CBSE Affiliation No. 1030239 Jhalaria Campus North Campus
CBSE Affiliation No. 1030239

International Award for Young People (IAYP)

The school is happy to be have received the National Operator License (NLO) for operating the IAYP (International Award for Young People) in the school . Several students have enrollled for this programme which requires them to pursue a skill, a sport , an adventurous journey and also community service.

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IAYP 2023

The IAYP Prog during the session 2023-24 saw a huge response with over 250 students enrolling for the same.

03 students Mast. NIKUNJ KHANDELWAL X F, Mast. DHRUV CHAUDHARY X A and Ms. AKARSHA GARG X E have already completed all the requirements of the programme and are awaiting their certificates from the National Office. The others too, are well on their way to complete all the requirements of the progamme at the earliest.

Shishyans reach out to the students of a Government School

Students enrolled under the IAYP Prog have been conducting regular classes at the Government School in Jhalaria. Handling students of Classes III and above has been an enriching experience for Shishyans. They help the students in Math, language, art and also life skills like public speaking and building confidence. The students feel that they have so much to learn from the students enrolled in the government schools.


We are really indebted to the Principal Mrs. Manju Goyal of the Jhalaria school for giving this wonderful opportunity to our students.

IAYP 2022

02 Students Awarded Bronze Medal for IAYP
Nandini Bohra Aryan Vijayvargiya

Nandini Bohra and Aryan Vijayvargiya ( Batch of 2021 ) were awarded with Bronze medals and certificates for completing all the activities under the IAYP Programme. These activities are grouped into 04 sections:

Nandini and Aryan enthusiastically participated in various activities under the above sections and were awarded the Bronze medal for the same.

Heartiest Congratulations

March 2019 : Shishyans awarded IAYP Bronze Medal

Heartiest congratulations to the following students who were awarded the Bronze Medal of the IAYP in 2018-19. They completed all the requirements of the Bronze level ( Social Service, Skill, Adventure and Physical Activity ) and were awarded certificates and medals for the same:

December 2017 : IAYP Bronze Level Achievers

Heartiest Congratulations to the following students for receiving the IAYP Bronze award during the Session 2016-17. They fulfilled the required criteria of the four aspects of the programme: skills, social service, sports and adventure. The students are:

August 2016 : Extending Help to visually challenged children

Students interesting in offering their services to the visually challenged children may kindly contact the following :

Mahesh Dhrishtiheen Kalyan Sangh
Near Bombay Hospital
Contact no.:0731- 2554757

Helen Keller Centre
Contact no. : 9424008622

Jeevanshala High School
Visarjan Ashram
Navlakha Square
Near Mother Teresa’s Home
AB Road
Tel no: 9826235555

In order to complete the Service section of the IAYP programme, students are required to offer their service for at least an hour for a period of three months. The IAYP diary has to be duly filled in by the students and signed by the authorities.

OCTOBER 2014 : Classroom Cleaning

As part of the Service arm of IAYP , a group of students took up the work of cleaning the classrooms after school hours. They not only cleaned the green boards and the cupboards, but also sorted out all the unwanted papers and files from the drawers. A small initiative indeed, but it went a long way in spreading the message that cleanliness and orderliness are the need of the hour. Also, if we litter …. we ourselves are to clean ( not the bhaiyas and didis !)


The first batch of 18 students were delighted to receive the Bronze Award from Ms. Sarita Badhwar, Dean , Internationalism , The Daly College , Indore. These students successfully completed all facets of the award, ie. Service, Skill, Adventure and Physical Recreation. Ms. Badhwar congratulated the students and urged them to pursue the higher levels of the award. She emphasized the fact that such pursuits as the IAYP contribute immensely to the overall growth and development of the personality.