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CBSE Affiliation No. 1030239


Author: Navisha Gupta, Class VI G

Firstly, Hello everyone!
I am going to tell something interesting and fun,
Let’s discuss about tides
and their relationship with the Moon and Sun.

Earth is not a perfect sphere,
It is stretched slightly from both sides
One from Sun-other from Moon,
A gift from gravity-Tides.

Now, let me tell a story,
to make this tide-thing clear,
a non-fiction type; it happened to me,
a tale you’ll love to hear.

One day, I was on the beach,
But Alas! The beach was all wet.
You wouldn’t like it either,
A problem had we met!

But then my mother told me,
The other day, there was a full Moon,
It pulled the water to itself with gravity,
and lost contact till noon.

When it lost the contact,
The whole beach was soaked-
But don’t worry, I still had fun,
rode a horse, collected shells
and much, much more!

The thing which happened with the Moon,
also happens with the Sun,
I hope you liked the subject,
and now we’re all done!