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CBSE Affiliation No. 1030239

Travelling with Books

Author: Mishca Mahajan, Class VI C

Potter, you’re the Chosen One,
Oh, Froddo Baggins, look at what you’ve done!
Take a break, Percy, it must be hard to fight monsters everyday,
Cinderella, don’t run away!
Oh my god, Oliver Twist has asked for more!
Jim Hawkins, you have to reach the shore!
In the end, Jason, you’ve got to lead.
All this in the mist of Jo March continuing to read.
Our Little Woman understands the joy of reading,
A joy we should all be spreading!
It’s how I travel the world sitting in my room,
It’s how I experience bliss, misery and doom.
Don’t you remember when Anne Frank went into hiding?
Or when Severus Snape was forced to do Voldemort’s bidding?
Maybe you remember how spoiled Veruca Salt and her father were,
Or maybe you remember the red headed Little Star?
Books, books, don’t they sound great?
Every character, every story, each a different fate.
One thing connects them all,
One thing that connects every beautiful scroll,
The fact that every book helps us imagine, succeed,
Is the reason I love to read!