CBSE Affiliation No. 1030239 Jhalaria Campus North Campus
CBSE Affiliation No. 1030239

Commerce Activity

August 21 2023

The  much awaited Commerce Activity,  was organized in  the school on August 21, 2023. Each house  presented a business pitch for a product that they had designed. It was a brilliant showcase of the entrepreneurial talents of the Shishyans. 

The Ahilyabai House, introduced  their product called BetterFly which aimed to empower people with visual impairments.  The Lata Mangeshkar House came up with a  product called Compatibles,  a space-controlled clothing that transforms space and offers hope in the face of adversity. The Kalam House presented its product called Aero Moss, with its motto “Breathe Green, Breathe Clean” whilst the Dhyanchand House introduced a  product called SAAMYA- Plants meet autopilot, an automated plant watering system. 

Hard work, research and team work was evident in all the  presentations . The participants spoke with  great confidence and ‘pitched’ their product very convincingly. After each presentation, the judges put forth questions which the students answered with  confidence.

The Commerce Activity was a good platform for students to showcase their ‘out of the box’ ideas and the students did so with great enthusiasm.

The result of the activity was as follows :


  • First Position : Dhyanchand House
  • Second Position : Ahilyabai House
  • Third Position : Kalam House