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CBSE Affiliation No. 1030239

And Came into Being

Author: Aryan Sharma, Class VIII G

The poem is based upon the revival after World War II and the formation of the United Nations.

As the foretold unfurled
The portentous battle hurled,
For hearts, wrenched in blood and woe
The graves held bodies to sow.

There came a genocide to follow
To live, was unclear ‘morrow
With ominous winds came a question,
Who escaped this intervention?

An ardent cry was cornered, ignored
As the pleas for help groaned
In a battle where nations sundered
A question for the masses was left unanswered.

The rumbles of fear intoned,
In a battle where hell mourned,
Staggered stood the pleas of martyrs,
And thus came into being the UN charters.

The holocaust had deepened
As the denouement neared
The Fate Weavers of the Day
Had drifted the fiasco away

With prophecies of dawn in array
The UN was the change which reformed the century
The one that drove out penury
The one that drove out treachery…