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CBSE Affiliation No. 1030239

Reality Shifting

Author: Kunjal Mola Jain, Class IX G

Reality shifting was one of the most talked about subjects in 2021 and 2022.

This topic always seems to catch attention. So, what is reality shifting?

Many think of it as dreaming, but do you feel anything when you dream? No, dreams are not controllable unless you are lucid dreaming. When you shift realities, your consciousness literally shifts to another universe or reality in this multiverse. 

In simple words, for example you have a choice to wear a red shirt or a blue shirt and you choose to wear the red one. There will be an alternate reality where you would have chosen the blue shirt. 

Reality shifting shifts your consciousness there, in that reality. And shifting there feels absolutely real, you can take decisions, you can feel emotions, etc. It is exactly like reality but you are physically not there. 

Shifting realities can also be planned using a timeline. One hour in my actual reality would be one week in my dream reality. Scripting your own story can also be helpful. 

Many methods can be used to shift realities. Shifters, the people who claim to have shifted, say that shifting requires a calm and clear mind, a lot of determination and patience. Once you have mastered it all, you can drift off into the fantasy worlds of your choice, like Hogwarts or a fictional world from your favourite novel!