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CBSE Affiliation No. 1030239

6th Grader on a Rainy Day

Author: Taarini Kasbekar, Class VI B

You might have read this title and imagined a 6th grader staring at the window, with the occasional liquid pearl-like raindrop falling. It’s safe to say that it’s quite the understatement, as barrels and barrels of water crashed down from the side of my building, splattering against the window, and leaking onto the floor, while an annoyed sixth grader highlighted a page from some printed out summaries, feeling tired, hungry, and cross. That sixth grader was me.
Many kids-correction-all kids would simply love to snuggle into warm, fluffy blankets, on a rainy day, sip hot chocolate that trickled down their throat in cinnamon streams, and bringing with it warm and fuzzy feelings that spread from head to toe, stuff their mouth with endless pakodas, watch television or read a good book, and feel warm, clean, and simply amazing.
And…. It all comes crashing down. My highlighter ink, leaking, covering my hand in yellow, seemed to have teamed up with the weather to make me miserable. Half the words on the page have dissolved into fuzzy black streams, (figuratively, not literally) and not even a quarter has penetrated my thick skull. *sighs*. What wouldn’t I rather be doing than sitting here, revising stuff that no one needs to know *exaggeration alert!*. You may be wondering why I’m writing this in present tense, it’s because it’s happening now, as I simultaneously type this, hoping my mother doesn’t catch me.
Why did it seem that even the heavens went out of their way to be mad at us and exact some sort of revenge? Not that I did anything wrong. I think. Does stealing sweets out of the fridge count? Now there’s nothing more to say, unless you want to hear about misprints, dropped pencils and missing pens (I suspect my little brother). Sorry for all this complaining, it’s just that I hope you’ve learnt a lesson from this-NEVER be a sixth grader on a rainy day.