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CBSE Affiliation No. 1030239
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School Clubs

The Shishukunj Clubs get a Flying Start

The meetings of the various clubs conducted in school  on June 30, 2023 were a resounding success. The club leaders exhibited great enthusiasm and the club members were eager to know what the clubs had in store for them. The meetings were well-organized and filled with exciting activities to foster camaraderie and maintain interest. The … Continue reading “The Shishukunj Clubs get a Flying Start”

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Summer Clubs @ Shishukunj – May 2021

The success of the clubs during the session 2020-21, inspired the students to launch the Summer Clubs @ Shishukunj. The purpose was to keep the students productively and creatively engaged during the summer vacations. The Summer Clubs @ Shishukunj had a unique approach for a 6 session Summer Capsule. Each session was well planned , … Continue reading “Summer Clubs @ Shishukunj – May 2021”

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Shishukunj Clubs 2020 – 21

Shishukunj has always valued the importance of co-curricular activities and given every opportunity to Shishyans to participate in them for their holistic development. Shishukunj Clubs was an online student driven initiative started during the academic session 2020-21. Refusing to be deterred by the pandemic , students of Classes XI and XII took up leadership positions … Continue reading “Shishukunj Clubs 2020 – 21”

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Shishukunj Clubs 2020-2021

Shishukunj Clubs 20-21 Club Leaders October 2020 -21 Club Mentors 2020-21

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