CBSE Affiliation No. 1030239 Jhalaria Campus North Campus
CBSE Affiliation No. 1030239

MU20 Boot Camp at the House of Lalpur

October 21 2023

A group of 25 Shishyans accompanied by 02 educators , Mrs. Amrita Mazumder and Mrs. Prachi Khan attended the MU20 Boot Camp at the House of Lalpur, near Chandigarh from October 21- 25 , 2023. 

It was an experience par excellence, each moment was  packed with learning , togetherness and fun. This camp saw the students coming out of their comfort zones to experience something that they had never imagined.  The students were ably mentored by Mr. Sumer Singh and his team and  returned to Indore with everlasting memories. 

The experience at the camp has been best described by Mrs. Amrita Mazumder, one of the educators who attended the camp.

Leaders are Made not Born

Over the last few days we witnessed  how leaders work to create leaders .

Our leaders here in the Boot Camp went above and beyond  to make sure all Shishyans could gain the most out of this camp. They showed us what a successful leader genuinely looks like. Whether they spoke to us over dinner or in the conference hall, they all taught us a lot. During their enriching sessions they covered the fundamentals of leadership, geopolitics , agriculture practices, the art of decision making , Indian history and  above all , taught us how to make a better person out of oneself . 

The exhilarating trekking and kayaking experience, the tractor rides, basking under the soothing warmth of the winter sun in the lap of nature, serenity and bliss of sitting on chairs in the middle of river Sutlej and savouring an array of sunset colours at the horizon, ploughing, sowing potatoes and garlic, plucking fresh oranges and lemons from the 35 acres orchard, left us mesmerized. The activities from Polity Project to Kila Quest kept us all engaged and sharpened our leadership and management skills. 

The food served on our plates was farm fresh and had the unique flavour of Punjab. And not to forget the train journey which built independent, confident, accommodating and helpful individuals out of each student as it was a not so favourable and familiar experience for most of them. 

All in all, the experience was exhilarating ,euphoric and  unforgettable . Each one of us certainly had an experience of life time. Our heartfelt thanks to Mr. Sumer Singh and Mrs Indu  Singh for being our mentors and  hosts. We couldn’t have had it  better !