CBSE Affiliation No. 1030239 Jhalaria Campus North Campus
CBSE Affiliation No. 1030239

I Believe in Myself

Author: Nivi Kathed, Class VIII G

I’m the one I should love in this world
Shining me, the precious soul of mine
I finally realized so I love me
Not so perfect but so beautiful
But please be merciful to yourself
You don’t have to be perfect
Cause everyone is trying to be
Be weird
You can’t go to the peak by being normal.
If you think you’re going to crash, step on the pedal harder.
Never mind, never mind,
Even if it’s a road of thorns, we still run.
Who says a dream must be something grand?
Just become anybody
We deserve a life
Whatever, big or small, you are you after all.

I believe in myself
My back hurts in order to let my wings sprout.