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CBSE Affiliation No. 1031254

Village Women

Author: Nyasa Kamargaonkar, Ummehani Malik, Anaya Shende and Saanvi Kalanki, Class VI A

As the time progressed, people’s views changed and women were respected and given more opportunities than in the past. They are now allowed to vote and take up any job. Women are now recognised worldwide but has anyone ever thought about the women living in the villages? I think not. Although they are being provided with facilities but not with a voice to protest or stand for themselves. Often in villages, girls who are below the age of 18, get married because of their parents’ will. In cities, women are provided with numerous job opportunities, a chance to take a stand but the case isn’t the same for the village women. 

Men in villages live comfortably because their wives and daughters do all the work in the house but even after that the females of the house are not given any respect. Even with all the government schemes to give women the right of education, vote etc., a normal thing like hygiene is difficult for these village women. They are often ill-treated because of health problems but the people just make comments and don’t help, which is wrong. 

Many people still go forward with what they call “tradition” or “what our ancestors followed”. We always learn something from our past but not everything was right at that time. Many famous personalities like Krantijyoti Savitribai Phule, who was a village woman, have taken a stand for women like the one in villages to shout out their wills that didn’t go for consideration. We can change this. It doesn’t mean that whatever our ancestors followed, has to be followed by us. Every new generation is an improvement for the future and we can’t run away from that duty. 

As we go into the details of this aspect, we can acknowledge that numerous other difficulties appear. Children and men are given ample facilities for any disaster that occurs, whereas when women’s turn comes, it is mostly insufficient. Looking from a different perspective, there are many households with overpowering men. Women often in such overwhelming situations, have quarrels, special and widely known ‘Mother in law and daughter in law’s fights’. Women across the world have come to realize this fact and have been working for the same for a long time. 

Similarly, child marriage is an extremely revolting practice. Without enough knowledge about the working and government along with their schemes, it is really hard for ‘village women’ to lead a stable, financially independent life. The financial disadvantages are caused mostly because of the lack of education.

Hygiene and proper facilities at labour are a must.

Many villages of numerous rural states have women who take care of the diseases and other health issues by themselves without knowing the proper procedure or consulting anyone. These points are mainly the biggest obstacles to women empowerment. Sometimes some things need to be changed for the betterment of the future…