil gets the throne?

Why people have stopped trusting?

Why now relations are tied with the lightest string?

Why outer beauty matters more?

Why there is no value of feelings in the hearts’s core?

Why people want to die even before they have started living?

Why taking is more common than happily giving?

Why jealousy has taken the place of pleasure?

Why comfort is less needed than leisure?

Why happiness in lives is lost?

Why honesty isn’t adopted at any cost?

Why is there a scarcity of true friends?

Why cannot even real life have happy ends?

Why we’ve lost our originality?

Why do looks decide our personality?

Why truth is not chosen over a lie?

Why is there a reason to ask all these “why”?