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CBSE Affiliation No. 1031254

Unique Labs

Finishing School Lab:

Education happens much beyond the subject course books. It has become imperative that schools take on the responsibility of grooming children in all aspects of education. This includes life skills, leadership skills, social skills as well as emotional skills. The Finishing School Lab will be a platform that the school will provide to the children to hone these skills. This will ensure that our children will be individuals armed with etiquette, good manners and confidence who can independently lead their lives with dignity.

Communication Skills:

‘You can have brilliant ideas, but if you can’t get them across, your ideas won’t get you anywhere.’ – Lee Iacocca. 
At The Shishukunj International School North Campus, we understand the power of communication and its importance in achieving success. With growing importance on skill-based learning, the school has incorporated Communication Skill classes as an integral part of the curriculum. Using a wide spectrum of activities, students learn the importance of listening attentively, articulating thoughts effectively (debates, panel discussions, extempore, etc), identifying verbal and non-verbal clues, and forming and voicing opinions respectfully. 

Food Craft:

The pandemic has taught us that Eating Right is essential. Cooking is no longer a skill confined to a specific gender, rather it is an important survival skill. With the NEP laying stress on skill-based learning, food craft is now a significant aspect of the curriculum at The Shishukunj International School North Campus. In Food Craft, students will be cooking recipes that combine our traditional practices with taste and nutrition. Here they will be learning about seasonal and local foods, their nutritional values and how food can combat diseases. The recipes taught will be age appropriate, which will include different kinds of food for different purposes- for instance,  convalescent patients, expectant mothers, the elderly and the sick; thus, departing from merely learning to cook.

‘Eat Your Food as your Medicine, otherwise you will have to Eat Medicines as your Food’ – Dr. Michael Osae