CBSE Affiliation No. 1030239 Jhalaria Campus North Campus
CBSE Affiliation No. 1030239


Author: Sovira Lal, Class VIII D

It’s time for sunrise.
Time to go to bed, my owl so wise.
The ball of fire rising from the east
providing sunflowers with their favorite feast.
I want to fill my eyes with the sun peeking up the horizon
before my age will wisen.
The sphere, billions of years old,
still shines like a liquid hot pot of gold.
Brightly shining sun rays
foolishly I try to gaze.
Sadly, it’s just a small phase.
It’s time for sunrise.
Time to go to bed, my owl so wise,
my owl so wise.

Even your own shadow leaves you in the dark.
Even the fire lets go a spark.
It’s hard to gain.
Gives you and me a lot of pain
I might be going insane
About the amount of energy it will drain.
Who is going to quench my trust thirst?
Cuts and scars make me feel cursed.
It’s so hard to get and give
The sob story I am going to live.
My heart got stomped on and broke
It hurt me but I never spoke.
So remember even your own shadow leaves you in the dark,
Even the fire lets go a spark.

Boon or a Bane?
Was it all a boon or a bane?
Were we in the same vein?
Did we undergo the same pain?
When all was clustered and twisted,
When all my time was wasted,
I stood and remained subsisted.
In this dark time,
Is standing up for myself such a crime?
The truth is hidden by a lie,
The truth is hidden by a sly.
No wonder, you wonder why;
Wouldn’t repairing a bond I broke against my will,
Two received sorrow, one received thrill.
But karma will hand them over a bill, hand them over a bill.
Was it all a Boon or a Bane?

The best way to hypnotize your ears,
when you don’t care about what anyone hears.
For you, it’s maybe just a bunch of notes and keys,
but for me, it’s a cup of hot coffee in the breeze.

Without music, the world would be a queer pantomime.
In my opinion, it seems to be a crime.
From pop to rap,
without missing a beat or a gap,
it’s a medicine for you to relieve and relax.
Trust me as I speak the facts.