CBSE Affiliation No. 1030239


World War II

Author: Anvi Bharani, Class VII C

Think this pandemic is the most difficult time ever?
What I am gonna say is remember it forever.
The worst was the World War two,
But that pain too, we certainly outgrew.

I still live it, couldn’t forget it,
They couldn’t make any noise at night.
With only silence to accompany them,
No flowers, no trees- not even a game.

We now can make noises, play and talk,
They couldn’t even go for a walk.
It lasted for about 6 years,
With every Jew’s eyes having tears.

Just think for a time where shooting is going outside,
Where it’s dark and everyone needs to hide.
Where you can’t even cough,
You now may believe that it was too tough.

So, today, if you ask why me
Stop for a moment to think, to see
Thank God even for today’s condition,
It still is a manageable situation.