CBSE Affiliation No. 1030239 Jhalaria Campus North Campus
CBSE Affiliation No. 1030239

I Beg Thee

Author: Nyasa Kamargaonkar, Class VIII A

Back into trenches,
Back to the void;
Fought and screeched and screamed to flee,
Only to be dragged back into its way.

The reminiscing horrors of death,
The agony at heart;
Leave me, oh dear, leave me
For I yearn to stay;

Let us thrive,
For once, let me survive;

I beg thee, to let our
Eyes meet orb’s floret,
Ears meet bird’s croon,
let us,
Possess a shard of hope,
Longer see the Sol;
I beg thee to let ‘em grow,
Not banish all fancies of the little grown.

I beg and I beg,
Let the mothers embrace their sons longer
Let wives hug their love longer and
Let the child feel the yearned clasp longer.

For once just forget the treachery,
forget the blood,
forget the battlefield
For once see the innocence,
See in their eyes, the love and tear;
I beg thee to cease.
No more war please.

No tears,
No corpses;
No more,
I beg thee, no more

I beg thee,
Anything in the world shall thou do,
But wage carnage;
Just to leave ages in ravage.