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CBSE Affiliation No. 1031254

What Makes Shishukunj Special

Author: Anahita Kataria, Class VIII A

What makes Shishukunj Special?
What makes it special
Is the atmosphere and enthusiasm
The merry chirping of birds
And the red and brown leaves of autumn.

Our greeting makes it one of a kind
When everyone says “Namaste”
Every pupil becomes confident and bright
And we feel ready to face the day.

The teachers are respectful and kind
Each student is like a blooming flower
And the helpers teach us about hard work and honesty
We learn from them as the clock ticks hour by hour.

And these halls we walk
They’ve become our homes
Benches and classrooms
We can call our own.

Everything in this school makes me feel special
And that’s why Shishkunj is unique
And it is not only I
But we all feel that way as here we can all be free.


Friendship day
These will be just one of those good old days
When we remember all the friends that we have made
And the dos and don’ts we learnt along the way
And the gift of friendship that should never stray.

Those friends that we trust
Are so much like ourselves
We never realise it
Until they take us to other realms.

With them you can be
Who you wanna be
Your spirit soars
And you set it free.

These friends we’ve made
Are whom we trust
And may this bond
For forever never rust.

With them you don’t have to pretend
Just be yourself and you’ll be fine
Be true and loyal
Having a true friend is a feeling so divine.



The most beautiful thing on Earth
What is the prettiest thing on Earth?
I was asked by my friend
I got lost in the possibilities
I thought they could never end.

Is it the rainbow?
Is it the butterfly?
Is it the flower?
Is it the blue sky?

Is it the crystal?
Is it the diamond?
Is it the ruby?
Is it the emerald?

Is it the river?
Is it the sea?
Is it the ocean?
Is it the tree?

As I pondered on this
I sat with a frown
Then I discovered that thing
For me, it is the sight of my hometown.