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CBSE Affiliation No. 1030239

The Ball

Author: Saili Sathe, Class IX A

I was shopping at a supermarket when I saw a very strange ball kept among some yellow sponge balls. It was a beautiful black ball with bright blue patterns on it. Luckily, I saved fifty rupees after buying all the groceries. Since the ball cost only forty five rupees, I decided to buy it.

I came home, gave the groceries and the remaining five rupees to my mother, but didn’t tell her about the ball.

The next day was Sunday. My mother told me to clean the attic. When I was doing that, I saw a large box with my father’s name written on it. He had passed away when I was four years old. When I opened the box, I found a camera, some tape recordings and a similar kind of ball that I had purchased from the market – black ball with blue patterns.

I immediately called my best friend after I had finished cleaning. We spent the whole day watching the tape recordings and studying the notes that I had also found in the box. Monday was no different. We kept on studying them. Finally, at night, we found out something – the ball that my father had was a dream catcher and the ball that I had purchased from the market was a portal opener to a specific dream.

We started yelling in excitement. Hearing the noise, my mother entered the room. She immediately snatched the balls out of our hands. When we asked her why she was so scared, she told us everything that had happened because of those balls. 

That day I found out that my father had not died but he had managed to enter someone’s dream and had never returned. I couldn’t sleep that night. Weird thoughts popped in my head. I finally decided to bring my father back home. 

When I took a look at the ball, a red dot was glowing on it. Just as I pressed it, a portal appeared in front of me. I grabbed the ball and entered the portal to see a giant, ugly candy monster ready to swallow me. I ran for my life. Just when it caught me, a man came and rescued me. Later, I found that that man was my father!

Somehow, we managed to escape from the monster. I looked around and saw that the place was a huge candy desert. I was surprised that my father had managed to survive there for ten years! I opened the portal again and went back home along with father. My mother was overwhelmed to see both of us. She cried a pool of tears and literally, didn’t stop for two hours! We were all very happy to be together again.

Next day, news came that a child had been in coma for the past ten years. But I was surprised to see that he had gained consciousness just when I had brought my father back home.