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CBSE Affiliation No. 1031254


Author: Manya Shah, Class IX D

The Memories
Gazing at the stars on a warm summer night
By the fire cozy and bright
And looking back at all that we’ve been through
This moment is a fairytale come true.

We aspired, decades ago to be there with each other
We were clueless of what future held for us
Now that it’s been 50 beautiful years,
We celebrate this togetherness with simple cheers.

More than love is what we have
Happiness, respect, trust and faith, but nothing to brag.
It’s been so long, but we still love each other and us
And have more years together on this life bus.

The Trick
The serenity of the wind
The absence of the mind
The scintillating sunset
And the reflection of it all in my eyes.

I feel numb yet warm inside
Seeing the sun reach out for the skies
The horizon looks like it’s chasing me
And the birds are singing just for me.

The long breath I take
The conscious mind I again awake
Nature played me well yet again by this tranquillity
When I should’ve known the world is still as restless as it ever was.