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CBSE Affiliation No. 1031254

What is My Future?

Author: Anahita Kataria, Class VIII A

What is my future?
My future has possibilities
My future will be bright
I wonder what I will be?

Will I be a pilot
To soar across the sky?
Will I be a doctor
To cure people I’ll try?

Will I become an actress
And dance across a stage?
Will I be an artist
And paint a masterpiece on every page?

Will I be a detective
To solve mystery murders?
Will I be a scientist
And mix up all the formulas?

What will my future be
Oh I’m so anxious to know
Everything sounds amazing
My dreams I will follow



What is a Dream?
A dream is not something
That you see in your sleep
It is a hint of passion
That goes way down and deep.

It is a star
That will give you the light
Follow it when you are stuck
In your darkest night.

A dream is a promise
That you make to yourself
So don’t let it go
Lying on some shelf.

Believe in your dreams
With all of your heart
Even if you fall
Don’t give up, make a new start.

A dream is a torch in a mist
To make you see things through
So believe and follow it
And it just may come true.



What is fear?
Why do we feel it?
Is it just a feeling?
Or is it something different?

Fear is something
That we all feel.
It is something
That may or may not heal.

Our greatest fears
Are worse than worst
Our smaller fears
Are something that feels like a curse.

What makes your blood run cold?
What makes your neck prickle?
It is the fear in your bones
That runs down in a trickle.

What is that thing
That is always so very near?
It is the evil and cruel
The despicable fear.


Magical Me
If I were a Unicorn
I’d gallop around and have my fun.
If I were a phoenix
I’d shine as bright as the sun.
If I were a pixie
I’d be up to mischief all day.
If I were a fairy
I’d sleep on a bed of hay.
If I were a mermaid
I’d dance across the seven seas.
If I were a dragon
I’d be a trusty steed.
If I were a griffin
I’d stand tall and proud.
If I were a gnome
I’d live under the ground.
If I were an angel
I would always speak the truth.
If I were a ghost
I’d sneak up and shout ‘BOO’!