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CBSE Affiliation No. 1031254

Put down your phones and pick up the Planet

Author: Saanvi Nagar, Class VI C

About 80% of the total population of the world is addicted to phones. We find almost every person watching or chatting on social media platforms like Snapchat and Instagram for hours but, they should be spending more time with nature and hearing the brawling river, chirping of crickets and chattering of birds in nature.
Now a crucial question ensues that “How can we spend more time with nature”? According to me, the finest tip is to pot some plants in our houses to get more affectionate and spend more time with them. We all know that plants take in CO2 and release Oxygen in order to make their food so, if we pot more plants in our houses, we will get fresh air and highly nutritious fruits and vegetables.
Watching phones can give you a never-ending backache and can make you obese sitting at one place, whereas walking on the lush green grass and observing the nature as well as birds can improve your mental skills and enrich your knowledge towards them.
One example that I would like to share is that during the Covid pandemic everything was locked, we were lonely, secured in our homes and cooking fancy dishes. I remember that my mother and I used to go for a walk at night to sense nature and observe it. I would like to conclude with a quote
“Time in nature soothes my soul lovingly wild”.