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CBSE Affiliation No. 1030239

My Country Offers A Lot

Author: Aryma Mishra, Class IX B

Driving, walking or flying to the destination,
Relaxing in the various landscapes
My country offers a lot,
Beaches, mountains, deserts, valleys are beyond imagination.

A Rajasthani travels to the east,
Living the tribal cultures and traditions when,
Various tribes familiarize you with their rich arts.
You devour the Kangshoi, Ngamtok and fish curry feast.

A Tamilan travels to the snow-capped mountains.
Might face problems with Pahari or Hindi but will be embraced with care.
Tibetan, Persian and Buddhist culture has its chunks here.
The place is filled with rich heritage and traditional fountains.

A Bengali travels to the land of sand,
Enjoying the camel hump – ride while sipping the jaljeera and enjoying dal-bati-churma.
The folk dance and music, and banis add to the flavours.
They celebrate tourism without fear or fervour.

A Kashmiri travels to god’s own land,
Back riding the elephants; reliving the Dravidian culture; tasting the Chemmeen and Njandu.
The Kathakali dancers and Kalaripayattu artists showcase their arts.
For cooking the delicacies you can always give a hand.

The garba mixes with Manipuri dance,
Idli- sambhar celebrates with dhoklas.
North-eastern phanek matches with Banarasi sarees.
Differences stand no chance.

This gives the lesson of unity in diversity,
Where people around the map explore and enjoy together.
Nurturing, caring and loving the country.
Protecting the heritage, enriching the biodiversity.