CBSE Affiliation No. 1030239 Jhalaria Campus North Campus
CBSE Affiliation No. 1030239

Missing You

Author: Anora Ankur Kulin, Class XII D

Missing You

Do you remember when we first met?
The first friend I ever had,
Do you remember the time we were naughty?
When we rolled in the mud
And it didn’t wash out for weeks?
When mom taught us to hunt, to catch the wild deer
The watering hole father took us to, for our first day out,
And the rustle in the bushes, the noise,
I remember it like it was yesterday,
The shiny trap, the pain and the leg
that never healed just quite right
The weird animals who took you away
In a big noisy thing that whizzed past,
I remember father ran after them,
Chased them for weeks, he became ill
When he came back home, I knew at once,
I would never see you again, never feel your fur,
Never go out hunting with you,
Our family was broken,
I didn’t need someone to tell me that.
There was never a day I didn’t think about you,
And one day on a hunt, I heard the same noisy thing
The fear came flooding back, the pain returned
And just as I was about to run,
I saw the hide I remembered so well
Every crease, every spot, every stripe
I had seen you, I was sure, so I came to take you home,
But something wasn’t right, you smelt like them,
You didn’t flinch, didn’t run
And then I felt the searing pain,
Something hitting my shoulder, stinging,
And then you moved…one of them moved you
And from inside someone emerged,
They wore you as a skin, I knew you were gone.
I can’t hold on any more, I am letting go,
The pain is too much to bear, the emotions.
I am coming to you brother,
we will be united once again, we will be together.


There was a time,
When there were fine
Strands of dandelion
Like the mane of a lion.
Flowing across the sky,
Where the birds fly.
It went in my nose,
Even after many blows,
It refused to come out
And stayed quite stout.
I tried to sneeze
But could only wheeze,
I came to a sticky end,
And went round the bend.