CBSE Affiliation No. 1030239 Jhalaria Campus North Campus
CBSE Affiliation No. 1030239

The Sky Is Golden

Author: Saanvi Kastiya, Class XI E

Streaks of crimson, hues of gold,
Like molten fire, the heavens unfold.
Flames of orange, kissed by twilight’s gleam,
A mesmerizing spectacle, a heavenly dream.

Clouds painted with a passionate stroke,
As if the sky itself began to evoke,
Emotions untamed, a burning desire,
In this cosmic inferno, nature’s own fire.

Silhouettes of trees against the blazing sky,
As daylight surrenders, stars draw night.
A canvas alive, with celestial might,
The sky on fire, a celestial delight.

In this fleeting moment, we stand in awe,
Witnessing nature’s grandeur, unblemished and raw.
The sky’s fervent embrace, a sight to admire,
As it sets our spirits aflame, with a celestial fire.