CBSE Affiliation No. 1030239 Jhalaria Campus North Campus
CBSE Affiliation No. 1030239

Some Beautiful Creations

Author: Avantika Sainy, Class VII A

Poem 1
Some beautiful creations

Look at the sky looking so blue
From where he gets his beautiful colour from, I have no clue.

Look at the Sun peeping at us all from the mountain slope
Bringing with him a new hope.

Look at the mountains so white and bright
Shimmering in the Sun’s golden light.

Look at the grass standing high and tall
The ones who cannot see this beautiful view I pity them all.

Look at the butterflies fluttering around joyfully even in this heat
Oh! They are trying to dance to my drum’s beat.

Look at the beach facing the sea
This looks like a beautiful painting to me.

This is a scene, which nobody should ever miss
How clever is god who has created all this.


Poem 2
A man in a black cape

Did I not work hard, or did I just make a mistake?
All my friends thought that it was a piece of cake.

Did I not burn the midnight oil? When feeling sleepy, taping my eyes with tape
I describe failure as my biggest enemy in a black cape.

“Oh, is he really”? I asked myself
Yes, he is because he always makes me cry for help.

Whenever I try to get up, he pushes me down
Stopping me from reaching that golden crown.

But every time I get back up, I have learned something new
Now, all my learnings stand there like a hundred-foot statue.

Then one day he said happily
“I have finally made you realize the reality”.

Just before disappearing, he said, “Learning from your mistakes is the only key”
Oh man in the black cape, are you a friend or an enemy?

Poem 3

Are we even real?
Or someone has made us just for their zeal?

Does this universe really exist?
Or all of it is just a mist.

Is it all an illusion?
Well, that is a question.

Are we all a part of a bigger play?
How big it is nobody can ever say.

Do we wake up after we die?
And before this, all of us were tied.

Is our real life all dark?
In our dreams, we are dreaming of a big colourful park.

Is our real life all just a dream?
The reality is yet to be seen.