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CBSE Affiliation No. 1031254

My Worst Bestie

Author: Mishca Mahajan, Class VI C

Samantha was in second grade and she was my best friend,
I looked up to her to no end,
She was smarter, stronger and prettier than me,
All these qualities were all I could see.
Blinded by these goods, I didn’t notice the sly, cunning side to her,
And there wasn’t a worse moment for it to spur.
Around the end of second grade,
Just when I thought our friendship was made,
She started telling stuff to her other friend Abby,
Stuff like I overreacted, and being pretty was all I could see.
And in third grade, we both were in different sections,
And we had friends of different selections,
I made besties with a girl who came in my bus,
While Samantha started making a fuss,
She told everyone I overacted and showed off,
The last straw was when she told my new bestie, Soph,
Soph was in her section and they soon became friends,
And Soph looked up to Samantha to no ends,
Of course, Soph and I were still best friends forever,
She swore nothing would break us apart, ever.
Soon Samantha started telling Soph everything she told the others,
And soon Soph said she never bothers,
To be friends with a person like me,
And the only reason she was friends was because she felt pity.
I told the teachers about Samantha’s behaviour but they didn’t hear a word,
They thought the fact such a “smart, kind girl” could be mean was absurd,
Of course, my parents didn’t listen either as they thought I was jealous,
I’d told them Samantha was my bestie, just a year ago, the reason was obvious.
Soph became my bestie again in fourth grade,
And a condition was laid,
I told Samantha she could tell everyone my friends and I were baddies,
But she had to stop telling my buddies.
Samantha said she didn’t want to interfere with my life,
And she didn’t want to be the knife,
She said she didn’t want to be the reason for my despair,
And she told me she thought she was being unfair.
I just shrugged and left it alone,
And now, in grade six, that affair is long gone,
Samantha still doesn’t like me and thinks I’m bad,
But at least she isn’t interfering with the friends I have and had.