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CBSE Affiliation No. 1030239

Model United Nations


Model United Nations or MUN, is an educational simulation and /or academic competition in which students learn about diplomacy, international relations, and the United Nations.  MUN involves and teaches research, public speaking, debating, and writing skills, in addition to critical thinking, teamwork and leadership abilities.

The MUN experience goes a long way in giving students a global outlook, enabling them to rise above boundaries of nations and continents and be truly global citizens. Participation in the MUN at a tender age helps students imbibe the spirit of ONE WORLD ONE RACE.

History Repeats Itself MUN at DPS Rau, March 31- April 02, 2023

The students of the Shishukunj International School bring back countless laurels from the Delhi Public School, Rau MUN.

Cheers filled the air as award after award was handed out to the delegation from The Shishukunj International School at the closing ceremony of the third edition of the DPS Rau MUN.

The forty students who were selected to carry the school’s flag high did so with pride as they engaged in fruitful debates and wrote captivating reports while learning to be the best versions of themselves over the course of three days.

The fourteen students who were presented with trophies are :

  1. Arisha Syed (XII G): Best Delegate
  2. Arav Singh Patel (XII F): Best Delegate
  3. Mithran Ladhania (X D): Best Delegate
  4. Dhimant Sodani (XI B): Best Delegate
  5. Prutha Pimpalgaonkar (XII G): Best Journalist
  6. Harsh Satish (XII A): High Commendation
  7. Saarth Kothari (XII A): High Commendation
  8. Saksham Jain (X C): High Commendation
  9. Rashi Soni (X A): Special Mention
  10. Aksh Garg (XII D): Special Mention
  11. Rajat Agrawal (XI D): Special Mention
  12. Arham Pahadia (X C) Best Researcher
  13. Satvik Phalswal (XI D): Best Researcher
  14. Arham Sethi (IX D): Best Position Paper
Heartiest Congratulations to all the students for their wonderful performance in the DPS Rau MUN.

Shishyans shine at IIT MUN
Shishukunj proudly shares with pride the performance of their students in the IIT MUN held from 05-06 November 2022. A total of 75 students participated in the MUN, out of which 35 were awarded. The students went for the MUN well researched and were able to put forth their views with great confidence and conviction. This MUN was a great learning experience for the students. Interacting with delegates from across the city helped them develop their interpersonal and networking skills, which are much needed in the 21st century netizens. Click here to see the IIT MUN List of Awardee Heartiest Congratulations to the entire MUN team.
A delegation of 53 students attended the IWS MUN organized in the city from 15-17 October 2022. It was really an enriching experience for Shishyans to interact with students from prestigious schools across the country. The committees were engaging and the debates intense. Shishyans performed extremely well at this conference and bagged several awards. The list of students who won the awards are given below : Best Delegate
  1. Khushi Khanna
  2. Dhruv Chaudhary
  3. Dhimant Sodani
  4. Arham Bandi
  5. Rudraraj Singh
High Commendation
  1. Stuti Desai
  2. Nishka Kankariya
Special Mention
  1. Manya Shah
  2. Shreya Vyas
Honourable Mention
  1. Paridhi Arora
  2. Deetya Dalmia
  3. Palak Maheshwari
  4. Parth Lahoti
  5. Akarsha Garg
  6. Harsh Punglia
  7. Siddhesh Bandi
  8. Harsh Satish
  9. Saksham Jain
  10. Satvik Phalaswal
  11. Prutha Pimpalgaunkar
  12. Aishwarya Bansal
  13. Aziz Matkawala
Heartiest Congratulations to all the delegates for bringing laurels to the school.
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Swasti and Satvik Phalswal Excel in IITI MUN
Heartiest Congratulations to Swasti Phalswal of Class 11-A ,for being adjudged the Best delegate for the UNCSW committee in the in IITI MUN organized by IIT Indore on the 18th and 19th of November 2021.Satvik Phalswal of Class IX-A was given the Special Mention in the UNHRC Committe. Well done, Swasti and Satvik.
DCMUN Conference 2021 – July 02-04, 2021
A delegation of 20 students of Classes X – XII from The Shishukunj International School participated in the DCMUN Conference 2021,organized by The Daly College from July 02-04, 2021.The Conference was based on the theme “Uchronia”, a fictional situation of the Third World War. The delegates participated in all the eight committees, including Economic and Finance , Outer Space, Art and Culture, Social Equitability, Refugee relief, Internet and Technology and Global Health Security and International Peace and Security. Around 25 schools from India and abroad participated in the conference with 184 delegates representing various countries and deliberating on restructuring the world with a commitment to peace equitability, cooperation and security. The delegates also witnessed the Crisis situation and dealt confidently with the unforeseen situations in their joint committees. Shishyans won the following awards at the conference: Special Mention Awards Mast. Dravya Shah Class XI Mast. Harbhajan Singh Tuteja Class X Mast. Rishav Dey Class X Mast. Nikunj Rathi Class X Mast. Rishi Shukla Class X Verbal Mention Awards Mast. Hrishubh Zatakia Class XI Ms. Anora Kulin Class XI The delegation , mentored by the Senior MUN delegates from Class XII was an enriching experience for all the delegates.
Nishika Kankaria wins Outstanding Delegate Award at IMUN
Heartiest Congratulations to Nishika Kankaria of Class IX A for being adjudged the Outstanding Delegate of UNICEF at IMUN Online Conference 37.0 held from December 26-27, 2020. Well done Nishika, the Shishukunj family is proud of you.

Model United Nations Conference at The Indian Institute of Technology – Indore
Shishyans  participated in the Model United Nations Conference organized by The Indian Institute Of Technology Indore from  October 12 – 13,  2019. 50 delegates of Classes  IX – XI presented their speeches and debates along with solutions in 5 different committees ie,DISEC,UNEP,UNCSW,AIPPM,ICJ. The conference included a number of college delegates as well. Seven delegates from The Shishukunj International School  won awards. Nandini Bohra who represented as the Judge of USA in the International Court Of Justice , won the best delegate award in her committee. Agam Chawla ,Neelamber Gupta and Hrishubh Zatakia  won the Special Mention Awards at the UNEP .They presented their solutions on Water Conservation and Wild Forest Fires. Disha Gupta won Special Mention award at the DISEC. She was appreciated for her research on Arms’ race in the outer space. Nirali Mahajan (ICJ) and Shubhranshu Dev Kodwani (UNEP) won the verbal Mention Awards in their respective committees. Heartiest Congratulations to the entire delegation.

Shishyans Attend WIMUN, Agra
WIMUN India, organised by the World Federation of United Nations Association 2019 was held from 29 April to 2 May 2019 at Jaypee Palace, Agra. 14 students from our school participated in the conference accompanied by Mrs. Rasika Mairal. The fourth edition of WIMUN commenced with the Secretary General’s swing of the gavel to declare the conference open. Bill Yotive, WFUNA’s Model UN coordinator threw light on the advantages of being a part of WIMUN. His intellectual words catalysed delegates witnessing the ceremony. In addition to this, Eric Falt, the Director of UNESCO, New Delhi invigorated delegates to make a change and have a renewed sense of responsibility in order to secure a sustainable future for the future generations. The Opening Plenary was marked by Member States of the UN making statements giving prominence to their respective stances on various agendas. Besides this there were the training sessions of respective committees by the UN officials which enlightened delegates on the existing UN procedures. Shishyans Ayushan Agrawal Hingorani and Tamanna Chhabra delivered speeches on the opening plenary. Practising the spirit of WIMUN, the delegates focused on their short speeches and then consensus in moderated and unmoderated ways. After some heated arguments and differences in standpoints all committees achieved consensus. The last adjustments and amendments resulted in pragmatic and pristine draft resolutions. This memorable conference concluded with the adoption of all resolutions and the Award Ceremony. Disha Gupta of Class X D won the diplomacy award for her cogent attitude in the committee. WIMUN India 2019 was an enriching experience for all.
The International Affairs Association of The University Of Pennsylvania organized the Ivy League Model United Nations Conference –ILMUNC INDIA 2018 at Bengaluru from November 22 to November 25, 2018. The conference was attended by 450 delegates from India, Srilanka, Mauritius and Singapore. 16 Shishyans enthusiastically participated as delegates in the conference. The names of the delegates are:
S.No. Name Class Allotment
2 Aniruddha Naolekar XI B SWITZERLAND DISEC
3 Sparsh Jain IX C LON CANADA
6 Vidhi Dev X A LON INDIA
7 Hridhima Tyagi XI F DISEC INDIA
8 Sanjana Goyal IX C DISEC CANADA
10 Madiha Warsi XI C UNGC- INDIA
11 Manvi Upadhyay X B SPECPOL INDIA
12 Rajat Raj Ajmera XI E UNGC CANADA
14 Eesha Turakhia IX C NATO CANADA
15 Asmi Manudhane X D UNGC-IKEA
The following students won awards at this conference:
  • Eesha Turakhia of IX C – Honourable Mention Award in NATO committee
  • Manvi Upadhyay – X B and Sparsh Jain – IX C the Verbal Mention
It was a proud moment for the entire Shishukunj Fraternity as our alumnus MUSKAN SALGIA was the Secretary General of the Conference. Heartiest congratulations to all the delegates.

October 08, 2018 :- Shishukunj MUN 2018
One of the biggest endeavours of this year, with a participation of over 500 students as leaders and change makers over a course of three days, Shishukunj Model United Nations Conference 2018 was a massive success. Held from 05- 07 October 2018 in the Shishukunj campus itself, delegates discussed issues ranging from disposal of nuclear waste to transnational organized crimes. Along with current issues, the crisis committees were a literal blast from the past as they dealt with the 1990s Latin America. Platforms like these always empower our fellow schoolmates to step up and grab the opportunity. For the 3 days, our regular school students were transformed into international diplomats, aiming to solve some pertinent world problems. Opportunities like these go a long way in shaping the personalities and a number of skills of the young students and we are confident that it was a learning experience for the delegates as well as the student led Secretariat which organized the entire show with months of hard work and zeal. The fifth iteration of the Shishukunj Model United Nations Conference was the biggest in number and size. With participation of over 600 students in 11 committees, in various roles, from delegates to logistics members, it was a learning experience for all. With such an enthusiastic participation right from Classes VI – XII, it is hard to imagine anything else that could give such a learning platform to so many Shishyans. Standing true to the theme, Ecology, Economy, Equity, all agendas were aligned to discuss the pertinent problems that threaten the fabric of the country. Delegates researched and prepared themselves. Conferences like these help us to be more than ourselves, to empathize and sympathize, to learn and grow, to learn and prosper.
Six delegates from Classes V- VII participated in the DCMUN –Junior held on August 12, 2018 .The delegates participated in Security council and Human Rights council as delegates from UK, US, Yemen, Saudi Arabia and Italy. The delegates were: Saksham Jain and Aarna Sharma (Class V), Shine Ahuja and Ansh Agrawal (Class VI), Rudra Khandelwal and Aheli Roy (Class VII) Three awards won were: Special Mention Award to Saksham Jain and Rudra Khandelwal, Verbal Mention to Aarna Sharma. Heartiest Congratulations to all the delegates.
HARVARD MUN 2018 Hyderabad
A delegation of nine delegates and one teacher from the school participated in the Harvard MUN 2018, from Aug 12 to Aug 15 ,2018 at Hyderabad. The four day event was organized at the Hyderabad Convention Centre and witnessed participation from several national and international schools. Eesha Turakhia(IX C), Yashaswi Gupta(X A),Zubin Turakhia(X E), Deepanshu Biniwale(X F), Ananyaa Jain(X F), Komudi Bihani(X F), Manvi Upadhyay(X B), Aaditya Singh(X D) and Vedika Chawla (XI F) were a part of the delegation. The delegation won three verbal mentions at the conference : Eesha Turakhia, Zubin Turakhia and Deepanshu Biniwale. Congratulations to all the delegates.
Presidium MUN 2018: 10 – 12 August 2018
The MUN delegates of school participated enthusiastically in the Model United Nations Conference organized by the Presidium School, Gurgaon from Aug 10 to Aug 12, 2018.The delegation of 11 delegates participated in UNW, UNICEF,WHO,HLPF,SMYE,UNHRC,UNEP,UNDP AND CD Committees. The theme of the conference was Youth Empowerment. Delegation members were Hridhima Tyagi (Class XI F), Jahanvi Bhoomla (Class X B), Ananyaa Singh (Class X A). Ayush Baweja (Class X G), Ronit Banerjee (Class X B), Kalash Singh Parmar (Class IX C), Ayushmaan Hingorani (Class VIII A), Archit Khandelwal (Class VIII A), Nihar Shah (Class VIII C), Navya Jain ( Class VIII G) and Sakina Pithawala (Class IX G) Jahanvi Bhoomla won the best position paper award in UNDP as well as verbal mention ,Nihar Shah, Ayush Baweja and Ayushmaan Hingorani won the Special Mention awards in their respective committees, Archit Khandelwal and Ananyaa Singh also got verbal mentions for their contribution to resolution making and debating in the committees. The opening ceremony was blessed by Mr Prabhas Patra, honourable member of Loksabha from Biju Janta Dal. The closing ceremony witnessed the presence of Major General Baxi who motivated the delegates to work together in all spheres of life.
The Daly College MUN – April 2018
Shishyans made their presence felt in the MUN hosted by The Daly College : Verbal Mention
  • Tanisha Shah – XI D
  • Shauryaveer Bhasin – X B
  • Nandini Bohra – X E
  • Suhani Salgia – IX E
  • Anjali Dhakad – IX A
  • Ayushman Hingonani – VIII A
  • Esha Turakhia – IX C
  • Vidhi Dev – X A
  • Sparsh Jain – IX C
Emerald Heights MUN – April 2018
Shishyans enthusiastically participated in the MUN hosted by The Emerald Heights International School and received several awards: High Commendation
  • Sanika Ghodke – X F
  • Mansa Bhatia – X E
  • Reetika Gupta – X C
Special Mention
  • Manas Garg – X B
  • Disha Gupta – IX D
  • Komudi Bihani – X F
  • Parth Singh – X G
Verbal Mention
  • Ananya Saggi – IX D
  • Krish Shah – X A
  • Amey Choudhary – X D
Pranit Gupta attends the 20th Session of the Youth Assembly at the United Nations held at UN Headquarters, New York City

SHISHUKUNJ MUN 2017 – 20-22 JULY 2017
THEME : REINVENTING AND REVITALIZING THE FORCE OF HUMANITY The Shishukunj MUN 2017 was successfully conducted by our students from 20 – 22 July 2017. Shishukunj MUN2017, which saw the participation of approximately 440 delegates from 15 schools from Indore and other cities, was the first conference in M.P. to adopt the UN4MUN procedures. Ms. Katherine Bonner, the representative of MUN Cafe, our knowledge partners, was present throughout the conference to guide and assist the delegates. This conference served as a wonderful platform for the students to hone their public speaking, leadership and research skills. The three days of the conference saw students involved in intense debates and discussions on global issues leading to their resolution by consensus. The opening ceremony was graced by Mr. R. K. Chaturvedi, Chairman of CBSE. The Guest Lecture Session had three very eminent speakers: Major D. P. Singh, war veteran and Kargil war hero, Mrs. Bharathi Pradhan, eminent journalist and Air Cmmdr. K. R. Thakkar. Padma Shri Dr. Saumitra Rawat, Chairman and Head, Surgical Gastroenterology and Liver Transplant, Sir Ganga Ram Hospital, New Delhi and Mr. P. Narhari, IAS and Ex Collector of Indore were the guests of honour for the closing ceremony. They gave away the prizes to the delegates and also trophies to the Best Small Delegation and the Best Large Delegation which were won respectively by The Sanskaar Valley School, Bhopal and The Daly College, Indore. The Shishukunj MUN2017 was a great learning experience for every member of the Shishukunj family. We are especially proud of all our students who left no stone unturned to make this conference a success. Our heartfelt thanks to all the students and educators who worked tirelessly to make this conference a success.

WIMUN INDIA – Agra 29 April, 2017 to 3 May, 2017
The World Federation of United Nations Organization in collaboration with MUN Cafe organized the WIMUN INDIA 2017 based on the theme “Achieving the 2030 Agenda” conference at The Jaypee Palace Hotel, Agra. This MUN conference was unique in its rules of procedures, as it followed the UN4MUN procedures , designed by Mr Bill Yotive of United Nations based on the actual UN procedures. The delegation of The Shishukunj International School comprised of six delegates who represented Norway, Philippines and Central African Republic In GA1 and GA3 committees. The agenda of GA1 was the development of Information and Communication technology, where the delegates were seen discussing the issue of accessibility of ICT to less developed nations in various social, political and economic spheres. The agenda for the GA 3 committee was “Youth Empowerment”. All the committees witnessed negotiations and consensus building and formulated the resolutions without voting. The opening ceremony was blessed by Mr. Derk Seggar, Director UNIC who motivated the delegates to act in collaboration to solve international problems. Opening Plenary of the GA witnessed 10 speakers which included Pious Khemka from our school. The Secretariat provided UN4MUN procedural training to the delegates and the teachers. Bill Yotive, Katherine Bonner and Christopher Siakkas from Greece conducted the training sessions. The committee sessions of the Security Council 1 and Security Council 2, GA 1, GA 2 and GA 3 focused on finding solutions to existing global challenges and achieving the goal of sustainable development. The Shishukunj International School delegates contributed to the conference resolutions by building up consensus and presenting their statements with substantive content and confidence. The delegation was awarded the trophy for the BEST SMALL DELEGATION by WFUNA INDIA. Pranavi Agrawal won the diplomacy award at GA3 committee as Norway. Delegations were put under the leadership forum conducted by Mrs Mansukhani of The Flame University, Pune. Aditya Soma, the CEO of MUN Cafe introduced the students to the leadership development programs launched by The MUN Cafe. The closing plenary was presided by Mohammad Iqbal Omar who was serving as the president of the General Assembly. He read the resolutions and declared them passed with consensus. The closing ceremony was blessed by Mr Gary Fowlie, Head of ITU at the United Nations headquarter at New York. He appreciated the delegates for their collaborative skills displayed during the conference. The delegates who participated from our school were Samyak Shrimal, Pranavi Agrawal, Pious Khemka, Aditya Rathi, Prarabdh Shivhare and Zubin Turakhia. The delegation Manager was Mrs Shuchi Khanna. The conference saw the participation of 250 delegates from leading schools across the world and was an enriching experience for all the delegates.

Shishyans shine at EHMUN 2017
A delegation of 23 students participated in the MUN conducted by The Emerald Heights International School from 25 – 27 April 2017. Preparations for the same had begun months in advance and students were well armed with research , facts and figures for this MUN. Their efforts bore fruit when the results were announced declaring that 14 students had won awards in their respective committees. Heartiest Congratulations to the entire delegation. The students who won awards were : Best Delegate
  • Rusheek Rawal – UNSC
  • Jai Joshi – G2O
  • Adveetiya Khujneri – DISEC
  • Shruti Biyani – JCC Axis Cabinet
High Commendation (Outstanding Delegate)
  • Shubhi Mittal – G2O
  • Asmi Chelawat – UNSC
  • Adityavardhan Tiwari – JCC US Cabinet
Special Mention
  • Nikunj Gupta – UNSC
  • Ujjwal Patidar – Lok Sabha
  • Madhav Kapoor – DISEC
Verbal Mention
  • Aman Khullar JCC US Cabinet
  • Aaditya Thamman European Council
  • Rishita Kankaria European Parliament
  • Vidhi Dev – G2O
Well done, Delegates, the Shishukunj family is proud of you.
IIMUN Indore Chapter, December 2016
IIMUN Indore chapter was organized at the New Digamber Public School, Indore from Dec 9-Dec 11 2016. The opening ceremony was addressed by NDPS Principal Mr Winston Gomez, IIMUN President Mr Rishabh Shah and eminent singer Lesslie Louis. Fifteen schools from Indore, Bhopal, Bhilai and Raipur participated in the MUN conference with around 1000 delegates in 20 committees The diversity of the agendas, made the conference unique ,witnessing stimulating debates and substantive solutions on international security issues, impact of Brexit, reallocation of the refugees, corruption in the developing world, provision of technology in education globally, reforming the espionage systems, Hydraulic fracking, Aerial herbicide spraying dispute between Columbia and Ecuador, empowering the adolescent girls, framing of anti-doping laws for Cricket, Swachh Bharat Abhiyan, Tax evasion, criminal accountability of UN Officials and Kashmir issue. The Shishukunj International School delegation of 220 delegates participated in the conference. The delegates presented their research confidently in the formal and informal sessions. The school won the Best delegation award of central India, with 10 best delegates,8 high commendations,13 special mention awards and 18 verbal mention awards. The runner-ups were the delegates of DPS Bhopal. The winners are :
UNSE Double delegation Mansi Goyal and Parv Golwelkar (Class X) Vedika Chawla and Rishita Kankaria (Class IX) Siddharth Lilani (Class XI) and Samyal Shrimal (Class IX)
DISEC Ashlesha Purohit (Class IX) Nikunj Gupta (Class IX), Krutika Bhojwani (Class IX), Sanika Ghodke (Class VIII)
ECOFIN Lakshya Somani (Class VIII) Rishabh Jain (Class XI) Jai Joshi (Class X) Adityawardhan Tiwari (Class IX)
ECOSOC Adviteey Khujneri (Class IX) Komudi Bihani (Class VIII)
SOCHUM Gauri Parashar (Class IX) Debanshi Bansal (Class IX), Anushka Mehrotra (Class IX)
UNESCO Deepanshu Biniwale Prakhar Khandelwal (Class IX)
LEGAL Fatema Malik (Class IX) Prarabdh Shiyhare (Class IX) Madhav Kapoor (Class IX) Adi Dantre (Class IX)
UNEP Shubhi Mittal (Class VIII) Sishti Shukla (Class X) Akshat Vora (Class X) Kunsh K Nyati (Class VI), Ujjwal Patidar (Class VIII)
ICI Dhruv Rajoria (Class IX) Bhavit Gupta (Class IX) Suhani Salgia (Class VII) Tanisha Shah (Class IX)
WB Shruti Biyani (Class X) Divye Karnawat (Class X) Aditya Thamman (Class IX) Aditya Rathi (Class IX)
SPECPOL Pranavi Agrawal (Class IX) Aaliya Chandurwala (Class VIII)
Kargil War Committee Shauryaveer Bhasi (Class VIII) Mihir Bagadia (Class IX), Navya Jain (Class VI)
Niti Ayog Shaan Chadha (Class VII) Kashish Jain (Class VII)
UNHCR Mustafa Ameen (Class IX) Zubin Turakhia (Class VIII) Eesha Turakhia (Class VI)
IP and Media Taha Rassiwala (Class XI) Stuti Yadav (Class VI)

Strawberry Fields MUN – Chandigarh: 28-31 July 2016
A delegation of 20 students from the school participated in the MUN organized by the Strawberry Fields High School in Chandigarh. SFHSMUN 2016 endevoured to bring out the most challenging aspects of the MUN debate with an eclectic set of 11 committees , ranging from the traditional Security Council and General assembly to new and innovative committees like the Joint Crisis Committees – NATO and the Warsaw Pact and the International Civil Aviation Organization. The committees witnessed a high level of debating between 350 delegates from 23 schools across the country. It was indeed a wonderful exposure for the students who returned enriched and enlightened. Zubin Turakhia from Class VIII was awarded a Verbal Mention in this very vibrant and interactive MUN.
Conclave of International Diplomats, Hyderabad The delegates of The Shishukunj International School participated in the Conclave of International Diplomats, Hyderabad organised by Telengana Tourism from July 1, 2016 to July 3, 2016.The conference was attended by the delegates from all over the country including Chennai Vidya Niketan, Chirec Public schools, MVSR College of Engineering, CVSR College of Engineering along with many others. Comprehensive research papers and effective resolutions were presented and passed on the agendas of disarmament, narco-terrorism, Yemenese civil war and Human rights in Pakistan . The delegation of The Shishukunj International School comprised of Khyati Vyas, Shruti Biyani, Tanisha Shah, Reetika Gupta, Chhavi Gupta, Ananya Jham, Samyak Shrimal and Vidhi Dev. All students were well prepared for this conclave and presented their views with great confidence and conviction.

Shishyans participate in Youth Parliament held at The Daly College
12 Shishyans participated in the Youth Parliament organized by the Daly College from 24 – 26 June 2016. It was a wonderful opportunity for them to understand, discuss and debate world issues and also interact with delegates from schools across the country. The following Shishyans were appreciated during this conference:
  • Futuristic NSC- Garvit Zalani- verbal mention, Oorja Rungta- special mention
  • ADHOC- Om Agrawal- high commendation
  • US Senate t- Abhimanyu Sethia- special mention
  • House of Commans- Parv Golwelkar- verbal mention

A workshop for the Executive Board of the ShishukunjMUN 2016 was conducted in the school on April 18 and 19 2016 by the MUN world trainer Mr. Anansh Prasad. Twenty four executive board members and four secretariat members attended the workshop on MUN procedures and varied agendas and crisis simulations. Application of the procedures to various situations with all kinds of delegates was the focus of the workshop. The new executive board learnt the complex task of dealing with varied political, social, humanitarian and economic agendas in eight distinct committees. The method of preparation of the study guide and country matrix was also covered. The workshop was very informative and enlightening and gave the members of the Executive Board a deep insight on the various procedures and practices to be followed for the ShishukunjMUN 2016.
Ivy League Model United Nations
A delegation of 30 students and 2 teachers attended the Ivy League – India MUN Conference at New Delhi from 26 – 29 November, 2015. This was the first Ivy League MUN attended by the MUN delegates from Shishukunj and they found it to be a truly enriching experience. The level of debates was high and the organization of the conference excellent .The delegation represented China, Cuba, Denmark, Luxemburg, Mali and Chad. Samriddhi Agarwal of Class XI won the Honourable Mention Award at the Legal Committee. The delegation was also given the ‘Secretariat Gravel’ for their performance in the Sports Social Event .

Dhirubhai Ambani International MUN ( DAIMUN )
08 students were selected to participate in the Dhirubhai Ambani International MUN ( DAIMUN ) held in Mumbai from 20 to 23 November 2015. Being amongst their peers from so many different schools from across the country was a true learning experience for Shishyans. Armed with intensive research, Shishyans performed well in this very prestigious MUN. Oorja Rungta and Nandini Pillai were given a verbal mention during this event. The following students participated in this MUN :
Name of Student Class / Sec
Oorja Rungta IX B
Chinmay Bhalerao XI C
Chirayu Sodani IX E
Diti Rawat IX E
Nandini Pillai X C
Bhakti Badlani IX E
Fatema Malik IX E
Mansi Goyal IX B

Shishukunj Model United Nations
The school hosted the Shishukunj Model United Nations from 16 – 18 October, 2015. The theme for the conference was Redefining the Past and Defining the Future. 7 leading schools of the city participated in the same. Mr. Mehta, eminent entrepren and founder and Managing Director of the Kriti Group of Industries was the chief guest for the inaugural ceremony. In his short, yet impressive address, he advised the students to grab every opportunity that came their way during the years that they spend in school. Principal Dr. Lalita Singh and Vice Principal Mrs. Vasundhara Ohri also addressed the gathering. This conference was witness to extensive debates among the young delegates. Agendas ranging from the Cuban Missile Crisis to Domestic Terrorism in India, East China Sea to Internally Displaced people, Blood diamonds to The Great Depression to the Right to Protect were discussed at length. The MUN also served as a platform for extensive lobbying, informal discussions and of course making new friends. The Executive Board worked round the clock to look into every detail and ensure that the three days of the MUN were full of heated debates, innovative ideas, constructive discussions, certain failed resolutions and extraordinary solutions ! This MUN proved to be a good ‘learing package’ not only for the members of Executive Board but for all the 350 delegates as well.

IIMUN Indore Chapter at Choitram International
A delegation of 122 Shishyans attended the Indian International MUN , Indore Chapter. 06 Shisyans were part of the Executive Board. This was a wonderful opportunity for students to debate, discuss, argue ( and arrive at a consensus ! ) with not only MUNers from Indore , but from other parts of the country as well. The students awarded in this well attended MUN were as under: Best Delegate Award
    • Pranavi Agarwal (Unef)
    • Pranit Gupta (Unicef)
    Taha Rassiwala (Ip – Photographer)
High Commendation Award
  • Oorja Rungta & Mansi Choudhary (UNSC – Double Delegation)
  • Fatema Rani Presswala & Sanika Fegde (UNSC – Double Delegation)
  • Kanika Agrawal (UNEP)
Special Mention Award
  • Urvashi Dighe (UNDP)
Verbal Mention Award
  • Khyati Vyas
  • Mansi Goyal
  • Shubhi Mittal
  • Fatema Malik
  • Jivyaa Vaidya
  • Pritika Sachdeva
  • Vedika Chawla
  • Stuti Jain
  • Mihika Singhal
  • Anjali Dhakad
  • Diti Rawat
  • Deepanshu Biniwalle
  • Sristi Shukla
  • Avantika Muley
  • Kavya Julka

MUN Executive Board Training Workshop
The school organized a two day training workshop for members of the Executive Board from 01 – 02 October 2015. Mr. Anansh Prasad and Mr. Bhavik Muni, eminent MUN trainers from MUN World Mumbai trained the students on the procedures of MUN.
HMUN Hyderadabad – August 2015
Shishukunj, represented by Sonakshi Gupta and Samriddhi Agarwal made its appearance for the first time at this very prestigious Harvard MUN. Enriched by the experience and exposure students gained in this MUN, the school plans to send its students to this MUN every year.
DSMUN – The Doon School , Dehradun – August 2015
This very prestigious MUN was attended by 6 delegates from the school. Shivna Banthia, Khushi Shrivastava, Zainab Arsiwala, Avani Mundra, Aishwarya Satish and Huzaifa Malik.
The Shishukun delegation comprising of 55 delegates was a force to reckon with ! The delegation bagged a total of 11 awards in different categories. The awards went to : Best Photographer Award in IP : Neel Chaterjee Verbal Mention Award in Sochum : Om Agarwal,Harshi Agarwal,Pritika Sachdeva,Ananya Khandelwal Verbal Mention Award in SPECPOL : Ashlesha Purohit and Nandini Pillai Verbal Mention Award in DISEC : Abhimanyu Sethia and Ishaan Nyati Verbal Mention Award in UNEP : Jahnavi Shah Verbal Mention Award in Kargil Committee : Mansi Choudhary
Emerald Heights MUN – Juniors, The Emerald Heights International School Indore – August 2015
This was an excellent exposure for our young MUNers. Aaliya Chandurwala and Tanushka Agarwal won the awards.
MUN Training Workshop – 27 – 28 June 2015
In order to further train our very enterprising MUNers, a workshop was conducted in the school by Mr. Anansh Prasad and Mr. Bhavik Muni. The aim of this very interactive and interesting workshop was to train Shishyans for the upcoming MUN conferences.
Daly Emerald MUN , Indore April 2015
The Shishkunj contingent outbeat the others with their research and oration thereby bagging the most coveted CHAMPIONS TROPHY . The awards won by Shisyans were as follows: Hasnain Zeenwala Kartik Devpura Omisha Purohit Abhimanyu Sethia Ishaan Nyati Mohammad Alvi Prachi Palod Pragya Bhagat Raj Singh Parmar Muskan Salgia
February 08, 2015:-Shishyans excel in Junior Model United Nations (MUN)
The junior delegates of the MUN club participated in the DCMUN Junior conference on Feb. 8, 2015. They proved that though junior in age, they were not behind in talent in any way. The conference was attended by 4 leading schools of the city with 15 delegates each. Three delegates of Shishujkunj Zubin Turakhia, Asmi Chelawat and Suhani Salgia bagged high commendation awards for their effective points, motions and amendments. Stimulating debates leading to the passing of effective resolutions was witnessed in the two committees on the eradication of slavery and terrorism. MUN is an effective activity for the young learners to improve their thinking skills, research skills and public speaking skills. It simulates the working of the UN in a colllaborative environment leading to effective writing skills in the form of draft resolutions also. Participants
Class 5
  • Sparsh Kasliwal
  • Suhani Salgia
  • Manvi Agarwal
  • Aditya Gandhi
  • Darsh Consul
Class 6
  • Yashika Dawar
  • Aditya Rathi
  • Zubin Turakhia
  • Yashasvi Gupta
  • Aaditya Singh
  • Deepanshu Biniwalla
Class 7
  • Pranshu Mehta
  • Asmi Chelawat
  • Hridima Tyagi
  • Ashlesha Purohit

November 15, 2014:-First SISMUN (SISMUN – 2014)
The Shishukunj International School organised its first School Model United Nations Conference on Nov 14 and 15 2014.The conference was attended by around 100 students who formed different committees and councils. The conference was inaugrated by Mr Vinay Chhajlani, Founder and Chairman , Diasparka and well known entrepreneur of the city. Three international issues namely the Ukraine Russia crisis, the Drug Trafficking on the Balkan route and the Rights of the Women were discussed under 3 committees ie. The Security Council, The UNODC and The UNHRC. The best delegate awards were handed over by the Executive Director , Mr. Dhirendra Davey and the Principal Mrs. Lalita Singh. .The conference was conducted under the supervision of the Supreme Court law intern Mr Keshav Gupta. The conference was one more step towards internationalism by the school. It made the students aware and sensitive about international issues . They learnt to research, negotiate , argue, appeal and finally be ready for action. The students research and oratory skills were given a wonderful platform during this conference. The students thanked the school and its management for this wonderful opportunity.

IIMUN Indore Chapter – November 2014
It was indeed a proud moment for the entire Shishukunj family when Shishyans brought home the Champions Trophy.
  • Best Delegates : Fatemarani Presswala, Mohammad Alvi, Samriddhi Agrawal
  • High Commendation : Kartik Devpura, Garvit Zalani
  • Special Mention : Abhimanyu Sethia
  • Verbal Mention : Oorja Rungta, Omisha Purohit

Sriram MUN ( SRMUN) – Sriram College of Commerce – New Delhi April 2015
Undaunted by the college students whom they competed with , the following students bagged the awards:
  • Garvit Zalani
  • Juhee Goyal
  • Abhimanyu Sethia

Junior MUN at The Daly College , Indore Dec 2014
This MUN was attended by a group of young and enthusiastic Shisyans . They were able to put across their points of view in a clear and lucid manner, and their debating and research skills were highly appreciated by one and all. They following students bagged the awards:
  • Asmi Chelawat
  • Suhani Salgia
  • Zubin Turakhia

ILMUNC New Delhi October 2014
Being a part of the MUN organized in Delhi was an enriching experience for the budding MUNers of Shishukunj. Competing with the country’s best speakers and thinkers made them aware of the high level of research and debate that MUN involves.
DCMUN- The Daly College Indore August 2014
12 Shishyans participated in the MODEL UNITED NATIONS CONFERENCE (DCMUN) organized by The Daly College, Indore. They participated as delegates in all the 5 committees/councils and made their mark for their research , lobbying and collaborative working skills. Disha Atolia, Vitasta Jain, Kuhoo Mishra, Arunima Rathi and Pragya Bhagat were declared the best delegates of their respective committees. Muskan Salgia, Sonakshi Gupta, Anuragsheel Gupta and Hasnain Zeenwala were among the best 4 delegates in their respective committees. It was the first time that Shishyans participated in MUN, but their performance was exemplary. Well done Shishyans, keep up the good work !