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CBSE Affiliation No. 1030239

The Blitz

Author: Aarav Bhatia, Class VII A

In London town where shadows dance,
A blitz unfolds, a daring chance.
Beneath the moon, in wartime’s might,
Courage blooms in the darkest night.

Above the city, metal wings unfurl,
Thundering engines, a menacing swirl.
Silver birds, with purpose profound,
Roar through the night, a deafening sound.

The sirens wail, a haunting cry,
Yet brave hearts soar, determined sky.
In alleyways, beneath cobblestone,
Heroes rise, their valor known.

Through smoke and fire, they boldly tread,
In the blitz’s chaos, where fear is shed.
With buckets of courage, they stand tall,
Resistant spirits, risking all.

The skyline ablaze, a fiery sea,
Yet resilience roars, wild and free.
In London’s heart, the blitz may rage,
But courage writes a different page.