CBSE Affiliation No. 1030239 Jhalaria Campus North Campus
CBSE Affiliation No. 1030239

Session on Basic Life Support for Accident Victims

In celebration  of   the Bone and Joint Week , Indore Orthopedic Association conducted a  session on  Basic Life Support for Accident Victims for students of Classes IX and X on August 04, 2023. 

This session was conducted by Dr. Saket Jati, Professor and  HOD of Emergency Medicine, Aurbindo Medical College along with Dr. Milind Shah, Dr. Akshay Jain and Dr. Arpit Agrawal.  They threw light on what to do and how , in case of road accidents. It is a known fact, that in most accident cases, timely help can save a life.   They discussed the importance  of giving immediate help in the ‘golden hour’i.e. the initial stage after an accident when a small intervention can save a life.  They highlighted the life saving techniques to save the lives of accident victims, till the paramedics arrived. Besides other things, they also demonstrated how to do a  cardiopulmonary Resuscitation  (CPR).

The talk was followed by a question and answer session in which the students posed very intelligent and relevant questions.  The session proved to be very informative and interesting and lived up to promote the cause : Each One Train One Save One.