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Apparently, you aren't to make homes out of people They say it will hurt when

4 Apr 2024
Dirty Are My Nails

Dirty Are My Nails Dirty are my nails, Looking like my hand tails. They are

2 Feb 2024
And Came into Being

The poem is based upon the revival after World War II and the formation of

29 Jan 2024
The Journey to The Dark Lord

I march down the woods, Riding the magical being under the hoods, Crossing the snowy

28 Jan 2024

"Surrender," they said; I ran away. Ran until I couldn't breathe, my mind led astray.

15 Jan 2024
The Best Human

A person who has influenced me a lot over the years is my mother. She

30 Dec 2023
The Season of Doldrums & Euphoria

The phase of Earth, when we think, the Sun goes far, The chilling winds cover

13 Dec 2023
The Blue Parasol

Slant down the snowy sward, Binya ran forward, Calling the names of the beaut cattle,

12 Dec 2023

Sunrise It's time for sunrise. Time to go to bed, my owl so wise. The

11 Dec 2023
The Pyres of Agony

The pyres of agony, they ignite a roaring fire with their blaring screams in the

10 Dec 2023
People and their Predicament

Yes, they will judge, Coz there’s nothing they can do to be judged for Yes,

9 Dec 2023
I Beg Thee

Back into trenches, Back to the void; Fought and screeched and screamed to flee, Only

8 Dec 2023
The Blitz

In London town where shadows dance, A blitz unfolds, a daring chance. Beneath the moon,

6 Dec 2023
Some Beautiful Creations

Poem 1 Some beautiful creations Look at the sky looking so blue From where he

6 Oct 2023
A Pledge to Renew: Greening Our Tomorrow

You have already cut a whole forest, Are you going to burn excessive coal too?

4 Oct 2023
6th Grader on a Rainy Day

You might have read this title and imagined a 6th grader staring at the window,

20 Sep 2023
Save Trees, Save Earth

Trees have been man’s best friends, For hundreds of thousands of years They have been

18 Sep 2023
Hope – The Last Thing Ever Lost

There rose something from Pandora's box, Something that definitely isn’t available in shops, That little

16 Sep 2023
My Everything, My Hope

Hope, my strongest weapon; My accurate guide, my loyal friend; My support, in the darndest

8 Sep 2023
Life Never Expected

Who said life’s going to be tough? But why do you expect it to be

29 Aug 2023
My Satisfaction

I get satisfaction when I get to choose my own fashion. You see, I am

24 Aug 2023
Anatomy Of Life

A heart, filled with love and emotions, Brain, filled with insecurities and doubts, While breathing

14 Aug 2023
Seriously Short Stories

The news reported that a girl died in the forest, soon after she came into

28 Jul 2023
The Unspoken Truth

ROSES The rose gardens Pretty as ever, Are now moving towards the Undesirable darkness. The

21 Jul 2023
Thank You DAD

Hi Dad, Thanks for always saying a yes, when mum said a no. Through good

20 Jun 2023
If You Want to Read a Book

Don't you love to read a book, sitting in a cozy nook? If you want

18 Apr 2023
Autumn Leaves

AUTUMN LEAVES It's time to set them free Do you know why leaves fall out,

8 Apr 2023
Something Beyond

As I pen my thoughts on this paper I can smell the fragrance of faint

1 Apr 2023
A Teenager’s Life

This is written in everyone's fate, I know that you can relate. Your mother goes

25 Mar 2023
Something Weird in Space

I saw something weird in the night sky The news said it was a sky

23 Mar 2023
Landing on Mars

Era was a curious child, interested in Science. She would always be learning and finding

21 Mar 2023

Nature Everything around us is nature, God has given us this feature. Birds fly high

15 Mar 2023
Tourism In India

India, the country of rich heritage and culture, With uniqueness in its monuments and sculptures.

6 Mar 2023

In 1857, a spark did ignite A flame of hope, in the darkest night The

3 Mar 2023
My Country Offers A Lot

Driving, walking or flying to the destination, Relaxing in the various landscapes My country offers

1 Mar 2023

In the dark, dim room he sits A Greek, with hair as black as night

24 Feb 2023
The Perfect Girl

To the girl whose beauty is present in all seasons I tell you why you

22 Feb 2023

I wish I could be invisible So that I can be invincible For you it

20 Feb 2023
The Blue Umbrella

Once lived a girl innocent and kind, With a heart made of gold and the

18 Feb 2023
The Ultimate Value of Humanity

I often think of those creatures Who long and crave to be free And who

16 Feb 2023
Material Possessions

Things, things, things, they are everywhere in my room . . . things leading my

14 Feb 2023
1857- A Beginning

In 1857, a spark did ignite A flame of hope, in the darkest night The

26 Jan 2023
Reality Shifting

Reality shifting was one of the most talked about subjects in 2021 and 2022. This

20 Jan 2023
The Ball

I was shopping at a supermarket when I saw a very strange ball kept among

7 Jan 2023

Is it just me or the faces are two? Something is off; Maybe it’s true.

15 Dec 2022
My Wishes

Whenever I see the night sky, When I gaze at its scintillating star, I just

17 Nov 2022

Playing in the garden they saw someone, Innocent as a dove, his face shining like

3 Nov 2022
True Goals

What really is a blessing? Money, a mere paper Fame, an utter attention Bungalows, a

13 Sep 2022
Travelling with Books

Potter, you’re the Chosen One, Oh, Froddo Baggins, look at what you’ve done! Take a

8 Aug 2022
The Story of My Life

With a beginning I can't remember, And an end I can't predict, My adventure continues,

2 Aug 2022

The dreaded horrid beastly box, Is just a perfect hoax, If you stare at it

29 Jul 2022

Ignoring the minute cuts and bruises his old, shaky palms received, the man brushed away

27 Jul 2022
Stay Gold

Yes, these days aren't so bright Overthinking wakes you up all night And at times

25 Jul 2022
Sun – A Year in My Life

I shone warmly on the first day of spring, to see many birds happily chirping.

23 Jul 2022

Firstly, Hello everyone! I am going to tell something interesting and fun, Let’s discuss about

22 Jul 2022
I Believe in Myself

I'm the one I should love in this world Shining me, the precious soul of

21 Jul 2022
The Most Important Accessory

To be confident is an art one must harness And not a skill to be

20 Jul 2022
My Own Crown

I wear my own crown. I don’t need mere gold and silver to make myself

19 Jul 2022
My Dad, My Hero !!

Shining as a Superstar, Rising as a Hero; Having Him by my side, Triumph is

18 Jul 2022

Some person once asked, "Who spun wisps of wool, Bleeding but breathing To create thou?

15 Jul 2022
Like a Wave in the Sea

Life turns out to be confusing. With lots of phases to experience. And some incidents

29 Apr 2022
Missing You

Missing You Do you remember when we first met? The first friend I ever had,

28 Apr 2022
The Visit

“Hello Ms. Eger,” she said, Walking through the front door, Hands full with groceries and

27 Apr 2022
Growing Older

Growing Older What does it feel like, growing older? Does it need you to be

26 Apr 2022
Dreams; Aims

Ambitious are my thoughts, Colossal are my dreams. This aim of mine is magnificent. I

23 Apr 2022
Magic is Real!

Magic is all around, Just because belief is all around! The point is that it

16 Apr 2022

“I wonder when I will grow up and live my dream. When no one is

13 Apr 2022
My Worst Bestie

Samantha was in second grade and she was my best friend, I looked up to

11 Apr 2022
What is My Future?

What is my future? My future has possibilities My future will be bright I wonder

6 Apr 2022
What Makes Shishukunj Special

What makes Shishukunj Special? What makes it special Is the atmosphere and enthusiasm The merry

4 Apr 2022

Well, I can't see anything but of course a beautiful lady, And she laughs as

2 Apr 2022
The Shore

The breeze, the shore, The sand, the wind’s roar. The waves come and go back,

31 Mar 2022
The Yellow Envelope

There was something within The yellow envelope, in the dusty attic of a house chaotic.

30 Mar 2022

The Memories Gazing at the stars on a warm summer night By the fire cozy

29 Mar 2022
A Halloween Night

A Halloween night with creepy sound Hush - vush silently aloud Dark sky with lights

25 Feb 2022
Put down your phones and pick up the Planet

About 80% of the total population of the world is addicted to phones. We find

24 Feb 2022
Village Women

As the time progressed, people’s views changed and women were respected and given more opportunities

21 Feb 2022
Isn’t Life Fascinating?

Look at the bright side of things, even if it's hard, You only live once,

19 Feb 2022
The Great Historical Empire

Literarily immaculate, archaeologically exquisite, Preserved by lords with perseverance and grit, Be it battle scars

12 Feb 2022
The Great Paralympians

Courageously did they tire out their bones, But kept working with their nose to the

11 Feb 2022
The Musical Brawl

The clock strikes. The seventh graders scurried towards the library, jostling,  edging each other like

3 Feb 2022

Blue is our sky and the spring day when you play outside even when you

29 Jan 2022
The Bliss of Nature

Dear Nature, you are so forgiving We hurt you but You still help us make

11 Jan 2022
My Greatest Fear

Scary thoughts make me tremble Make me shiver, make me fumble The word, I despise

27 Dec 2021

The quality that brings us down, Which also makes others frown. It means wanting bigger

25 Dec 2021
Scary Thoughts

The scary thoughts make me tremble Make me shiver, make me fumble The word, I

24 Dec 2021
World War II

Think this pandemic is the most difficult time ever? What I am gonna say is

23 Dec 2021
A Woman’s Beauty

A woman's beauty can not be captured on a piece of paper. It has to

23 Nov 2021
Night Time

The time opposite to day, When people, on beds, their bodies lay. The most relaxing

9 Nov 2021

Songs in our modern world are always listened, For they make us pleased and heartened.

8 Nov 2021

Life is like a mystery box Which gives you a number of surprises Giving you

30 Oct 2021

This is a tale I told myself, To make my faith stronger, A woman, she

28 Oct 2021
Dear Earth, Please Forgive Me

Dear Earth🌏, Please forgive me🙏 How are you? I hope you are fine. I am

20 Oct 2021
The Magic Brush

Beauty is the language of nature. And beauty is found in art. So here’s a

19 Oct 2021
Those Days

Here we are sitting in our house waking up to that same screen as every

12 Oct 2021
Planting a Tree

This is my garden, I’ll plant it with care. Here is the seed I’ll plant

5 Oct 2021
Adventure with My Grandfather

Today, my grandfather and I met for the first time after the lockdown. I was

29 Sep 2021
Fighting Coronavirus

The outbreak of novel coronavirus disease (Covid 19) and this virus was initially noticed in

28 Sep 2021
A Letter to My Beloved Earth

A humble letter from a creature you have moulded beautifully: This is a piece of

27 Sep 2021
Who is a Friend?

A friend’s heart is true. A friend never makes me feel blue. A friend is

25 Sep 2021
She Gave Precious Freedom

She broke out when being pressed The one who confessed the truth to me Why

24 Sep 2021
Who is a Friend?

A friend’s heart is true. A friend never makes me feel blue. A friend is

23 Sep 2021

“Kindness is the sunshine in which virtue grows.” – Robert Green Ingersoll Sun is a

23 Sep 2021
If the World had a Wonderful Teacher like You!

The person who educates us The person who builds our future Do you know who

22 Sep 2021
My Dear Earth

Our Mother Earth, Has a lot of worth. Humans and animals share one land, Let’s

21 Sep 2021
The Earth’s Beauty

The Earth is repairing itself to show us its beautiful side, which was hidden because

20 Sep 2021
Lost Alone in the Desert

Wandering in a land, In the territory of sand. Happy days flee, Just like drinking

18 Sep 2021

Fear A feeling of chill down my spine When I look at the old house

17 Sep 2021

Birds have the right to be free Along with the breeze goes the tree Tiny

16 Sep 2021

Mother is a very special and important person for every child. She is the one

15 Sep 2021
A Small Favour

You and I are different Different than the world New ideas, new perspectives Creating a

13 Sep 2021
My Dad’s Water Bottle

Whenever I pass by my dad smiling, He smiles back at me and says, “Look

11 Sep 2021
3D Art

Made by using colour pencils

10 Sep 2021
Starry Night

Starry Night A never-ending black page with tiny stars shining with rage. A sphere with

9 Sep 2021

Is it me or does everyone think that they are perfect? Is my hair intact

8 Sep 2021
A Trip to Twin Earth

My vacation had just started. I wanted to go for an outing. It had been

3 Sep 2021
My little Sister

My sister is the best, She likes to take rest. She’s a cutie with a

2 Sep 2021
Book Review: Harry Potter and the Cursed Child

This book review is of one of the world’s most famous story lines, Harry Potter's

1 Sep 2021

Butterfly When I see a butterfly I wonder where it came from From the chamber

31 Aug 2021
My Mother

Your cry breaks my heart, Your smile makes my day. Your sadness gives me disappointment,

30 Aug 2021
The Glorious Blossom

The Glorious Blossom The Vibrant Caterpillar

28 Aug 2021
The Dusky Exotics

Nature, The Nurturer Being One with Nature is fulfilling the nurturer with unimaginable joy and

27 Aug 2021
Icy Apple on Fire

The image has captured two forces of nature, namely 'Fire' and 'Ice'. The apple signifies

26 Aug 2021
Travel: Into the Unknown

A travel blogger is what I want to be I like to write and read

25 Aug 2021
Birth of Legacies

When the sun got blind, There was no sunshine, No ray of hope, Oh! the

24 Aug 2021
Inner Beauty

There were two girls, Samridhi and Surbhi. They were sisters but totally different in nature.

23 Aug 2021
That Box

I hate that thing in your hand Says the little Yahoo in the way he

21 Aug 2021
Mr. Speed Limit 20

That one sign board they all used to see Shining in his youth it was

20 Aug 2021
My Mother’s Perfume

My mother’s perfume, enchanting. Oh, how wonderful the fragrance is! Break the bottle, enjoy spanking.

19 Aug 2021

“A picture is worth a thousand words” This is a common saying everyone uses, but

18 Aug 2021
The Great Adventure

‘What would be more enjoyable than flying in a plane gazing at the shapes that

17 Aug 2021
If I Could Say and What I Could!

I wish what I said were true I wish I could be the queen of

16 Aug 2021
The Rain

The rain is here! Shouts the bear, The bear goes to tell the hare. The

13 Aug 2021
Pranked You

It was a bright, sunny day and Sunny and Lola were hanging out at Sunny’s

12 Aug 2021
Be Yourself

Here I am, praising myself for what I do every moment. I am not really

24 Jul 2021
The Dungeon

One sunny afternoon the sly, clever and crafty cat, Tom, was sleeping. The mischievous and

22 Jul 2021
The Art of Laziness

Laziness is the first step towards productivity. Sometimes people are not lazy, they are just

21 Jul 2021
Mysterious Animal

Horns = Deer Face = Swan Beak = Shoebill Ears = Rabbit Front limbs =

20 Jul 2021

Oh! What a joy it is to have a friend like you. For lifting me

19 Jul 2021
Phones, Phones, Phones

Phones do have an advantage, and are easy to manage. But don't be on phone

15 Jul 2021
Bosom Buddy

Today, I got a friend, Who got the same thoughts. She knew my every little

14 Jul 2021
Thankful For

Thank you, Gods and lords For every night's sound sleep and dreams that come true.

13 Jul 2021
Girls Run The World

I stand as tall as a tree, taller than a man, ready to take over

12 Jul 2021
How to Stay Healthy and Fit While Working From Home

Nowadays, working from home has become the new normal but even though we have adjusted

10 Jul 2021
Life Lessons from Covid-19 Pandemic

This global pandemic has given us a golden opportunity to experience a completely new form

9 Jul 2021

Tulips here depicts happiness, Some pinch of funniness is with the penguin, crocodile, also the

8 Jul 2021
Reward of Kindness

Reward of Kindness I was dejected after seeing my garden. It was ruined completely. All

7 Jul 2021
Thank You Doctor!

Thank you doctor for helping us. Thank you doctor for aiding us. Thank you for

6 Jul 2021
Who is a Father?

Happy Father’s Day dad! One who makes me glad. Sad and grief hereby burn, Without

30 Jun 2021
For a Brighter Future

For a brighter future, learn to live with nature. God has created everything, don't mess

29 Jun 2021
The Plan

Trees the producers, the givers, the beneficial souls, and loyal ones and with no negative

26 Jun 2021

I ask the whole world if they are dead or alive, As living in regret

24 Jun 2021
Let’s Care More

Riya Gade, Class VII F   [video width="640" height="352" mp4=""][/video] Aradhya Rathi, Class VI F

23 Jun 2021
3-D Art

Kenisha Vaidya, Class VII D Manya Shah, Class VII D

22 Jun 2021
Owl’s Day

Aabeda Jafrey, Class VII A Aarohi Vyas, Class VII B Agamya Jain, Class VI F

21 Jun 2021
Ups and Downs of Life

CHARACTERS- Robin - a bird Daniel - a bird Mr. Tree - a tree Mrs.

19 Jun 2021
Beauty Around Us

We can find beauty in everyday situations and things by observing them carefully. I have

19 Jun 2021
Falling Flowers

To falling petals No one reaches their hand With a cold smile Mixed with sadness

18 Jun 2021
Friend of Friends

O My Friend of Friends My pretty flower. You help me to blend, in the

18 Jun 2021
If I Were a Flower

If I were a flower Where would I be? If I were a flower I

17 Jun 2021

  They bloom on this globe, To give rise to new hope. Other plants take

17 Jun 2021
Happiness and Flowers

Happiness comes from the heart A beautiful kind of art It flows like the wind

16 Jun 2021
The Step-Well’s Lesson

“Psst! Psst! Hey you! Human!”, said the bird in a clear tone. The man, named

16 Jun 2021
Endless Chase

Weary days, sleepless nights, Tears falling down the drain And gazing at the starry sky

15 Jun 2021
A Tiny Ray of Hope

In the darkest night I had ever seen, I realised everybody was so mean. Sadness

14 Jun 2021

When you give flowers as gifts You see the person’s anxiety drifts Flowers are a

13 Jun 2021
Kitchen Jugaad

Redecorated Plate Devanshi Shah, Class VII E An Organiser Tanvi Lohiya, Class VII D Aradhya

12 Jun 2021
A Kiwi and a Star

This is from the universe in which my earlier story *The Best Star in the

12 Jun 2021
The Memorable Moment

On a royal carriage I went Looking at the lush green meadows nearby My sadness

11 Jun 2021
World War I

Look at the pictures of World War I, Everyone can hear the shots of guns.

11 Jun 2021
A Lesson Giving Day

When I set out with my chariot I planned to reach the Marriott But it

10 Jun 2021
The Charioteer’s Challenging Journey

It was a rainy day, The Charioteer rode on without any delay. The umbrellas were

10 Jun 2021
Beat the Heat

I was walking down a street, With a carriage fleet, The sun was brightly shining,

9 Jun 2021
Stamp printing DIY

Devanshi Shah, Class VII E Aradhya Rathi, Class VI F Tanvi Lohiya, Class VII D

9 Jun 2021
The Rain

The rain blasts down on the cracked earth, Quenching humanity’s water dearth. The refreshing drops

8 Jun 2021

Life is a crazy ride, Just moving side by side. Life is gone within the

7 Jun 2021
A Dream on Mars

The best astronauts – Darcy Smith and Claudia Brown were again trying to get to

6 Jun 2021
Monochrome Day

Dhruv Porwal VI F Trisha Gajabi, Class VII B Kenisha Vaidya, Class VII D Anishka

5 Jun 2021
Autobiography of a Dove

My life story is different from that of the rest, as it didn’t start in

4 Jun 2021
Point of View

A raindrop plopped on my nose I raised my gaze up to the grey sky

3 Jun 2021
My Brother

My brother sleeps a bit, then creeps a bit, then beeps a bit, then he

2 Jun 2021
The Dawn

The year is 2030. Humanity has made a lot of technological advancements in the past

1 Jun 2021
Cardboard Fun

Aakarsha Garg, Class VII E Suyash Jalan, Class VI F

31 May 2021
Pebble Art

Aabeda Jafrey, Class VII A Aradhya Rathi, Class VI F Priyal Meena, Class VII D

30 May 2021
Winter Mornings

Sneezing, freezing I get up in the winters I wear socks and jacket and see

29 May 2021
Social Media

This is the media that almost all use, It has a lot of apps from

26 May 2021

Saharsh Garg, Class VI Shivani Ajmera, VII D Avika Jindal, VII D Avika Jindal, VII

21 May 2021
A New Hero

The sun is a demon. An absolute, evil demon. No, don’t worry, he doesn’t commit

20 May 2021
More Bookmarks

From teabags by Trisha Gajabi, Class VII B Girisha Maheshwari, Class VII D Aabeda Ussadia,

19 May 2021
School Days

Don’t you miss carrying your mother’s love in a tiffin box? Don’t you miss sitting

18 May 2021
Yeah That’s Me…

My friends call me 'dude' That becomes a little rude I depend on my mood

17 May 2021
Mothers’ Day – Everyday!

*Mother* is a very special term. A mother takes away all the pains of her

9 May 2021

Mother Is not just a word, It’s an emotion on love, care and affection She

9 May 2021
Mothers’ Day!

Mother oh Mother! Around you I always hover. Like a bee over a blooming flower,

9 May 2021
Happy Mothers’ Day!

1) How did you find the energy, Mom To do all the things you did,

9 May 2021
Oh Mom!

Oh Mom! What can I write about you, A poem (Kavyaa-काव्य) has been written about

9 May 2021
Mother’s Day

The day for which everyone waits, It’s mother’s day so come on, decorate the plates

9 May 2021
Mother’s Love

When the sun sets When the night falls When the fear threats When the terror

9 May 2021

Yoga is a way of living! It’s not about standing on your head! Yoga is

6 May 2021

Vacation, The best celebration, No school for weeks and weeks, Joy at its peaks. No

5 May 2021
On Black

The demons under your bed, Or the colour of death, they said. The shape of

4 May 2021

King of the beasts, off he goes, Loud and clear he roars. Seeing him every

3 May 2021

I come to toil with you again. You and your cursed village Of letters and

2 May 2021
The Forest

I found a forest near a river, When I went there, I started to shiver.

1 May 2021
The Lockdown and I

We've been in lockdown quite a while, It's getting hard to raise a smile, I

14 Apr 2021
Love of Travelling

You are just a visitor In the land of the creator. Enjoy your visit -

7 Apr 2021
A Crown of Gold

Some children were at play on the ground. The road from the market twisted round

6 Apr 2021
Earth Poem

7 continents, 195 countries, 10000 cities is the earth Blue, cool breeze of water is

5 Apr 2021
वतनपरस्त हूँ मैं

हाँ वतनपरस्त हूँ मैं क्योंकि मैंने धर्म की लकीर से देश को नहीं बांटा, शम-अल्लाह

2 Apr 2021
The Enigma

Who am I? I don't know who I am! Which kind of temperament do I

1 Apr 2021
Hot Summer days

It's the time of scorching days and nights, What about a jump in water from

31 Mar 2021

There is a voice inside you, it tells you not to lie. There is a

30 Mar 2021
Women’s Day

A woman. A woman is a wife, a sister, a friend, a daughter, a mother,

29 Mar 2021
Car Collecting

A hobby is an activity that we like to do in our free time. My

27 Mar 2021
Clean and Healthy India

India is a vast country. We are the world’s largest democracy in terms of population.

24 Mar 2021

It's dance. Dance, Dance, Dance! Oh pretty feet, they be like a fiery tweet. Here

22 Mar 2021
Miracle Workers

The sun shines and she wakes up Her day of strenuous work begins She is

20 Mar 2021
Missing School Days

MISSING SCHOOL DAYS Fights with friends, The tasty meals, How much I miss it, How

19 Mar 2021

INDIA It is my mother earth Where I took birth. The official language is Hindi,

18 Mar 2021

UNIVERSE There are so many galaxies in the universe, Planets are also there, which are

17 Mar 2021

SCHOOL It is not just a place for studies, But also the place for many

16 Mar 2021

MONUMENTS There are many monuments in the world, Some are straight, some are curled. Some

15 Mar 2021

FRIENDSHIP This is the story of a dude, Sometimes good, sometimes rude. Having this is

13 Mar 2021

CHILDREN They are mischievous fellows, Who love to eat chocolates like 5 stars and Crispellos.

12 Mar 2021
Have you ever seen a demon?

Have you ever seen a demon? I have. No, not seen it but I have

10 Mar 2021
The Lonely Night

The Lonely Night A Flamingo

9 Mar 2021
At The Dinner Table

At the dinner table The crude, they lick their finger The crude, they lick their

8 Mar 2021

Life can be compared to several things like a coin, a circle, a wheel which

6 Mar 2021
The Pandemic

In January, a dark phase of the human civilization approached In the disease’s hand even

5 Mar 2021
The Dream Factory

The very thought of it gave me goosebumps. ‘Really! The Dream Factory.’ Well, there was

3 Mar 2021
What I Love

I came into your class to learn and to grow but, what has touched me

2 Mar 2021
If I Were…

If I were a king, On my wish, I could do anything! If I didn’t

27 Feb 2021
Song of the Toys

Look how I am thrown above the shelf This is beneath the dignity of someone

26 Feb 2021
Sunshine of the Face

Sunshine of the face is the best medicine. The nightscape will lose its glint if

25 Feb 2021
The Spectacle

In the city of Philadelphia, there lived a gentleman named Justin Later. He was a

23 Feb 2021

  Red looks like an autumn leaf Red feels like a crayon Red tastes like

22 Feb 2021
With a Final Breath

A withering man with a final breath, Wished for a later meeting with death For

20 Feb 2021
Future Assumptions

What would happen in the future, If everyone has a phone in front of their

19 Feb 2021

In a moment of hush, The dark earth tugs at a soul; Forbidden woods glisten

17 Feb 2021

Heard everyone talking about her Well she got me nowhere But she gave me a

15 Feb 2021
The Party Downstairs

Decked were the halls in purple And huddled in groups Were unsuspecting people At the

13 Feb 2021
Nature’s Echo

Welcome to the lonely forest Where thinkers stay for the night, A world away from

11 Feb 2021

There are many types of the habits in the world, Some are enlightened, some are

10 Feb 2021
All About Tortoises

"We live in a culture full of hares; but the tortoise always wins"~ Dave Ramsey

6 Feb 2021
Black and White

Black is Black and White is white Just as we have marble and granite Both

4 Feb 2021
The Daring Duo

Once Lisa and Jennie were at a coffee shop. It was the most famous coffee

3 Feb 2021
The Nature of Art

What can you say to describe ‘Art’ in a word? I would love to call

1 Feb 2021
Greetings Around the World

Made by Shourya Yadav Made by Goransh Thakur    

30 Jan 2021

Clouds never stop having fun, often play hide and seek with the sun. I wish

29 Jan 2021
The Sleeping World

It was afternoon and I was awake from my afternoon nap. I decided to play

27 Jan 2021
Discovering Myself

Whenever I heard about the topic ‘Discovering Yourself’, I always thought that we already know

26 Jan 2021
My Brain

My brain works, but it works really slow. My brain works, but it works really

25 Jan 2021
20 Minutes of Epiphany

Lucy was wondering about what to pack for her Asheville trip. She was an introvert,

23 Jan 2021
Being Turned Down

The people I loved turned me down When I needed them the most they never

22 Jan 2021
The Forlorn Tree

With the cracked ground Starving for water, There begins a new thought The little sapling

21 Jan 2021
Discover Yourself

There lived a boy named Peak. He didn’t know what to do with his life.

20 Jan 2021
What is Art?

Art, art, art is everywhere, No one can say that it is nowhere.   Decorating

15 Jan 2021
Time and Tenses

Anaamta Khan Anika Vyas Goransh Thakur Anya Jhavar Shourya Yadav Saloni Singhal Charvi Wadhwani  

11 Jan 2021
Classroom to Zoom

Dear Teachers From blackboard◾ to screen sharing, You never stopped caring.   From chalk to

9 Jan 2021

BLACK What is black ? A colour Or Absence of colour I am BLACK. I

8 Jan 2021
France in Dreams

I’ve gone to France But not exactly Just took a chance And quite gladly I

6 Jan 2021
Song of the Nightbird

This poem by Rashi featured in an issue of the renowned children’s newspaper, RobinAge (November

2 Jan 2021
The Year with a Perspective…

2020! This year seemed to have a mind of its own. A mind where random

1 Jan 2021
The Mundane Days of Lockdown

The days of lockdown had been such a bore Oh Dear Grandma! The music you

31 Dec 2020
The Night of Death

In the foggy night there came deadly sounds from the haunted bungalow on the other

30 Dec 2020

Lockdown is a scary time, So I thought I’ll write a rhyme. I never imagined

29 Dec 2020
When a Baby is Born!

When a baby is born, A new world is created by a mother, She never

28 Dec 2020
The Forgotten Map

One day Lia was cleaning up the attic with her mother. She moved a pile

26 Dec 2020
A Day When Everything Went Wrong!

Once on a day in Mid-May, Each house was covered in the Sun's ray, It

24 Dec 2020
The Lost Box

Once Nora and her friends were on a picnic at a lake. They placed the

23 Dec 2020
Staying in the Wild

Once in the dense forests,   My family, my friends, and I were invited as guests. 

22 Dec 2020
Ode to Ants

The ants come marching Going up Going down Going all around Having a detour searching

18 Dec 2020

Nature can bring a shine to our eyes, It can bring a Hi to our

12 Dec 2020
I’m Unique

I am unique Definitely, I am unique Sometimes courteously I don’t speak Then they call

11 Dec 2020

Ants, tiny but strong, Working hard and smart, As a team they work Through rain

9 Dec 2020
My Dog – A Limerick

I have a dog. He has a blog. He posts his pictures. And the moment

8 Dec 2020
Humans and Humanity

The 7th of June 2047 was an absolutely frenetic day for me. I had no

7 Dec 2020
The Cat

Tony : Get up you silly cat ! Ollie : Nope. ( Tony gets startled

5 Dec 2020
A Ray of Hope

This is the time of festivals, With a throw of virtuality, But not with a

4 Dec 2020
The Dearest Mother

I love my mom, She is so warm. She loves and scolds And do you

28 Nov 2020

Chanderi is a small historical village in Ashoknagar district in the state of Madhya Pradesh.

27 Nov 2020

Trees, they’re there everyday, And under them you can play. They have beautiful branches, You

26 Nov 2020
Cycle of Life

“Cycle of Life” Sometimes life starts and ends in the same way. The most difficult

25 Nov 2020
The Eternal

I am the truth that holds the universe together SHIVAM I am the absolute kernel

23 Nov 2020
Mandala Drawings

Mandala is a spiritual and ritual symbol in Hinduism and Buddhism, representing the universe. The

20 Nov 2020
I See The Me

I look in the mirror And what do I see, I see me No one

18 Nov 2020

Deeper and darker, as we go farther So mysterious would it be, like a lost

3 Nov 2020

"Study nature   love nature; live with nature.   It will never      fail you."

24 Oct 2020
Poem on Corona Virus

Corona is a deadly disease And has made the whole economy freeze We are all

21 Oct 2020
The Mask

I love wearing a mask, it hides my poking nose, And protects me from the

20 Oct 2020
A New Perspective

"What a nuisance this pen has created in front of my favorite teacher! I am

17 Oct 2020
The Teddy Bear

They call me teddy bear And carry me here and there Some toss me, some

16 Oct 2020
Song of a Paintbrush

Don’t look at me so, you make me blush I’ve painted myself red For I’m

15 Oct 2020
A Nightmare?

No. no. no…. this cannot be happening.. 'Yes. It is!'- came the reply. But, I

14 Oct 2020
The Amazing World

Who Thought That a Human Could Be an Elephant? We are aware that anything is

12 Oct 2020
Conservation of Wild Life

संदेश- बंद करें जीवों का भक्षण सदा करें प्रकृति का रक्षण तब होगी मानवता शाश्वत

10 Oct 2020
Our Shared Responsibility

It is the animals who actually have the rights on earth. We humans are short

9 Oct 2020
A Muted Scream

He hops and jumps from tree to tree, In his pads of furry white, And

8 Oct 2020
What I have learnt from the lockdown

The lockdown has taught me how to be more creative, And get more engaged with

3 Oct 2020
Who Am I?

Who am I ? It's so hard to say all of my thoughts get in

1 Oct 2020
Why, Oh Why

Why, oh why Oh my ,my I coach and coddle And cuddle and kiddle them

16 Sep 2020
तो समझो वह हिंदी है

विस्तृत विश्व ,भाषाएं अगणित स्वर भी सबके अपने हैं, कानों में रस माधुरी घोले तो

15 Sep 2020
The Bookworm

Splash!" And the poor little lady cried out, "I'll HAVE to go tell your parents

11 Sep 2020
Waiting Wisdom

In the beginning, we were together. It has been a long time since the last

9 Sep 2020

In the journey of creative pursuits, I have my own hypothesis. Poetry is not an

8 Sep 2020
Never Lose Hope

How beautiful is the nature!!! This is how a butterfly looks who has such beautiful

7 Sep 2020

Like the butterfly emerges Lets out her beautiful wings,  A butterfly grows and develops,  With

6 Sep 2020
Happy Teachers’ Day

While we play And are fresh as squirrels in the day You work night and

5 Sep 2020

Teachers show the path of success, And fill our life with colours. They never give

4 Sep 2020
Internal Beauty

Beauty is in the face, Beauty is in every natural case. Beauty is in the

3 Sep 2020
A Life with Meaning

So, once upon a time...there was...a WORM....who just LOVEEEED books. Now, you might just be

2 Sep 2020
My Ganesha

Nayisha Chadha, Class VII C Nayisha Chadha, Class VII C Mrs. Swapna Tiwari, Educator Mrs.

1 Sep 2020
On Cloud 9

Today I am on cloud 9 You ask me why? It is because I always

31 Aug 2020
I Wish I Were a Butterfly

My desire's to have a pair of wings To soar across the azul sky I

30 Aug 2020
The Soul Within

Beauty is not appearance But the person within Beauty is not arrogance But the qualities

29 Aug 2020

They say beauty lies in the eye of the beholder Very true I’ll have to

28 Aug 2020
The World Ends Here

It's time to fear the world ends here..... Everything was on fire, Was our earth

25 Aug 2020
A Tree’s Thoughts

You see me, I am a tree, From all hardships of life, I am free,

24 Aug 2020
Why Phraseology and (Positive) Psychology Should Concur

Let me tell you a story emphasizing upon the necessary instigation of the conventional habitude

1 Aug 2020
Happy Endings

It's not yet over if that's not how you wanted, for He will bless you

31 Jul 2020
Courage and Strength

It takes strength to be firm, it takes courage to be gentle. It takes strength

30 Jul 2020
A Birthday

This time what my fate might be Shall be accepted with joy by me Yet

29 Jul 2020

Addiction Brings tension, We are prisoners Of social media, games and Twitter, All this is

28 Jul 2020
Technology, Technology

Technology created a problem And of course Needs a solution...   People are busy with

27 Jul 2020
A Happy Ending

Once upon a time there lived a girl named Alexa who was about 13 years

26 Jul 2020
Screens Everywhere

Screens, screens, screens, they are addiction machines You cannot put them down Even if you

25 Jul 2020
Speaking for the Mute

Speaking up for those who can't speak for themselves.

23 Jul 2020
Let It Flow

Let it go, let it flow, they said; but how could I, it's dearest to

22 Jul 2020
First Flight towards a Self- Reliant India

It has been a desire in every Indian’s heart to help India become a super

13 Jul 2020
Once Upon a Time…or Maybe Not!

What can a hair dryer do? Well, I would be wondering the same thing if

8 Jul 2020

This lockdown has made everyone mad But we got to spend time with mom and

7 Jul 2020
My Dream Band

This is a poem on all the planets. Each planet represents a member of a

6 Jul 2020
Cry of the Rain

Like stones hurled at the earth, The rain rushes down in torrents, The winds blowing

5 Jul 2020
There’s Always Hope

Everything was normal and regular in life But a pandemic came and gave us strife

3 Jul 2020
Pros and Cons – Covid 19

As quoted in the words of many analysts and researchers, “The Covid-19 pandemic is widely

2 Jul 2020
A Bright Tomorrow

Our life was simple and busy But a microscopic virus caused a tragedy The virus

1 Jul 2020
A Joyous Reunion

Pitter-patter goes the rain Against my windowpane Children run around playing “Lets go out and

30 Jun 2020
The First Showers

I tell the world I sing a song I'm cheerful since the rain came along

29 Jun 2020
The Gorgeous Rain

On the first rainy day the rain whispered to me, "On this rainy day would

28 Jun 2020
The Raindrop

A drop of rain is like a sudden knock at the door. Unexpected, yet often

27 Jun 2020
I Can Talk to Pets

I can talk to pets. Whether dogs or cats or cows or monkeys, I can

26 Jun 2020
My Dream Car

My future car would fly at a great speed at any altitude. It would have

25 Jun 2020
The Beauty of the Shore

(Note: This poem talks about the beauty of life in contrasting situations. The dark side

24 Jun 2020
My Dream Room Fantasy

Features: The accent wall has hexagonal pattern on it which makes the wall look big.

23 Jun 2020
Beauty of Colours

The small joys of life we always miss out, Feeling sad for an unhappy life

22 Jun 2020
What Colours Mean to Me

The colors in life give happiness to all, They pick us up when we fall

21 Jun 2020
What is a Colour?

Teacher- What is a colour? Student- The property possessed by an object of producing different

20 Jun 2020
Colours in Nature

Roses are red Violets are blue I like rainbows more than you! We are made

19 Jun 2020
My Soul

Black is your hair Like my very own soul Your eyes, like the Royal Marines

18 Jun 2020
A Pleasing, Dynamic Lifestyle

Life is a journey and this journey constantly encounters ups and downs. Sometimes, life shows

17 Jun 2020
How Much Pain is a Lot of Pain?

After change, the only thing that is constant and happens to each individual is pain.

15 Jun 2020

The auditorium was full of a restless audience, eager to be part of yet another

14 Jun 2020

One fine day, We made our way Through trees and clouds Seeing mountains and moulds

12 Jun 2020
Name and Fame

A crook robbed a bank, The handcuffs went clank. He was locked in jail, Waiting

11 Jun 2020
Dad and Mum

Happy Birthday Dad! My dad there standing at the fore, Of not only the country

10 Jun 2020
Seeking Gaiety

A whole new world is standing forth me, All racing towards thinking themselves the most

9 Jun 2020
A Boon in Disguise

Steering back to the nostalgic lane of the past, one punch line from a famous

7 Jun 2020
The Scent of Roses

We can complain because rose bushes have thorns, or rejoice because thorn bushes have roses.

6 Jun 2020
Why I Want to be a Unicorn?

There’s one thing I wanted to be from the age I was 7 and that

5 Jun 2020
The Light Spring Rain

I like the smell of dear earth, And how the light spring rain carries in

2 Jun 2020
Night Time

The best time of the day, Is the night time, sweet. Oh! how I love

1 Jun 2020
Book Review: Flawed

Author- Cecelia Ahern Genre- Young Adult Publication- Harper Collins, March 2016 Sequel- Perfect In a

29 May 2020
My Superhero

Acrostic poem and badges S - Spreading love, and U - Uplifting our thoughts C

25 May 2020
My Belief

[caption id="attachment_6208" align="aligncenter" width="300"] Priyanka Gupta Class VII G[/caption] [caption id="attachment_6207" align="aligncenter" width="211"] ‘My Belief’

22 May 2020
Life is Beautiful

Cinquain Poems Trees Tall and Green Swaying, Growing, providing Make me feel happy Woods -

20 May 2020
Reader Bot Information Booklet

[caption id="attachment_6193" align="aligncenter" width="251"] Aarohi Vyas Class VII B[/caption] [caption id="attachment_6194" align="aligncenter" width="240"] Akarsha Garg

19 May 2020
My Wish…

Shape poetry [caption id="attachment_6189" align="aligncenter" width="300"] ‘My Wish…’ by Kavya Pandey Class VII B[/caption] [caption

18 May 2020
Solemn Orison

Sitting inside my comfortable confinement as I was minutely observing the tiny bird fluttering her

17 May 2020

Posters and Bookmark [caption id="attachment_6178" align="aligncenter" width="300"] ‘Hope’ by Kavya Pandey Class VII B[/caption] [caption

15 May 2020
Stay Positive

(Written as a rap song)   In the light of the trouble we have today.

14 May 2020
Nature is Beautiful

[caption id="attachment_6169" align="alignright" width="300"] Priyanka Gupta Class VII G[/caption] [caption id="attachment_6171" align="alignright" width="300"] Dishti Bandi

13 May 2020
Happy Mothers’ Day

MOM When you are an infant, she walks holding your hand, When you are a

11 May 2020
Dream On…

Dream On... (Mandala Art) Girisha Maheshwari, Class VII D Into My Psyche (Doodle Art) Kavyaa

6 May 2020
Bonafide Rhapsody

Getting off from the hectic life schedule felt at first like a boon in disguise.

4 May 2020
Soar Away….

The Voice of My Soul Ananya Khandelwal, Class VII D Soar Away Priyanka Gupta, Class

1 May 2020

Look at the World Differently Aditya Jain, Class VIII F Marine Life Shreya Vyas, Class

30 Apr 2020
Colour Blocks

Sara Jain, Class VII D Shubh Chaddha, Class VII D

29 Apr 2020

Aarohi Vyas, Class VII B Manya Shah, Class VII D

28 Apr 2020
The Wonder of Shapes in Nature

Nature, a place of optical illusions, landmarks, landforms and breath-taking views. A place full of

27 Apr 2020
Love Myself

I don't care if I love unicorns Or if I am fond of old Beyoncé

22 Apr 2020
A Summer Night’s Dream

It was a stormy night. Tom wanted to be up till late but his mom

20 Apr 2020
I Love the Way I am

I love the way I am I find me, my perfect self for now Criticism

18 Apr 2020
A Blessing in Disguise

Once upon a time, there was a dog named Snoopy. He was a very kind

15 Apr 2020

“I am the master of my fate. I am the captain of my soul.” These

8 Apr 2020
The True Gift of Life

It was Lily's birthday and she was eagerly waiting for her mother who was supposed

6 Apr 2020

‘A friend is someone who understands your past, believes in your future, and accepts you

3 Apr 2020
An Acknowledgement

Some humans come, some go But the ones I met lately I hope remain what

1 Apr 2020

‘Everyone has talent. What is rare is the courage to follow the talent to the

31 Mar 2020

The gleaming water of the lake Surrounded by the banyan trees Is far better than

30 Mar 2020
Sow Me

Sow me, as I am a seed It will be a good deed I just

29 Mar 2020
Dear Nature

How good to lie a little while And look up through the trees The leaves

28 Mar 2020
If I Had All The Time In The World

It is rightfully said, “Time and tide wait for none” That’s why I say, “Live

27 Mar 2020
The Plea to be Free

Hear the cries of the animals They need your help, But instead of helping them,

26 Mar 2020
Light and Shadow

Light and shadow playing hide and seek, Among rippling waters, grassy banks And the Mango

25 Mar 2020
When He Fell

Dark clouds rose, From the now barren land, Enveloping all those present, Turning everything to

24 Mar 2020
The Creepy Laughter

He’s right there, Under the bed. He made a cry His laugh’s so creepy, Feels

23 Mar 2020

The pitter-patter the rain Is always just about the same But never does it get

22 Mar 2020
If I Were Harry Potter

If I were Harry I would be like Jerry I could perform infinite charms But

21 Mar 2020

What is black? A colour or absence of colour?   I am BLACK. I love

19 Mar 2020

Hello! I am the colour Blue, Present in ocean, sea and rivers too! I am

18 Mar 2020
The Power of Nature

Power of Nature is the mightiest power It could break a building or even a

17 Mar 2020
The Simple Truth

Can a common man appraise a warrior’s courage? For them it might be the number

16 Mar 2020
Modern Opposite World

Modern opposite world Is actually contradictory People lose themselves here, While chasing victory. People are

15 Mar 2020
Spring Time

Flowers bloom In nature’s art Bringing happiness Inside my heart.   River flows around With

14 Mar 2020
If I Were A Star

If I were a star I’d like to brighten the world, near or far. I’d

13 Mar 2020
If I Were A Day

If I were a day, I’d be everyday. I’d bring twists and turns And show

12 Mar 2020

Sun, friends, food and sea, Sounds like summer to me,   Down the sun, in

11 Mar 2020
Rain, Rain, Go Away

A quote to be mentioned ‘Excess of everything is bad’ A common voice unites all,

10 Mar 2020

Women-Women everywhere, But why is there no one to care?   The castes have people

8 Mar 2020
Our Rights are Our Pride

We fight for independence We raise our voice for our rights We fight because we

7 Mar 2020
When You Get Out of Temper

When you get out of temper Be sure you are not totally pampered It seems

6 Mar 2020

Masked in this life’s brawls and calms, Lies the truth of it all, the truth

5 Mar 2020
The Power of Nature

Power of Nature is the mightiest power It could break a building or even a

4 Mar 2020
A Promise

If you ever make a promise Learn to keep it. Or one day you’ll break

3 Mar 2020
If I Were A Cloud

I wish I were a cloud Being fat, fluffy and stout Everyone would want to

2 Mar 2020
The Great Challenge

Hello! I am James. This great challenge which I am talking about was given to

29 Feb 2020
What If?

What if I keep on digging the earth without finding any gold What if I

28 Feb 2020
The Chocolate Palace

Once, in a kingdom far, far away, ruled this king named Arthur who had many

27 Feb 2020
My Sacrifice

He wears the flight suit Puts on his cap and combat boots Oh! Can’t tell

26 Feb 2020
But Why?

We never say it, Of how girls cry How they are treated, Unequally! But why?

25 Feb 2020
A Plea

So I come to you, With a voice not so frail, Hoping that the message

23 Jan 2020
Arete: The Meaning of Life

You must be cogitating what I mean by the word ‘arete’ when you read the

5 Jan 2020
Quality vs Quantity of Life – 2

Recent advances in science and medicine have resulted in humans living longer than at any

3 Jan 2020
Quality vs Quantity of Life – 1

We humans have arrived on this planet with a a sole purpose – it is

1 Jan 2020
Autobiography of a Balloon

Yes, I know you’re saying, “Autobiography of a Balloon? Yeah, that’s all I’ve got time

30 Dec 2019
The Betrayal of a Hacker

Andrew knew that the tables had turned and that he had to do something to

28 Dec 2019
A Glimpse of Libya

The Johnsons were busy with their so called happy yet tiring life. But now they

23 Dec 2019
वतनपरस्त हूँ मैं !

हाँ वतनपरस्त हूँ मैं, क्योंकि मैंने धर्म की लकीर से देश को नहीं बाँटा, राम

20 Dec 2019

Why are sad quotes the best? Why never ends the happiness' quest? Why is good

18 Dec 2019
Jack and Jill

Here's a story of Jack and Jill, And not the cliched, run-of-the-mill. For in this

16 Dec 2019
Idle Work

Arms and Legs were exhausted because Boss Brain had told them to run and work

13 Dec 2019
Indore 2050

Inter-House Board Decoration                        

11 Dec 2019
The Colour of Loyalty

Twitty, a beautiful bird, had a nest on one of the oldest trees of the

6 Dec 2019
The Thunderbolt

Twitty, a beautiful bird, had a nest on one of the oldest trees of the

4 Dec 2019
The Miracle

Twitty, a beautiful bird, had a nest on one of the oldest trees of the

2 Dec 2019
Fog – 3

Students were asked to write short poems similar to ‘Fog’ by Carl Sandburg. Sun Soft

29 Nov 2019
Fog – 2

Students were asked to write short poems similar to ‘Fog’ by Carl Sandburg. Summer With

27 Nov 2019
Fog – 1

Students were asked to write short poems similar to ‘Fog’ by Carl Sandburg. Rain The

25 Nov 2019
Green City, Clean City

Plant more and more trees To make the city pollution free Green City, Clean City

22 Nov 2019
The Truth of Man

Once there was a little boy Who wanted to disappear, Just play with his toy.

18 Nov 2019
Winter Afternoon

I love winter afternoon, Sweaters and jackets to wear, A cup of coffee to drink,

15 Nov 2019
The Path Ahead

Career plays an enormous role in our life. We are all fascinated by the profession

13 Nov 2019
The Present Generation

Evolution is a major aspect of human life. Human beings keep on evolving giving space

11 Nov 2019
Deep From My Heart

In a world full of foes, I was all alone. The songs which were once

8 Nov 2019
As a Shishyan I Learn That…

As a Shishyan I learn that, Life outside the classroom does not take exams subject-wise,

4 Nov 2019
Recipe, Passion and Cake

This is a story. The story of a little girl, Who lived to eat her

1 Nov 2019
Sunshine in my Soul


30 Oct 2019
Me, Myself and I

It's me, I am the one who controls who I want to be, I am

28 Oct 2019
Dear Friend

To my dear friend - I will stay with you till the end Right now,

25 Oct 2019

Today my best friend and I took another stride, And walked down the aisle with

21 Oct 2019
The Old Banyan Tree

The old banyan tree has seen everything. The older he grows, the more he has

18 Oct 2019
Pretty Anxious for a Complaint

The day of result was what I dreaded for Pretty anxious I was not only

16 Oct 2019
The Real God

And there he goes again. For the sailor was back on a voyage, Risks none,

14 Oct 2019
Goopy and Bagha

Goopy and Bagha Trisha Gajabi, Class VI B If everybody had liked the beat of

12 Oct 2019
Home Sweet Home

I am moving to my new home, On top of it, there’s a dome. I

10 Oct 2019
The Scary Surprise

It was almost midnight and the city was in a deep slumber. Walking across the

20 Sep 2019
When I Was a Child

When I was a child, to me, It was a boon. There was no school

12 Sep 2019
Sketches of Famous Personalities

  [caption id="attachment_4751" align="alignnone" width="438"] Ruskin Bond Portrait: Made by Eliska Singh Rathore[/caption]    

11 Sep 2019
The Parts of Speech

Grammar is really tough for sure There are very few, a handful, that adore This

8 Sep 2019
Happy Teachers’ Day

We work for ourselves, but you work for us…. The ant collects its own food

3 Sep 2019
Nature’s Revenge

Unthinkable! Unimaginable! Exaggerated! Write a story that can be aptly called so. Dharmendra had just

1 Sep 2019
The Time of My Life

Unthinkable! Unimaginable! Exaggerated! Write a story that can be aptly called so. It was the

29 Aug 2019

Rumpelstiltskin, Rumpelstiltskin, From hay to gold he could spin, A room of it, Sitting in

27 Aug 2019
A Poem about Harry Potter

This poem can give you a sneak-peek into the world of a famous fictional child

25 Aug 2019
The World of English

Come along with me, I’ll take you to a world Where everything you will find

22 Aug 2019
Reading is Fun!

Shubh Nagda, Class VI BI love to read poems,As it has many acts.And I love

20 Aug 2019
The English Class

Ojasvi Sethia, Class VII CIs it a verb?Is it a noun?What part of speech is

18 Aug 2019
The Castle of Broken Dreams

Rishita Neema, Class X BIt was another monotonous day in London. But not for Bill

15 Aug 2019
Mars – The Green Planet

Shruti Laddha, Class X B“No one is waiting for you at home, Mr. Roberts. Why

13 Aug 2019

Rashi Soni, Class VI FIt feels so good to be out and free,Jumping hurdles or

8 Aug 2019
A Teacher

Nandini Jain, Class VIII GA teacher is who gives us new learning and new experiencesIt

6 Aug 2019

Nandini Jain, Class VIII GOnly the one who tries can succeedOne, who after being unsuccessful,

4 Aug 2019
The Buddha

Made by Aashee Verma, VIII D

1 Aug 2019
My Bestie

Khushi Khanna, VIII BThe sky is grey and the sun shines,You are a friend who

30 Jul 2019
Stranded Stranger

Sameehan Trivedi, IX FA stranger in a strange land,How much was left unknown?From a place

28 Jul 2019
You Are One Of A Kind

Saksham Jain, Class VI C‘Poetry is when an emotion has found its thought and thought

18 Jul 2019
Finally Over

Sanjana Goyal, Class X CHe was near the sea now, flying straight over it, facing

16 Jul 2019
Science Without Borders Challenge

Shishyans participated in the International Science Without Borders Challenge and submitted their artwork on the

14 Jul 2019
In Germany

Maria Malik, Class XIMaria Malik was selected by AFS for a Short-Term Reciprocal Programme to

27 Jun 2019

  Mrs. Mallika Chatterjee, Educator “The capacity to learn is a gift; the ability to

23 Jun 2019
The Choice of Sight

Anwesha Ghosh, Class IX BThis thing we call heart,This thing we call mind,This thing we

14 May 2019

Aashee Verma, Class VIII D

12 May 2019
Geronimo Stilton and Friends

Rashi Soni, Class VI FGeronimo Stilton and FriendsA true gentlemouse to reckon,          Whom fun and

9 May 2019
Once Upon a Time

Anwesha Ghosh, Class IX BOnce Upon a TimeOnce upon a time,She read a book about

7 May 2019

By Parth Lahoti, Class VI F

5 May 2019
Charlie’s Wish

Deetya Dalmia, Class VI CSo here’s an interesting story for you.When the clouds were grey,

2 May 2019
Chocolate Fantasy

Saksham Jain, Class VI COne Christmas Eve I had a weird dream.I was a big

30 Apr 2019
My Brother

Advaita Shukla, Class IX E(Prompt: On the lines of ‘Wind’ by Subramania Bharati, write a

28 Apr 2019
My Little Brother

Aaditya Shukla, Class IX E(Prompt: On the lines of ‘Wind’ by Subramania Bharati, write a

25 Apr 2019
Oh! My Dear!

Likhit Sethi, Class IX E(Prompt: On the lines of ‘Wind’ by Subramania Bharati, write a

23 Apr 2019
When You Come Home

Pranav Dubey, Class IX E(Prompt: On the lines of ‘Wind’ by Subramania Bharati, write a

21 Apr 2019
The Fate of the Wanderer

Manvay Rawat, Class IX GThe sailor had a choice to make,While stuck in a terrible

18 Apr 2019
Book Review: Great Expectations

Rudra Khandelwal, Class VIII AGreat Expectations is one of Charles Dickens’ most renowned works. It

16 Apr 2019

Adi Dantre, Class XII-CIs it really that difficult to be happy? No, it isn’t. I consider

14 Apr 2019

By Avi Shrivastava, Class X GDeep in the lap of timber I lay,Resting over the

11 Apr 2019
A Poem

Lakshya Somani, Class XI BIs it the rhyme that builds it?Or the depth of emotions?Is

9 Apr 2019
A Thousand Shades of Day

Lakshya Somani, Class XI BIn the morning, illuminated by white light, the sky is shaded

7 Apr 2019
The Bazaar

Aaheli Roy, Class VIII EWhen I checked the fridge, there was no food And I could

4 Apr 2019
The Beach

Aaheli Roy, Class VIII ESand, the sun and the beautiful blue sky,Covering this splendid domain,We

2 Apr 2019
The Rain Song

Riddhi Singhania, Class XII EI’m not just a little dropI make up the vast blue

31 Mar 2019
A True Friend

Soumya Tiwari, Class X BA friend is always there,To help you anywhere.He is always right,And

28 Mar 2019
Age No Bar

Mrs. Vasundhara Ohri, Vice Principal (Operations)Think you are too young to make a difference?Here are

26 Mar 2019
Deutschland Diaries

Vasudha Gupta, Class XI E Deutschland or Germany was a wonderful experience. The two month

24 Mar 2019
A Month So Special

Riddhi Singhania, Class XI D Time flows by, You don't know why, A month seems

22 Mar 2019
From Russia With Love

Hridhima Tyagi, Class XI A Zdravstvuyte!  My experience in Russia was what can be described

20 Mar 2019

Mihika Panjwani, Class X A‘And then, the plane entered the big cloud and they could

18 Mar 2019
The Triangle Strikes Again

Vidhi Dev, Class X AIt was an amazing day, full of fun and frolic. We

16 Mar 2019
Number Gallery

Inter-House Wall Magazine

14 Mar 2019
Ghosts are Fun

Soumya Tiwari, Class X BI was awakened in the middle of the night by a

12 Mar 2019
A Slight Misunderstanding

Ayush Baweja, Class X G The moment Johnson stepped down from the train, he was

10 Mar 2019
Power of Parody

Ronit Banerjee, Class X BThe moment Johnson stepped down from the train, he was greeted

7 Mar 2019
The Letter

Gauransh Sharma, Class X GI, mother sorrow,Allow life to borrow,My son Ali’s soul,And his grief

5 Mar 2019
What do you mean?

Sameehan Trivedi, Class VII BWhat do you mean?About the open skies and green meadowsLiving in

3 Mar 2019
कालजयी दोहे

Inter-House Board Decoration

1 Mar 2019

Naisha Kumar, Class X GHurting me were my insecurities infinite,Making my calm mind a dark

27 Feb 2019

Ekansh Garg, Class IX FA little creatureTold you, by your teacherWearing white furry clothesYou will

24 Feb 2019
The Penguin Life

Dimple Sevkani, Class IX FI am a baby penguinYes, I really am!People laugh at the

22 Feb 2019

Taha Aarsiwala, Class IX FFly, fly butterflyAlong the green fieldsOver the horizonAcross the vast meadowsFly,

20 Feb 2019

Maulik Dave, Class IX E Deep in the city, there was a kitty, She was

17 Feb 2019
The Week That Wasn’t

Lakshya Somani, Class X AAs Miriam rushed through the streets, filled with exhilaration, a genuine

14 Feb 2019
My Classmates

Shreshth Agrawal, Class IX DI have a quirky bunch of classmates,With different hobbies and tastes.Some

12 Feb 2019
My Fears

Kashish Jain, Class IX DI fear losing my loved ones who held meIn every possible

10 Feb 2019
The Dog Running

Anjali Dhakad, Class IX AThe dog runningAway from the flying pebbles,Moving his little tailHere and

7 Feb 2019
The Elephant Suffering

Krishang Baldi, Class IX A The baby elephant suffering From a big disease, With sudden

5 Feb 2019
Let Him Go

Sannidhya Mundra, Class IX AThe lion is harmless,So let it go,He has a family of

3 Feb 2019
My Friends

Hunnar N, Class VIII AThey are always there for me,They are always here for me.Always

31 Jan 2019

Lakshya Somani, Class X A“Upon the edge, an innocuous head,Visible o’er the horizon.A dangerous path,

29 Jan 2019
Sagacity of the Soul

Manav Gohel, Class X G It was an ultimate day indeed, Inclusive of some audacious

27 Jan 2019
Miles to Go Before I Sleep

Inter-House Board Decoration

1 Nov 2018

Soumya Tiwari, Class X BThere’s something about those nights…So still and calm.The silence echoing in

30 Oct 2018
Asteroid – Santa’s Bag of Gifts

  Ananyaa Jain, Class X A It was an amazing day, full of fun and

28 Oct 2018
My Bicycle

  Raj Jhatia, Class X B Last week, I went to the market on my

25 Oct 2018
An Amusing Blunder

Vedant Neema, Class X GLast week, I went to the market on my bicycle to

23 Oct 2018
Dealing with Death

Gauransh Sharma, Class X GLast week, I went to the market on my bicycle to

21 Oct 2018
Ali Brothers

  Ronit Banerjee, Class X B The summer holidays had just begun and Shourya was

18 Oct 2018
The Spy

  Soumya Tiwari, Class X B Stephen walked fast. It was getting dark. He then

16 Oct 2018
The Mad Man

  Akshat Tiwari, Class X B Stephen walked fast. It was getting dark. He then

14 Oct 2018
Knowing Too Much

Riddhi Singhania, Class XI DKnowing ‘too much’ is never ‘too much’.Until it’s the stars that

11 Oct 2018
Test of the Best

Amber Raghuwanshi, Class X AWoody handed over his test paper to his mother, anxiously waiting

9 Oct 2018
The Test Paper

  Nandini Bohra, Class X E Woody handed over his test paper to his mother,

7 Oct 2018

Riddhi Singhania, Class XI DBlack, yellow or shining whiteTeeth of every shape and size.A toddler

4 Oct 2018
Edge of Life

Pranav Mandlik, Class XI C Walking on the edge Made me afraid of falling But

2 Oct 2018

Suhani Salgia, Class IX E As Mrs. Goldstone strolled along the Parisian river Seine with shopping

30 Sep 2018
Value of Hard Work

Soumya Jain, Class XI C Nations flourish not on slogans but on hard and sustained

27 Sep 2018

Carla Kohler, Exchange Student from Germany I would like to talk about something which I

25 Sep 2018
My Idea of a Smart and Safe City

Inter-House Board Decoration

23 Sep 2018
A Day Before Examination

Khushi Khanna, Class VII BExaminations are an integral part of a student’s life. They are

6 Sep 2018
What A Teacher Can Do

Riddhi Singhania, Class XI D STUDENT: I once had a dreamA dream, to reach there, Touch the

4 Sep 2018
Interesting Mars, or is it….?

Rusham Singh Bais, Class X A  John rushed into the room announcing, “I am going

2 Sep 2018
Adorable Arts

Soumya Tiwari, Class X B  Arts, many colours they bind,And are found in numerous kinds.On

30 Aug 2018

Vasudha Gupta, Class XI D Rain drains in the streets,Already surging in water,Coming down in

28 Aug 2018
Rain, Rain, Come Again…

Rohan Tripathi, Class XI  Rain, Rain Come Again!We are waiting for you!Come and drench the

26 Aug 2018
Indian Heroes of Science

Inter-House Wall Magazine

23 Aug 2018
What Chemistry Taught Me

Manvi Upadhyay, Class X B In chemistry we learn about the three states of matter-the

21 Aug 2018

Samar Rajput, Class X B They are the most precious droplets showing our emotions. When

19 Aug 2018
The Fire

Avi Shrivastava, Class IX G The spark which turned into fire,Had not been seen by

14 Aug 2018
The Real Life

Sanjana Goyal, Class IX CInspired by ‘The Lake Isle of Innisfree’In the 9th Avenue here,I

13 Aug 2018
A Desire for Fun

Sparsh Jain, Class IX CInspired by ‘The Lake Isle of Innisfree’In cases like mine where

12 Aug 2018
The Place I Wish to Live

Neel Kajgikar, Class IX CInspired by ‘The Lake Isle of Innisfree’The place where I wish

11 Aug 2018
A Land for Peace

Tanvi Agrawal, Class IX CInspired by ‘The Lake Isle of Innisfree’Far from this fast and

10 Aug 2018
My Heaven

Shubhranshu Kodwani, Class IX CInspired by ‘The Lake Isle of Innisfree’Twinkling cars and distracting linksReplicate

9 Aug 2018
My Wish

Sneha Sanotia, Class IX CInspired by ‘The Lake Isle of Innisfree’Fast and bored is my

8 Aug 2018
Rivers, Trees and Sunlight Bright

Class IX D Class activity for ‘The Lake Isle of Innisfree’ Students wrote a line

2 Aug 2018
Her Promise

Khushi Shah, Class XII B She had a dream.She wanted to help people in need.Could

31 Jul 2018

Parina Jain, Class VIII A Trees give us so many things,Sweet sound of the birds

29 Jul 2018

  Lakshya Somani, Class X A In search of water and food, Long there a

24 Jul 2018
A Good Friend

Parina Jain, Class VIII A Finding a good friend is hard,But if you have one,I

22 Jul 2018

Ayush Baweja, Class X G I had been waiting for this day for a long

19 Jul 2018
The Lost Child

(Inspired by Mulk Raj Anand’s short story) Tamanna Chhabra, Class IX C The man moved

17 Jul 2018
Realising the Ridiculing Reality

Adi Dantre, Class XI CSuddenly I realize the ridiculing reality,Not childhood, nor adulthood, nor complete

15 Jul 2018

Mahika Khandelwal, Class IX C Orange and yellow Flames, they flicker. Casting an orange glow

5 Jul 2018
My School Promise

Parina Jain, Class VIII A Each day I’ll do my best, I won’t do any

3 Jul 2018
And Then We Talk About Equality

Kashika Jain, Class XI Is it sensible to segregate people on the basis of their

1 Jul 2018
The Path of Life

Lakshya Somani, Class X AAt the advent of spring,in adherence to him,I committed a sin,in

28 Jun 2018

Naqiya Barnagarwala, Class VIII BI love the monsoon showersIn the daily hours In them I love

26 Jun 2018
A Dream

Adi Dantre, Class XI CWhat if I told you that all this was a dream?That

24 Jun 2018

Riddhi Singhania, Class XI DHush, shh..don’t….Don’t let the cat out of the box.Keep it from

19 Jun 2018

Soumya Tiwari, Class X BDance to expressNot to impress.When we dance, our feelings flow,Through our

17 Jun 2018
He and She

Lakshya Somani, Class X A“He”He’s living his life with its ups and downs,his face full

14 Jun 2018
Beautiful Insight

Art by Tanisha Shah, Class XI D

12 Jun 2018
A Trip to Mars

Vidhi Dev, Class X AJohn rushed into the room screaming, “I’m going to Mars!” His

10 Jun 2018
How Indore turned out to be Cleanest City in India

By Siddhant Athawale, Class XI F'Ho Halla' has now become the 'Safai Anthem' in Indore. You can't

18 May 2018

Naqiya Barnagarwala, Class VIII BThe sun was out of sightThe stars sparkled highAnd the moon

18 Apr 2018
Let’s Call For A Change

Parth Goyal, Class VIII B What is friendship? Is it just making friends or being

16 Apr 2018

Artwork by Ishika Fatehchandani, Class IXArtwork byKoshika Jhavar, Class VIII D

14 Apr 2018

Sameehan Trivedi, Class VIII BWhen you’re feeling down,And you don’t know what to do, to

12 Apr 2018
Everyone Loves to Read Books

Agam Chawal, Class VIII CEveryone loves to read a book,From a sweet little child to

10 Apr 2018
A Peek Into The World Of Books

Soumya Tiwari, Class X BI sit beside the fireOn wintery nightsAnd read lovely storiesOf beautiful

8 Apr 2018

Sneha Jain, Class X FEveryone sat huddled together in the darkness as Shankar started taking

30 Mar 2018
Waiting Room Blockbuster

Riddhi Singhania, Class X DIt was dark when we got down from the train. The

29 Mar 2018
Can You Listen?

Advika Singh Chauhan, Class X FIt was my summer vacation. I was staying with my

26 Mar 2018
The Forest

Nandini Shroff, Class X FIt was my summer vacation. I was staying with my grandparents

25 Mar 2018
The Girl in the Mirror

Anushka Gupta, Class X FIt was my summer vacation. I was staying with my grandparents

24 Mar 2018
Run For Your Life

Hardik Pandey, Class X FIt was my summer vacation. I was staying with my grandparents

23 Mar 2018
A Journey Experience

Aditi Jain, Class X FA journey always provides us lessons to face the different curves

22 Mar 2018
Why Scared of Ghosts?

Riddhi Singhania, Class X DWhy are you so scared of me?Do I yell or shout

21 Mar 2018
A New Phone

Sneha Jain, Class X FThe other day I had gone for an evening walk. On

20 Mar 2018
The Letter

Tanya Thakur, Class X EThe other day I had gone for an evening walk. On

19 Mar 2018
A Fake Letter

Krutika Bhojwani, Class X EI was picking up my books when I heard a knock

18 Mar 2018
The Letter from Petushkee

Aditya Tiwari, Class X DThis New Year, I made yet another impossible resolution: To go

16 Mar 2018
The Letter

Gauri Parashar, Class X DThe story begins when I saw my grandmother reading a letter

15 Mar 2018

Ronit Banerjee, Class IX B29th February, a day that I can never forget, but as

14 Mar 2018

Sneha Jain, Class X FI tried calling him, but he didn’t pick up. Resignedly, I

13 Mar 2018
My Mind

Mansi Choudhary, Class XIMy mind is a monkeyAll day, it orders me to playPeople ask

11 Mar 2018
From a Dream to Reality

Soumya Tiwari, Class IX BIt was a pleasant Sunday morning and I was as excited

10 Mar 2018
A Day Out in the Forest

Selvi Kataria, Class XI EOne fine dayOn my bed I layGazing at the deep blue

9 Mar 2018
Childhood – The Best Time

Himanshu Agrawal, Class XIDon’t you remember those days when all of us were the most

8 Mar 2018
My Pet

Naqiya Barnagarwala, Class VII BI remember the day I got my petFrom then I was

7 Mar 2018

Anushka Sharma, Class VII BIt’s a wonderful thing you must know,The best part of life

6 Mar 2018
Cloud Talk

Ayush Baweja, Class IX GThe thunder shakes me to the boneBelow me sits a man

5 Mar 2018
Futuristic Science

Inter House Board Decoration

4 Mar 2018
The Trip

Pranavi Agrawal, Class X C‘I’ve never ever felt this kind of fury before,’ Professor Humphrey

3 Mar 2018
Time Machine

Soumya Tiwari, Class IX BSushil and Aditya were enjoying a leisurely walk in the park

2 Mar 2018
My Experience: USA Trip Shishukunj

Riddhi Singhania, Class X DWriting about our experiences during this 'fantabulous' trip can be quite

1 Mar 2018

Debanshi Bansal, Class X DRohan, a teenager, would often stand on the terrace of the

28 Feb 2018
From a Dream to Reality

Amey Choudhary, Class IX DIt was a pleasant Sunday morning and I was as excited

23 Feb 2018
Why Not Praise the Thunder?

Maria Malik, Class IX GI was happy, lazy staring at the window pane;What I saw

21 Feb 2018
2. Five People I’d Like Helen Keller to Meet

Riddhi Singhania, Class X D(After reading Helen Keller’s The Story of My Life)1. Bernard MorinBernard

16 Feb 2018
1. Five People I’d Like Helen Keller to Meet

Vasudha Gupta, Class X D(After reading Helen Keller’s The Story of My Life)Keeping in mind

14 Feb 2018
Watch Out!!!

(Class IX Story Writing Competition: One of the Best Three Stories)Kartike Chopra, Class IX F10-year-old

12 Feb 2018
Honey and Poison

(Class IX Story Writing Competition: One of the Best Three Stories)Ayush Baweja, Class IX GIt

10 Feb 2018
A Sleeping Genius

(Class IX Story Writing Competition: One of the Best Three Stories)Vidhi Dev, Class IX ATara

8 Feb 2018
You Don’t Know My Story

Lakshya Somani, Class IX AI am a soldier but you don’t know my story,All your

6 Feb 2018
Book Review: The Hero’s Guide To Saving Your Kingdom

Aryan Tomar, Class VII DThis book by Christopher Healy, is a mix of some very

4 Feb 2018
Words and Actions

Words and ActionsMishi Jain, Class IX EBy saying different thingsPeople try to prove themselves to

2 Feb 2018
Life Journey – From Dawn to Dusk – 2

Human life is a journey that can be compared to a day from dusk to

1 Feb 2018
Life Journey – From Dawn to Dusk – 1

Human life is a journey that can be compared to a day from dusk to

30 Jan 2018
School Life

Sahaj Sethi, Class VIII BSchool life is one of the most important and enjoyable segments

28 Jan 2018

Naqiya Barnagarwala, Class VII BIn the valley where I live,There are birds that sing.They fly

25 Jan 2018
The Beauty of English

Inter House Board Decoration

6 Jan 2018
Importance of Internet in the Present Times

Aaliya Chandurwala, Class IX EGood morning! Respected teachers and my dear friends, I am here

4 Jan 2018

Nandini Bohra, Class IX EWe all believe in the idea of individuality. Individuality, a feeling

29 Dec 2017

Mihika Shrivastava, Class IX EMy world is in fragmentsI’m brokenPeople expect me to make amendmentsBut

27 Dec 2017

Nisreen Malik, Class VI GNo matter how much ever failure upon you rains,How much ever

25 Dec 2017
My First Love

Gaurav Sharma, Class IX EYou may be thinking that this is a love story. No,

23 Dec 2017
A Scenario of Indian War

Pranav Mandlik, Class X FThe war was declared. The soldiers were deployed. Prayers were going

21 Dec 2017
A Question Mark

Adi Dantre, Class X BCurved through the top,Narrow at the end,A point towards the bottom,

19 Dec 2017
Technology has made us Anti-Social

Vasudha Gupta, Class X DWhat once used to be a crowded park, full of people

17 Dec 2017
My Birthday

Anushka Sharma, Class VII BIt’s my birthday and I’ve turned eleven,My house has done some

15 Dec 2017

Naqiya Barnagarwala, Class VII BSome are big, Some are small,Some you remember,Some are lost.Some come

13 Dec 2017
Things that Humans Do

Soumya Tiwari, Class IX BOne night I was dreamingAbout things that humans do,They cut all

11 Dec 2017
On Social Networking

Inter-House Board Decoration

9 Dec 2017

Sameehan Trivedi, Class VII BWhen you’re feeling down,And you don’t know what to do, to

5 Dec 2017
Life of a Student

Aahan Nawab, Class X FThe life of a student requires sacrifice,Twenty-four seven you get commands,It

3 Dec 2017

Pranav Mandlik, Class X FEveryone is afraid of exams. Exams decide where we stand based

1 Dec 2017
The School Bus – 2

Class VIII BAfter reading ‘The Palanquin Bearers’ students of Class VIII B wrote the following

29 Nov 2017
The School Bus – 1

Class VIII BAfter reading ‘The Palanquin Bearers’ students of Class VIII B wrote the following

27 Nov 2017
School: A Miniature Society

Shubhi Mittal, Class IX CIn a society, we’ve seen people of different kindsWho’ll preach us

25 Nov 2017
The Old Woman

Riddhi Singhania, Class X DThe day was darkNo sound of any larkI was passing through

23 Nov 2017

Manvay Rawat, Class VII BA few days back, while playing football, I heard a comment

21 Nov 2017
The World of Books

Riddhima, Parina and Somya, Class VII AOpen a bookAnd have a look.Many stories are there,With

19 Nov 2017
Water Conservation

Inter-House Board Decoration

17 Nov 2017
Mountains to Climb

Aahan Nawab, Class X FThere is no reason for me to liveI know for me

15 Nov 2017
Who Am I

Jahnavi Bhargava, Class IX FWho am I?I am your friendI am your lifeI am what

7 Nov 2017

Anushka Sharma, Class VII BNature, nature, everywhere,Don’t destroy it anywhere.It gives you food and clothes

29 Oct 2017

Naqiya Barnagarwala, Class VII BStarsLittle star, so real, so near,I see you shining clear.Little star,

26 Oct 2017
What is Life?

Pranav Mandlik, Class X FLife is the best gift given to a person by god.

24 Oct 2017

Art by Vasudha Gupta, X D

29 Aug 2017
Bermuda Triangle

Riddhi Singhania, Class X DI was a pilot thenFlying the Airbus One-ThirtyIt was over the

27 Aug 2017
If I Were A Girl

Adi Dantre, Class X BWhat if I were a girl?My clothes would speak for me

25 Aug 2017
Man vs Tiger

Leysha Neema, Class IX CThe man destroys forests for his means,But does not hear the

23 Aug 2017
Heroes Around Us – 4

Rishika Jain, Class VIII GThe real hero for me is my dad.He is the person

21 Aug 2017
Heroes Around Us – 3

Shivansh Raghuwanshi, Class VIII GOur country needs heroesHeroes who will not think once before sacrificing

19 Aug 2017
Heroes Around Us – 2

Taha Aarsiwala, Class VIII GIndian heroes, Indian heroes,Who are those marvelous heroes?Are these heroes around

17 Aug 2017
Heroes Around Us – 1

Aarushi Jain, Class VIII GHardworking heroes,Who have an aim in their life.The mother who works

15 Aug 2017

Lakshya Somani, Class IX A70 years ago, this event took place,100 years of history had

14 Aug 2017
A Promise to Dad

Aastha Singh, Class X CMom! Where is dad?And why are you so sad?You know, everyone

13 Aug 2017
It’s Raining

Art by Akansha Naneria, Class X D

11 Aug 2017

Gaurav Sharma, Class IX EWhen I shifted to Delhi, It was all so new,My friends,

9 Aug 2017
The Start of the End

Ananya Singh, Class XII AThe beginning of the last year…It was 7:30 am and students

7 Aug 2017
Starry Night

Art by Anoushka Patwardhan, Class XII GStarry NightStormy Night

2 Aug 2017
How To Write A Poem: A Guide

Adi Dantre, Class X BGood day women and dear lads,What is the reason for you

31 Jul 2017
I Am Malala – Book Review

Radhika Rathi, Class VII FThis inspirational book has been written by Malala Yousafzai along with

29 Jul 2017
Blue Bolt

Art by Ananya Singh, Class XII ABlue BoltArtsea

27 Jul 2017
Interview with Adolf Hitler

Riddhi Singhania, Class X DAn imaginary interview with Adolf Hitler, author of ‘Mein Kampf’I (Riddhi)

25 Jul 2017
An Interview with Margaret Mitchell

Vasudha Gupta, Class X DMargaret MitchellAn Imaginary Interview with Margaret Mitchell, author of ‘Gone With

23 Jul 2017
F(L)ight of Time

Art by Aarchi Agrawal, Class XII EThe poor long for riches; the rich long for

21 Jul 2017
Movie Review – Whiplash

Avadhi Dass, Class XIIStudent Editor, 2017-18This is by far the most encouraging movie I have

19 Jul 2017

Art by Praneat Data, IX B

17 Jul 2017
US Leaks

Debanshi Bansal, Class X DMind-boggling; this is what describes this trip. These 10 days made

15 Jul 2017
Sia’s Dream

Ishika Mundhra, Class X DIt sounds unreal but it was actually happening. Today was the

11 Jul 2017
Globalization and Its Impact on Culture

Inter-House Board Decoration

9 Jul 2017
Book Review: The Da Vinci Code

Dravya Shah, Class VII CArt By: Dravya Shah, VII CThis novel is a mystery-detective novel

23 Jun 2017
Little Women

Vasudha Gupta, Class X D“Well, at least it had some effect on your writing skills!”

21 Jun 2017
Two Paths

Riddhi Singhania, Class X DOnce diverged two pathsLying adjacent to each otherThen came a distant

19 Jun 2017
The Road Which Was Taken

Zubin Turakhia, Class IX E…And that has made all the difference,Now as I wander in

18 Jun 2017
Dance of the Dewdrop

Tanu Rajangaonkar, Class XThe green, soft, luminous plainWas showered by a drop.Like the cravings of

6 Jun 2017
School Days

School DaysRiddhi Singhania, Class X DThe days of school, you’ll never forget,The fun and punishments

5 Jun 2017

Aditya Tiwari, Class X DDawn, a hero, a savior after the long darkness of night.

4 Jun 2017
And A New Story Began…

Vasudha Gupta, Class X DWith a flowery faceAnd cheeks ablazeLooked on by all siresShe set

12 May 2017
The Stone That Remains Unturned

Asmi Chelawat, Class X AAmongst the trees that rose so high,Among the animals that are

11 May 2017
Who Am I?

Arushi Jain, Class X AI am the letters of the beautiful words that compose me,I

10 May 2017
The Hideous Nightmare

Simran Dewani, Class X FIt was just a hideous nightmare,And yet, I was left in

9 May 2017
If I Were Rain

Rishita Neema, Class VIII AIf I would be a part of the cloud,I would be

4 May 2017
I Am A River

Riddhi Singhania, Class X DI am a riverReady to exploreThe fields and valleysAnd lots more.I

3 May 2017
A Hurried Goodbye

Kartik Chopra, Class IX FAndrew took a large gasp of breath. He was quick for

2 May 2017
Village House

Art by Akansha Naneria, X D

1 May 2017
Summer Holidays

Vasudha Gupta, Class X DWith a cartload of work for each day, A ton of

30 Apr 2017

Kratika Bulani, Class VIII ABeauty lies in the eyes of the beholder.Is beautiful Lara,Or is

26 Apr 2017
Let Me Sprinkle Love

Rishita Neema, Class VIII ALet me sprinkle love,On the fierce lands of hate,Let me bring

25 Apr 2017
The Last Route Taken

Mihika Panjwani, Class IX AEver thought that the route you take today to your tuition

24 Apr 2017
I Am…

Hiya Aidasani, Class IX AMy father is a yellow man,With the lightest touch fly, he

23 Apr 2017
Increased Price, Decreased Life

Dhruv Rajoria, Class X DIn today’s world, the only difference between life and death has

21 Apr 2017
The Two Gentlemen

Poem – Riddhi Singhania, Class X DArt – Vasudha Gupta, Class X D(Inspired by A

20 Apr 2017
The Dream Comes True

Prarabdh Shivhare, Class IX CThe boy was brought to my clinic in an unconscious state.

29 Mar 2017
A Childhood Mischief

Anirudh Malpani, Class X AI was just six years old when I got my stomach

28 Mar 2017
Don’t Give Up

Amaysikirti Khurasia, Class IX FFrom a father to his son:Don’t give up ‘coz you are

26 Mar 2017
Then Whose Fault Was It?

Adviteeya Khujneri, Class IX C “Oh! How dare you push me into the lake! I am

25 Mar 2017
The Day I Broke Up With My Friend

Prarabdh Shivhare, Class IX C‘It’s not my fault’, he shouted in front of everyone when

24 Mar 2017
The Most Dreadful Day

Rishita Neema, Class VII AOne day, I woke up late,As I had forgotten, it was

23 Mar 2017
A Trip Down Memory Lane

Swasti Solanki, Class X DThis is a story of how we grew up,Not in a

22 Mar 2017
If I could…

Ronit Banerjee, Class VIII CIf I ever had the chance to live a day as

21 Mar 2017
The Breakfast

Advaith Krishnan, Class VI GThe sun was bright. The birds were chirping merrily. It was

20 Mar 2017
Behind that Door

Adi Dantre, Class IX ASometimes, I wonder,What’s behind that door.Is it an empty space, all

18 Mar 2017
Great Indian Artists

Inter-House Board Decoration

17 Mar 2017
Technology: Haephestus’s Skill or Hades’s Wish?

Abeer Shrivastava, Class XII ACarrie P Snow once stated ‘Technology is a queer thing. It

16 Mar 2017
Technology – Our Servant or our Executioner?

Juhee Goyal, Class XII ETechnology, in itself, is a summation of contrasts. It has the

15 Mar 2017
हमसे और काम न कराओ

Amaysikirti Khurasia, Class IX Fहमसे न कराओ काम अभी हम छोटे हैं, तुम्हारे बच्चों की

14 Mar 2017
A Spinechiller

Selvi Katari, Class X A“People often say, ‘There’s no such thing as ghosts. Well, earlier

13 Mar 2017
Ostriches Can Fly

Anirudh Malpani, Class X AAs the light touched her limbs, she began to fly. She

10 Mar 2017
A Shady Plot

Travel brochures from Class X DMallesh Kamdar, Sargam Sundrani, Pankhuri Verma, Vartika Jain, Arnav Shrivastav

9 Mar 2017
Life and School Days

Vasudha Gupta, Class IX DLifeLife is a journeyWe walk through it slowlySkipping and tripping, falling

9 Feb 2017
The Lost Values

Pearl Pahuja, Class VIII BThe changing life, arrival of new generation has changed and developed

8 Feb 2017
In the Lap of Happiness

Rishita Neema, Class VII ACherished childhood passes,In her loving lap.Mind gets relaxed,Because of her and

7 Feb 2017
My Name is Rain

Adi Dantre, Class IX AI am like a bursting bucket of water, I emerge from

2 Feb 2017
Yoga – A Way of Life

Ishika Mundhra, Class IX AYoga, an ancient but perfect science deals with the evolution of

31 Jan 2017
Project on Indian Architecture

British Council ProjectThe British Council Social Science Project was titled Indian Architecture - An Amalgamation

17 Jan 2017
Shishyans Go Organic

A British Council ProjectShishyans have plunged headlong into the Science British Council Project titled ‘Go

14 Jan 2017
Dear Mother

Nandini Shroff, Class IX FOh my mother,My loving mother,You are the one who’s always by

6 Jan 2017
That is Nature

Mihir Bagadia, Class IX FThe clouds in the sky,And grass heaven on land,The water of

5 Jan 2017
We Will One Day Touch The Sky

Amaysikirti Khurasia, Class IX FWe will one day touch the skyWe’ll let the bird inside

3 Jan 2017

Vasudha Gupta, Class IX DThe tooth went wiggle wiggleAnd we did giggleFor we were youngAnd

2 Jan 2017
Maths and Sports: A Unique Blend

British Council ProjectThe British Council Project of Maths – The Incredible Ball: The Pivot of

20 Dec 2016
World At A Glance

Inter-House Board Decoration

2 Dec 2016
Regarding need for Counselling in Schools

Abhimanyu Sethia, Class X B37, Greater Tirupati ColonyNavratan BaghIndoreDecember 02, 2016The EditorThe Indore PanoramaAB Road,

1 Dec 2016
Humans, The Cause of Damage

Pearl Pahuja, Class VIII BThe relation between the rapid destruction and change in the environment

30 Nov 2016
Dream of the Soul

Iti Kathed, Class XI BFull of uncertainty,Nobody knows what lay before it or what would

29 Nov 2016
The Note

Nandini Bohra, Class VIII AIt was a rainy day. I was in my room, relaxing

28 Nov 2016
A Poem from a Student

Rishita Neema, Class VII AThe early scent of flowers,The truly devoted preacher,An angel of the

27 Nov 2016
Life is a Journey

Rohan Tripathi, Class IX DWhat is life? Is it just about school, college, job, etc.?

21 Nov 2016

Anushka Mimani, Class XI GAt five, they called her troubled. Silence was her only virtue;Imagination

20 Nov 2016
She – The Robust

Ananya Singh, Class XI AWhy? Oh why do you want her to bear all the

16 Nov 2016
Me and My Cake

Hiya Aidasani, Class VIII BI’d always seen my mother’s cake,But never tried myself to bake.When

15 Nov 2016
Maths in Fine Arts

Nirali and Sparsh, Class VII A and CMaths is everywhereThey all sayIn everything of the

14 Nov 2016
Out there in the wild…

Mansi Ranka, Class XIITanned arms and happy smiles! Twelfth standard students returned with a basket

11 Nov 2016
The Story of Life

Vedika Chawla, Class IX EWhen people always criticize you,For everything you do;When people prove you

10 Nov 2016
Green Diwali

Art by Teesha Jain, XII E

9 Nov 2016
A Meadow

Rishita Neema, Class VII AIn a green and lush meadow,None’s soul shall be pleased but

5 Nov 2016
Science in Everyday Life

Inter-House Board Decoration

4 Nov 2016
What to write?

Sanskriti Khare, Class X AWhat to write?A tremendous fight In my mind.An article on science,Or

3 Nov 2016
The Untold Story

Iti Kathed, Class XI BAs children we have grown up listening to so many stories

3 Oct 2016
I Shall See The Sunlight

Mansi Choudhary, Class X AWhen everything seemed dark,Felicity had no mark,As if a hurricane,Had made

2 Oct 2016
The Meadow’s Crown

Adviteeya Khujneri, Class IX CA day, a new start,In the meadow’s crown,A lass there lived,In

1 Oct 2016

Siddhant Athwale, IX D

26 Sep 2016
Reflections on The English Literary Fest

Mrs. Latika Pandey, EducatorThe air throbbed with creative energy and excitement as the literary geniuses 

25 Sep 2016
Math in Art

Inter-House Board Decoration

22 Sep 2016

Vaidehi Partani, Class X A(This poem has featured in Kloud9 magazine in its December 2016

21 Sep 2016
Career Guidance

Hridhima Tyagi, Class IX BAs soon as we enter class IX, planning our career becomes

19 Sep 2016
Exam Time

Lakshya Somani, Class VIII EExam time, exam time!Lots of things on our mind.All night, just

18 Sep 2016
A New Discovery, A New Revolution

Sahaj Totla, Class X GDan is a renowned researched in the year 2080. Five years

17 Sep 2016
The Old Woman

Riddhi Singhania, Class IX DThe day was darkNo sound of a larkAs I was passing

16 Sep 2016
A Scary Night

Aditi Tanwar, Class IX CI was awakened by a storm brewing outside, in the middle

15 Sep 2016
The Spirit of Independence

Inter-Class Board Decoration

13 Sep 2016
Pollution Control: The Need of The Hour

Aura Pandey, Class XII APollution has invaded all aspects of our life abjectly with our

12 Sep 2016
The Richest Poor Man

Manasv Nandeshwar, Class XI EWe were supposed to meet the new intern at the big

11 Sep 2016
At Home in Indore

Bliss Perry(Bliss was in Indore for six weeks, with seven other American students, under the

20 Aug 2016
I See

Mansi Choudhary, Class X AI see you work hard,I see you burning the midnight oil,I

19 Aug 2016
The Skiing Experience

Yuvraj Ahuja, Class IX CI had this experience when I went to Manali for skiing

18 Aug 2016
That Trip

Simran Makkar, Class IX CThe trip to Udaipur,Fun and friends,Shopping and seeing different trends.The view

16 Aug 2016
A Memorable Friendship

Arundhati Bajaj, Tanisha Jain, Class IX BIt started with a ‘Hi’When all of us were

15 Aug 2016
India: Vision 2020

Inter-House Board Decoration

14 Aug 2016
My Memorable Experience

Hridhima Tyagi, Class IX BIt was when I was five that I got a chance

13 Aug 2016
An Unforgettable Experience

Ayush Khurana, Class IX BWhen I was in the seventh grade, my family and I

12 Aug 2016
A Musical Concert

Suneha Jain, Class IX BOne evening, there was a musical concert of two singers –

11 Aug 2016
After Summer ‘16

Ananya Singh, Class XI AThe first day of school, the new session began,A new chance

9 Aug 2016
His Masterpiece

Anushka Mimani, Class XI GLong ago, a tired ancient chest,Lay isolated, in the Holy Land.The

7 Aug 2016
A Lesson Learnt in a Train Journey

Aditi Tanwar, Class IX CFridayJuly 15, 20169:35 pmI reached Indore yesterday at 12:30 in the

30 Jul 2016
A Mirror’s Diary

Vartika Jain, Class X DSuppose you are a mirror, hanging on one of the walls

29 Jul 2016
World – Mocking Jay of Reality

Ananya Singh, Class XI AThe persona of this world is so unrulyCan’t make out a

26 Jul 2016
बदलती दुनिया

Inter-House Board DecorationTheme: बदलती दुनिया 

24 Jul 2016
The Intergalactic Adventure

Rishita Neema, Class VII AAs I was bored of my place,I ventured into the vast

22 Jul 2016
Work Hard, You Can Achieve Anything

Pranavi Agarwal, Class IX C“But why? Is it my fault that I am a girl?”Rhea

20 Jul 2016
Book Review: I Am Malala

Mr. Gaurav Singh, Library ManagerI am Malala, a true story of a girl from the

18 Jul 2016
My Journey

Keshav Agrawal, Class IX G(Inspired by ‘How I Taught My Grandmother To Read by Sudha

16 Jul 2016

Ananya Singh, Class XI AOne day, when my brain ceased to explore,My heart reached out

14 Jul 2016

Riddhi Singhania, Class IX DFall down rain, now no more sun. Pitter-patter all day now,

12 Jul 2016
Buddha Enlightening the World

Art by Mallesh Kamdar, Class X D

10 Jul 2016
Drops of Rain

Krutika Bhojwani, Class IX EThese drops of rain,Falling on the terrain,Touch my heart,As if they

8 Jul 2016

Anushka Mimani, Class XI GA thousand dead, crowd, a dark brooding land,Whispers choking, him, in

6 Jul 2016
I’m Mother Nature

Shruti Biyani, Class X DI am Mother NatureIn front of you all today,With a thought

4 Jul 2016
I’m Doing My Bit

Yash Talwar, Class VIII FIt is summer time. Children enjoy this time the most as

2 Jul 2016
Regarding Noise Pollution

Jahnavi Shah, Class XII C93, Mangalam ResidencyVijay NagarIndoreMarch 19, 2016The EditorThe Indore TimesIndoreSirSubject: Regarding the

16 Jun 2016

Lavanya Singh, Class VI CDayThe day starts with a warm sunlightThe day ends with a

14 Jun 2016
Elexra, My Friend

Rishita Neema, Class VII AOnce upon a time, there lived a boy named Tony. His

12 Jun 2016
My Dad – My Hero

Hridhima Tyagi, Class IX B(For her dad on his fortieth birthday!)With hair like silk, black

10 Jun 2016
The ‘Me’

Mansi Choudhary, Class X AWhenever Lord Ram was asked about his encounter with Ravan, he

8 Jun 2016

Art by Class XII

6 Jun 2016
Should Law be Based on Morality?

Tanishka Goswami, Class XI CIn simple words, morality constitutes the principles concerning the distinction between

5 Jun 2016
Friends, are they?

Tanishka Goswami, Class XI CLaw and morality, go hand in hand,Striding peacefully to a harmonious

2 Jun 2016
Morality’s Place in Law

Pious Khemka, Class XI A‘Morals’ and ‘Laws’ are two distinct concepts in my outlook. A

31 May 2016

By Praneat Data, VIII D

27 May 2016
The Naughty Boy

Anirudh Malpani, Class X AThe boy was brought to my clinic in an unconscious state.

25 May 2016
A Childhood Mischief

Aadrika Bhargava, Class X AWhenever I ask my parents about the mischiefs done by me

23 May 2016

Nakul Goel, Class XI BMy friend Bunny and I were exhausted. We had attended a

21 May 2016
From the Diary of a Mirror

Vartika Jain, Class X DFridayApril 29, 20169:00 pmAfter observing the family members of this house

19 May 2016
Train Ride

Ribhu Das Purkayastha, Class XI DThe dawn breaks out.A new story is bornAs the first

17 May 2016

Shreya Gupta, Class XII D“I think I still have some unfinished procrastinating to do from

15 May 2016

Shruti Biyani, Class X DAnd there you lay on the bedWith a day in front

13 May 2016
Toughest Leads to Loveliest

Hridhima Tyagi, Class IX BThe fire in my hand started to flicker,And I, terrified, watched

11 May 2016
Time Passing By….

Art by Srishti Bairolia, X A

9 May 2016
My Dream Vacation 3

Swasti Solanki, Class X DMy dream is to spend my vacations in Willi Wonka’s chocolate

7 May 2016
My Dream Vacation 2

Adi Dantre, Class IX AOut of the sixty to sixty five days I will get

5 May 2016
My Dream Vacation 1

Ishika Mundhra, Class IX AMy dream vacation would be the most unique and fascinating vacation

3 May 2016
The Rose’s Lesson

Mansi Choudhary, Class X AIts either dusk or dawn,I can see the shadow cast on.It’s

28 Apr 2016
The Story of My Life

Vaidehi Partani, Class X A(Poem inspired by Chapter 1 of The Story of My Life

26 Apr 2016

Sanjali Bhandari, Class VIII FHoarding the truth of lifeEvery second has suspense as sharp as

24 Apr 2016
Literary Geniuses from Around the World – A British Council Project

Students of Class XI organised an Exhibition on 'Literary Geniuses From Around The World' from

23 Apr 2016

Iti Kathed, Class XI BTrapped we areIn a world so big.Boundaries are decidedFor us to

20 Apr 2016
Everyday – 3

Class XITeesha JainTeesha JainMahak Chhajed

2 Apr 2016
Everyday – 2

Class XIVagmi GaiwakMahek MangalShreya Gupta

1 Apr 2016
Everyday – 1

Class XIIshita Jain, XI BSanjana HarkawatMitali Khatwani, XI BAnushka Thamman, XI C

31 Mar 2016

Tanya Thakur, Class VIII FDo you even know how that person is,Before you put him

30 Mar 2016
Learning from Mistakes

Siddhant Dubey, Class X EHuman beings, God's most unique creation, are not meant to be

30 Mar 2016
The Day When Everything Went Wrong

Geetika Kutumbale, Class X EIn the summer of 2015, I visited my grandmother’s place in

28 Mar 2016
A Second Chance

Prateeksha Jana, Class X DAs Phil stumbled upon a milk crate in the midst of

27 Mar 2016
An Unforgiveable Mistake

Anushka Mimani, Class X BThere she was, weeping silently near the fireplace. She looked so

26 Mar 2016
We All Make Mistakes

Anoushka Patwardhan, Class X E“We all make mistakes, don’t we?” said Theo.“Yeah, we do. But

25 Mar 2016
Every mistake is also an opportunity

Khyati Vyas, Class X AIt was Sunday morning and Mrs. Verma was making breakfast while

24 Mar 2016
Juvenile Delinquency – 2

Art by Aashita Jain, Aditi Jaisinghani, Aditi Patel, Akshita Ramchandani, Anmol Jain, Avani Phatak, Bhavya Vohra, Neeti Gupta, Priyanshi Jain, Shreya Singhi,

23 Mar 2016
Juvenile Delinquency – 1

Art by Aashita Jain, Aditi Jaisinghani, Aditi Patel, Akshita Ramchandani, Anmol Jain, Avani Phatak, Bhavya Vohra, Neeti Gupta, Priyanshi Jain, Shreya Singhi,

22 Mar 2016
कक्षा को पत्र

दिति, फ़ातेमा, दिशिका, चिरायु, देवांग, दिव्य, Class IX Eअपनी कक्षा को समय प्रबंधन व् अनुशासन

21 Mar 2016

ख्याति व्यास, Class X Aअग्नि से जन्मी वह अग्नि-सुता, द्रौपदी था नाम |जन्म से ही

20 Mar 2016
धरती माता

श्रुति बियाणी, Class IX Dधरती हमारी माता है,       इसको तुम प्रणाम करो,बनी रहे इसकी सुन्दरता,      

19 Mar 2016
Shades of Life – 4

Art by Aashita Jain, Aditi Jaisinghani, Aditi Patel, Akshita Ramchandani, Anmol Jain, Avani Phatak, Bhavya Vohra, Neeti Gupta, Priyanshi Jain, Shreya Singhi,

18 Mar 2016
Shades of Life – 3

Art by Aashita Jain, Aditi Jaisinghani, Aditi Patel, Akshita Ramchandani, Anmol Jain, Avani Phatak, Bhavya Vohra, Neeti Gupta, Priyanshi Jain, Shreya Singhi,

17 Mar 2016
Shades of Life – 2

Art by Aashita Jain, Aditi Jaisinghani, Aditi Patel, Akshita Ramchandani, Anmol Jain, Avani Phatak, Bhavya Vohra, Neeti Gupta, Priyanshi Jain, Shreya Singhi,

16 Mar 2016
Shades of Life – 1

Art by Aashita Jain, Aditi Jaisinghani, Aditi Patel, Akshita Ramchandani, Anmol Jain, Avani Phatak, Bhavya Vohra, Neeti Gupta, Priyanshi Jain, Shreya Singhi,

15 Mar 2016
माँ की पुकार

सेल्वी कटारिया, Class IX Dबचाओ! बचाओ!मुझे बचाओ !धरती माँ कर रही पुकार, मनुष्यों ने उसे

14 Mar 2016
माँ का प्यार

रोहन त्रिपाठी, Class VIII Dरेखा और आलोक के छोटे से परिवार में जब ईशान पैदा

13 Mar 2016
Revolution is Everywhere

Prateeksha Jana, Class X DThe other day I had gone for an evening walk. On

12 Mar 2016
A Good Turn Always Returns

Khyati Vyas, Class X AThe other day, I had gone for an evening walk. On

11 Mar 2016
Fun Fair – 3

Art by Aashita Jain, Aditi Jaisinghani, Aditi Patel, Akshita Ramchandani, Anmol Jain, Avani Phatak, Bhavya Vohra, Neeti Gupta, Priyanshi Jain, Shreya Singhi,

10 Mar 2016
Fun Fair 2

Art by Aashita Jain, Aditi Jaisinghani, Aditi Patel, Akshita Ramchandani, Anmol Jain, Avani Phatak, Bhavya Vohra, Neeti Gupta, Priyanshi Jain, Shreya Singhi,

9 Mar 2016
Fun Fair – 1

Art by Aashita Jain, Aditi Jaisinghani, Aditi Patel, Akshita Ramchandani, Anmol Jain, Avani Phatak, Bhavya Vohra, Neeti Gupta, Priyanshi Jain, Shreya Singhi,

8 Mar 2016
जमाल और जेम्स

मनस्व नंदेश्वर, Class X Cजमाल अपना नाम, अपनी संस्कृति और अपनी भाषा, सब अपने नए

7 Mar 2016
प्रदूषण का पैर सब पर भारी

दिव्य सिंघल, Class IX Eप्रदूषण का पैर सब पर भारी,धरती पर हुई मुसीबत जारी |गाड़ियों

6 Mar 2016

वसुधा गुप्ता, Class VIII Bमाँ होती है सबसे प्यारी,लगती मुझे सदैव न्यारी |सही-ग़लत की पहचान

5 Mar 2016
Advertisements – 4

Art by Aashita Jain, Aditi Jaisinghani, Aditi Patel, Akshita Ramchandani, Anmol Jain, Avani Phatak, Bhavya Vohra, Neeti Gupta, Priyanshi Jain, Shreya Singhi,

4 Mar 2016
Advertisements – 3

Art by Aashita Jain, Aditi Jaisinghani, Aditi Patel, Akshita Ramchandani, Anmol Jain, Avani Phatak, Bhavya Vohra, Neeti Gupta, Priyanshi Jain, Shreya Singhi,

3 Mar 2016
Advertisements – 2

Art by Aashita Jain, Aditi Jaisinghani, Aditi Patel, Akshita Ramchandani, Anmol Jain, Avani Phatak, Bhavya Vohra, Neeti Gupta, Priyanshi Jain, Shreya Singhi,

2 Mar 2016
Advertisements – 1

Art by Aashita Jain, Aditi Jaisinghani, Aditi Patel, Akshita Ramchandani, Anmol Jain, Avani Phatak, Bhavya Vohra, Neeti Gupta, Priyanshi Jain, Shreya Singhi,

1 Mar 2016
तिरंगे सा मस्तक

अबीर श्रीवास्तव, Class X Dभारत की गिनती आज विकासोन्मुख देशों में होती है | परन्तु

29 Feb 2016
धरती की पुकार

दिति रावत, कक्षा IX Eआजकल जहाँ देखो वहां धुआं, कूड़ा,-कचरा, गन्दगी दिखाई देती है |

28 Feb 2016
माँ…मेरी दुनिया

तान्या ठाकुर, कक्षा VIII Fनौ महीने बिताये उसकी कोख में,जब भी दुःख हुआ तो रोए उसकी

27 Feb 2016
No Elevator to Success

Inter-House Board DecorationTheme: There's No Elevator to Success

26 Feb 2016
Digital Technology and India

Aura Pandey, Class XI AThe digital world has not only entered but also radically changed

25 Feb 2016
A Digitalized India is an Equalized India

Juhee Goyal, Class X BIt is hard to imagine even one day without using any

24 Feb 2016
Benefits of Digital Technology

Aditya Jain, Class XI DThe ever expanding world of Digital Technology can now help us

23 Feb 2016
In the Farms – 4

Art by Aashita Jain, Aditi Jaisinghani, Aditi Patel, Akshita Ramchandani, Anmol Jain, Avani Phatak, Bhavya Vohra, Neeti Gupta, Priyanshi Jain, Shreya Singhi,

22 Feb 2016
In the Farms – 3

Art by Aashita Jain, Aditi Jaisinghani, Aditi Patel, Akshita Ramchandani, Anmol Jain, Avani Phatak, Bhavya Vohra, Neeti Gupta, Priyanshi Jain, Shreya Singhi,

21 Feb 2016
In the Farms – 2

Art by Aashita Jain, Aditi Jaisinghani, Aditi Patel, Akshita Ramchandani, Anmol Jain, Avani Phatak, Bhavya Vohra, Neeti Gupta, Priyanshi Jain, Shreya Singhi,

20 Feb 2016
In the Farms – 1

Art by Aashita Jain, Aditi Jaisinghani, Aditi Patel, Akshita Ramchandani, Anmol Jain, Avani Phatak, Bhavya Vohra, Neeti Gupta, Priyanshi Jain, Shreya Singhi,

19 Feb 2016

अलका जैन, EducatorImage courtesy:जेठ की कड़ी धुप में देखा शिरीष को मैंने खिलते हुए

18 Feb 2016
Technology – The Way Ahead

Anshay Saboo, Class VIII AIn today’s times, technology is advancing so rapidly that even IT

17 Feb 2016
Digital Technology – How does it improve your life?

Shruti Laddha, Class VI DI was surprised when my father told me that there was

16 Feb 2016
Sports Magazine Cover – 3

Art by Aashita Jain, Aditi Jaisinghani, Aditi Patel, Akshita Ramchandani, Anmol Jain, Avani Phatak, Bhavya Vohra, Neeti Gupta, Priyanshi Jain, Shreya Singhi,

15 Feb 2016
Sports Magazine Cover – 2

Art by Aashita Jain, Aditi Jaisinghani, Aditi Patel, Akshita Ramchandani, Anmol Jain, Avani Phatak, Bhavya Vohra, Neeti Gupta, Priyanshi Jain, Shreya Singhi,

14 Feb 2016
Sports Magazine Cover – 1

Art by Aashita Jain, Aditi Jaisinghani, Aditi Patel, Akshita Ramchandani, Anmol Jain, Avani Phatak, Bhavya Vohra, Neeti Gupta, Priyanshi Jain, Shreya Singhi,

13 Feb 2016
My Favourite Celebrity

Rashmeet Muchhal, Class X BWhen I was given the topic ‘My Favourite Celebrity’ in ASL,

12 Feb 2016
Stress Free Life – A Dream

Aeshani Pathak, Class X BIs being stress-free a real state of being? A distinct possibility,

11 Feb 2016
A Mysterious Corner of my House

Nirmesh Rajput, Class IX AIt had been a long time since I had been living

10 Feb 2016
Hangout with Friends – 3

Art by Aashita Jain, Aditi Jaisinghani, Aditi Patel, Akshita Ramchandani, Anmol Jain, Avani Phatak, Bhavya Vohra, Neeti Gupta, Priyanshi Jain, Shreya Singhi,

9 Feb 2016
Hangout with Friends – 2

Art by Aashita Jain, Aditi Jaisinghani, Aditi Patel, Akshita Ramchandani, Anmol Jain, Avani Phatak, Bhavya Vohra, Neeti Gupta, Priyanshi Jain, Shreya Singhi,

8 Feb 2016
Hangout with Friends – 1

Art by Aashita Jain, Aditi Jaisinghani, Aditi Patel, Akshita Ramchandani, Anmol Jain, Avani Phatak, Bhavya Vohra, Neeti Gupta, Priyanshi Jain, Shreya Singhi,

7 Feb 2016
Art Manthan

Commercial Arts ExhibitionThe Commercial Arts display on the theme of ‘Amrit Manthan’ depicts the students’

6 Feb 2016

Mishi Jain, Class VII FBirthday cake,Is the best thing to bake.It is very easy to

5 Feb 2016
The Beauty of Nature

Ayush Khurana, Class VIII EWhat is man without Nature?Like an adult who is not mature.Nature

4 Feb 2016
Existence – an Illusion

Iti Kathed, Class X DIs the world we’re living in, real,Or everything in here is

3 Feb 2016

Class X AKaran, Mahak, Avika, Akshara, Akshaj, HarshRiya, Kavya, Aman, Heem, Divik, HimanshuDarshan, Dishita, Divyanshi,

2 Feb 2016
In The Stars

Nakul Goel, Class X EMovie Review – InterstellarInterstellar is certainly a unique movie. The movie

1 Feb 2016
Mind Boggling

Avani Kamdar, Class XII C​How mind boggling it is, right?They give you their everything.When dreamy

31 Jan 2016
Cell Phone Etiquettes – Do We Possess Them?

Sanika Fegade, Class XI AWe possess mobile phones but lack mobile phone etiquettes.Imagine a situation

30 Jan 2016
Denmark Exchange

Aliya Sheikh, Class X AIn the beginning of 2014, I was introduced to AFS. I

29 Jan 2016
The Sitlakhet Caper

Bhakti Badlani, Class IX EIt is rightly said that experiences change our lives and they

28 Jan 2016
Making Friends

Disha Gupta, Class VI DMaking friends is a pleasure,A friend is like treasure.Friendship is a

28 Jan 2016

Mishi Jain, Class VII FTime! Time! Time!It makes a perfect rhyme.People who follow time,Are always

26 Jan 2016
Conscience’s Thought

Swasti Solanki, Class IX DI read the following story in the column ‘The Speaking Tree’

25 Jan 2016
Looking Through

Art by Alefiya Havelivala, Class X D

24 Jan 2016
Mother’s Love

Siddhant Dubey, Class X AIt’s not just love that’s in those giftsIt contains a medicine

23 Jan 2016
Live to Forgive

Jivyaa Vaidya, Class IX CLive to forgive all sins,All mistakes, all bad things.Whether it be

22 Jan 2016
What is Life all About?

Divy Singhal, Class IX ELife is a rollercoaster ride. It is thrilling, full of experiences

21 Jan 2016
How to Eat Fried Beetles

Anshay Saboo, Class VIII ALet’s just say I’m a bit squeamish. When my little sister

20 Jan 2016
The Farmers’ Friend

Manas Bhatia, Class VII BPorter Pig was a very famous pig on farms all across

19 Jan 2016
Love Yourself

Iti Kathed, Class X DLook in the mirrorYou’ll see the personYou want to beThat person

18 Jan 2016
Thank You Dad…

Anvi Mittal, Class IX BFor all the droughty places in the world,You taught me how

17 Jan 2016
Mother’s Day

Vagmi Shah, Class X BAs important as any day could beIs the Mother’s Day, you’ll

16 Jan 2016
Forgiveness – the Best Quality

Vaidehi Partani, Class IX AA human being is a great personalityAnd forgiveness his best quality.Life

15 Jan 2016
A Story of Twists

Hridhima Tyagi, Class VIII B“It’s lunch time!” shouted Harry, “Sarah, show us your tricks.”Sarah, a

14 Jan 2016
Surfboards, Shadows and Sheep

Ayush Baweja, Class VII DPorter Pig was a very famous pig on farms all across

13 Jan 2016
Are you ready to be the change?

Anushka Mimani, Class X BThe current Indore has a variety of problems ranging from power

12 Jan 2016
I Wish!

Mishi Jain, Class VII FI wish! I wish!To have a switchWhich would land me in

11 Jan 2016
The Purest Joy is Often Unconditional

Prateeksha Jana, Class X DLetitia Jones was home after a hard day of work, wanting

10 Jan 2016
Lack of Humanity

Swasti Solanki, Class IX DI wasn’t allowed to play in the darkWhen someone came with

9 Jan 2016

Nikunj Gupta, Class VIII COnce upon a time, in the city of Las Vegas, lived

8 Jan 2016
The Dinosaur Problem

Lakshya Somane, Class VII EPorter Pig was a very famous pig on farms all across

7 Jan 2016

Devik Rajani, Class IX AHe is the one who created manBut man created instead a

6 Jan 2016
Don’t Worry

Art by Tanisha Shah, VIII B

5 Jan 2016
The Person I Love The Most – Mother

Kavya Julka, Class X AWhenever I am tired, your warm hug refreshes me,Whenever I am

4 Jan 2016
I Saw You

Dakshita Deshmukh, Class IX BI saw you in that toothless smileOf the down-on-his-luck strangerWhen I

3 Jan 2016
Bugs or Cockroaches?

Tanya Thakur, Class VIII FOnce upon a time, there were two friends who lived near

2 Jan 2016
The Barn-Saver

Shrey Modi, Class VII FPorter Pig was a very famous pig on farms all across

1 Jan 2016
शिक्षक की पाती पालकों के नाम…

डॉ. प्राची खान, Educatorहम करते हैं परवाह अपने बच्चों कीअच्छा है, बहुत अच्छा हैक्योंकि, यह

31 Dec 2015
A New Beginning

Board Decoration Theme: 2016 - A New Beginning

30 Dec 2015
Happy Diwali

Board decoration for Diwali

10 Nov 2015

Nandini Pillai, Class X BI was born with a faith,To cure all maladies.I was ensconced

30 Oct 2015

ख्याति व्यास, Class X Aबाग़ में बैठ निहार रही थी प्रकृति,गर्व हो रहा था की

29 Oct 2015
Mothers – Our Lifeline

Rishika Suri, Class X BMother’s Day is just one day when we cherish and celebrate

28 Oct 2015

Kalash Talati, Class IX BThe true essence of life lies in forgiveness. Forgiveness is the

27 Oct 2015
Bugs and Summer Camp: A Horrible Combination

Sneha Jain, Class VIII GBugs. I absolutely DETEST bugs! That’s why Samarth chose me for

26 Oct 2015
The Troublesome Trouble

Nishika Jain, Class VII GPorter Pig was a very famous pig on farms all across

25 Oct 2015
The Pebble and the Taal Tree – Interpretation

Class X DAfter reading ‘The Pebble and the Taal Tree’ (Nudi O Taalgaachh) by Bonophool,

24 Oct 2015
My Shadow

Class VII DCompiled by Atharv KulkarniThe poem ‘My Shadow’ by R L Stevenson was taken

23 Oct 2015
Journalism Is No Longer A True Harbinger of Tidings

Anushka Mimani, Class X BWhat is the true definition of journalism in today's world? It

22 Oct 2015

श्रीमती अलका जैन, Educatorप्रत्येक कार्य ईमानदारी से करेंसुना था अपने पिता से कई बार देखा था

21 Oct 2015
School Life, Cool Life

Stuti Pasari, Riya Jain, Aviral Maheshwari, Ameya Jain, Vaidehi Partani, Anoushka Malpani, Class IX AAll

20 Oct 2015
School Life – A Rap Song

Selvi Kataria, Class IX AThe first day of school,I cried like a fool,I seriously had

19 Oct 2015
The Journey of the Bird and the Lizard

Sanay Saboo, Class VI AOnce, long, long ago, there was a large kingdom. The king

18 Oct 2015
The Kingdom of Fantasy Pearls

Ishaan Yadav, Class VI COnce upon a time, there lived a king and a queen

17 Oct 2015
My Family

Poem - Swasti Sharma, Class VI EArt – Kavish Jha, VI FLaughter, frolic and fun,Together

16 Oct 2015
Chikki Chachu

Kaustubh Khandelwal, Class VI GLoving, caring and polite,Is the person I adore.No wonder he loves

15 Oct 2015
My Sweet Little Brother

My Sweet Little BrotherYatharth Jain, Class VI EMy Brother!He’s only one year old,He is really

14 Oct 2015
Best Out of Waste

Inter-House Best out of Waste

13 Oct 2015
A Fun Trip

Aaryama Singh, Class VI FOn Saturday, everyone from our building decided to visit Somanipuram for

12 Oct 2015
The Adventure of the Prince and the Princess

Shreya Shukla, Class VI GOnce upon a time, in a magnificent castle, lived a young

11 Oct 2015
Dear Mom

My MomVanshika Jain, Class VI BMy mom is the best,In doing our work, she’ll never

10 Oct 2015
A Dad Like Mine

A Dad Like MineAryaki Puranik, Class VI FMay all have a dad like mine,Strong and

9 Oct 2015
My Younger Brother

My Younger BrotherAditya Mahajan, Class VI FHe is two years old but always plays a

8 Oct 2015
Campaign for Energy Conservation

Our entries for the Painting competition under the National Campaign for Energy Conservation.Harshita Nehlani VII

7 Oct 2015
Father Of The Nation

Shruti Biyani, Class IX DHe was skinny, he wore glasses,Never supported society's classes.He never cared

6 Oct 2015

Stuti Kasat, Class VI FGrandpa is in my feelingsThe special moments in my life’s innings.With

5 Oct 2015
My Baby Sister

Esha Turakhia, Class VI CMy favourite family member is my baby sister.My baby sister Twisha.She’s

4 Oct 2015
My Wonderful Mother

Urvashi Dighe, Class VI CMy favourite family member is my MOTHERAnd she is not like

3 Oct 2015

सहज, शिवांश, श्रेया, सुरभि, सुश्रुत, कक्षा ८वीं Aगुरु को जानता हर बच्चा-बच्चा,दे वो ज्ञान सचमुच

2 Oct 2015
Gandhi 2015

Board Decoration Theme: Gandhi 2015

1 Oct 2015
My Sister

Nabh Patodi, Class VI FI have a little sister,Who is no less than a twister.           

30 Sep 2015
My Brother

Niral Palod, Class VI BMy brother is someone who is always there,My brother is someone

29 Sep 2015
My Father

Disha Gupta, Class VI DMy father is a little fat,But he looks dashing in a

28 Sep 2015
My Mother

Mahek Karnani, Class VI DYou are the one I love the most,You are the one

27 Sep 2015
The Irony

Tanya Rajani, Class X BGaiety disappears when I seeHow ironical our society can be.Thank her

26 Sep 2015
The Lizard and the Bird

Shruti Laddha, Class VI DOnce upon a time, there lived a charming king named Alex

25 Sep 2015
Black and White

Anushka Mimani, Class X BLook around, take a look around our world,They say it is

24 Sep 2015
Class VIII B

Tanisha Shah, Class VIII BMrs. Sinha is our mother teacher,And each student of our class

23 Sep 2015

सम्यक श्रीमाल, आदित्य तिवारी, देबांशी बंसल, अस्मि चेलावत, कक्षा ८वीँ A काँच के एक बड़े

22 Sep 2015
मेरा विद्यालय

शुभ हरकावत, साहेब छाबरा, श्रेयांश पाठक, रिची गुप्ता, शैलजा अरोरा, रिया खेमका, कक्षा ८वीँ Dशिशुकुंज

21 Sep 2015
Thank You Dear Teachers

Anjali Jhawar- Class XII ANAMASTEEEE MA’AM….Isn’t this the way all of you are greeted every

20 Sep 2015
मेरा शहर

१.      पूर्वी सिंघल, प्रखर खंडेलवाल, रजत अजमेरा, रिया बेताला, ऋषभ कटारिया, ऋषिता कांकरिया, कक्षा ८वीं Aमेरा

19 Sep 2015
जाने अपनी खूबियाँ

श्रीमती अल्का जैन, Educatorएक दिन तन्हा बैठे हुए कुछ विचारमग्न थीकी नज़र पड़ी मेरीबग़ीचे के

18 Sep 2015
He For She

Anushka Mimani, Class X BPeople say it’s a dark, dark world,People say, don’t leave the

17 Sep 2015
One Day

Twisha Patel, Class IX FNeither father, nor mother was there to console us. I was

16 Sep 2015
Our Earth

Asmi Manudhane, Class VII FOur Earth is in the system solar,Yet it is quite cold

15 Sep 2015
A Slum-Dog Is Definitely Not a Millionaire

Anushka Mimani, Class X BWhether it’s the innocent puppy hiding behind the bushes, or the

14 Sep 2015
My Dear Friend

Sanskruti Mittal, Class X DThe days have gone,The time has passed,I’ve lost my self,Without you.I’ve

13 Sep 2015
संवाद लेखन

कार एवम बैलगाड़ी के बीचमहक करनानी, इशिता जैन, कक्षा ६ठी Dकार: बैलगाड़ी, कैसे हो तुम?

12 Sep 2015
Again and Again and Again….how many times?

Pratiksha Jana, Class X DBecause they speak of hopeAnd it’s so naïve,They still believe in

11 Sep 2015
Week of Life

Poems by Tanisha Shah, Class VIII BWeek of LifeOn Monday I was born,Tuesday was the

10 Sep 2015

महक शाह, काव्या कठुरिया, कृतिका भोजवानी, मानस जाटी, कृष चंदवानी, कार्तिक बंसल, कक्षा VIII Dजिस

9 Sep 2015
Temple on the Hill

Priyanshi Rajani, Class IX A

8 Sep 2015

Atharv Chhabra, Class VIII BThe IAF is the Indian Air ForceTrust it and you’ll have

7 Sep 2015
Life Without Dreams

Parin Agrawal, Class VIII BToday, our world is full of tensions. To survive in such

6 Sep 2015
At home

Art by Mallesh Kamdar, IX D, Raghav Sachdev, Class VIII B, Tanisha Shah, Class VIII

5 Sep 2015
Happy Teachers’ Day

Inter-House Board Decoration - September 2015Board Decoration Theme: Teachers' Day

4 Sep 2015

Mansi Mundra, Class VIII B

3 Sep 2015

Muskan Lilani, Class XI BThere is someone in my roomwho drops his tears at my

2 Sep 2015
My Family Ties

Shruti Laddha, Class VI DOnce my grandparents were travelling to my cousin’s place on a

1 Sep 2015
Raksha Bandhan

Anushka Mimani, Class X BSome think of it as just a thread,Some fail to comprehend

31 Aug 2015
Independence Day

Naman Pandey, Class X DToday, I woke up and felt the sunrays awakening patriotism in

24 Aug 2015
My India Experience

Stephanie Downing, Exchange Student (Hawaii - USA)Namaste! Although this is my 4th visit to India,

23 Aug 2015

Inter-Class Board Decoration - August 2015Board Decoration Theme: Independence

22 Aug 2015
A Rainy Day

Anushka Mimani, Class X BI remember as it was yesterday,Dark coloured skin with a bowl

21 Aug 2015
My Fears

Sahaj Totla, Class IX GI always had a fear,That there is a snail in my

20 Aug 2015

Swasti Solanki, Class IX DWorking in a factory, all day and night,Making all those crackers,

19 Aug 2015
Paper Art

Made by Nishika Jain, Jush Dassani, Class VII G

7 Aug 2015
Our Nation, Our Pride

Inter-House Board Decoration - August 2015Board Decoration Theme: Our Nation, Our Pride

6 Aug 2015
Nature at its Best!

Juhee Goyal, Class X BI am Nature, here before you today,With a message I hope,In

5 Aug 2015
Destiny an Illusion

Ananya Khandelwal, Class X DDictionary defines destiny as the necessary fate to which a person

4 Aug 2015
Dancing Girls

Huzaifa Malik, IX G

3 Aug 2015
Learning Resource Centre

Gaurav Singh, Library ManagerAs we hear the word “Library” a picture comes to our mind

2 Aug 2015
Childhood – 2 poems

Tanya Gupta, Class X BChildhood is the age of making merry,In which there is no

1 Aug 2015
One Day

Nandini Pillai, Class X CA day when I will soar high,Touch the clouds, feel the

31 Jul 2015

Art by Reeti Rai, Class X C

30 Jul 2015

Ananya Khandelwal, Class X DMumma,You are the hero of my life,The superstar of my dreams.I

29 Jul 2015
Silence or Speech?

Bhavya Sikarwar, Class IX BOut of all the mind-boggling debates, in my opinion, one is

28 Jul 2015
Blessings of Nature

Hridhima Tyagi, Class VIII BNature is a beauty,Expressing the god.Nature is perfect,It has no flaws.Nature

27 Jul 2015
My Dreams

Ujjwal Patidar, Class VIII BI wish to be an IITian,I wish to be a businessman,I

26 Jul 2015
The Beauty of Nature

Avani Mundra, Class X DA plethora of adventures,A colossal amusement park,I am Nature, the rejoicing

25 Jul 2015
Rabindranath Tagore

Made by Tanisha Shah, VIII B

24 Jul 2015
My Three Wishes

Vidhi Kothari, Class X DIt was a bright elated dayAnd by that charming sunshineI was

23 Jul 2015
The Ocean Party

Two poems byVasudha Gupta, Class VIII BThe Ocean PartyLook at the oceanDancing in the moon,Isn’t

22 Jul 2015
Friends and books

Vartika Jain, Class IX DFriendsThe people whom we trust.Friends are a must.Best friends forever.Friends should

21 Jul 2015
The Season of Rain

Vagmi Shah, Class X BThe season which washes away all painIs the season of rain.It

20 Jul 2015
Beauty of Nature

Tanisha Shah, Class VIII BThis love nature, blessed to usWhich became a man’s first love.This

19 Jul 2015
Thinking Out Loud

Avadhi Dass, Class X FIdeas are the currency of the 21st century. An idea can

18 Jul 2015
Oh! It’s Raining

Sparsh Jain, Class VI C and Anjali Dhakad, Class VI AOh! It’s raining,Finally rains have

17 Jul 2015
Trending Timelessness

Abhimanyu Sethia, Class IX-C  Yesterday, in the school-bus, someone joked that a bookstore was the only

16 Jul 2015
Experience of Arts Class

Chhaya Joshi, Alumnus (Class of 2014-15)On the first day of the class I was enthusiastic

15 Jul 2015
In peace with nature

Ananyaa Jain, Class VII BIn peace with natureRiseBlueFriendsWomen, always at work!

14 Jul 2015
Water – A Precious Stone

Tamanna, Class VI CWater is like a precious stoneIt should never be thrown.If you save

13 Jul 2015
USA – A Thrilling Experience

Hridhima Tyagi, Class VIII BWhat a thrilling experience it wasTo explore the earth.To witness the

12 Jul 2015

Alefiya Haveliwala, Class X D

11 Jul 2015

Prateeksha Jana, Class X DThe flower I adored, not the lily,The one with the sweet,

10 Jul 2015

Vibhooti Hasija, Class X DDo we really know ourselves?Or are we just strangers?Strangers in our

9 Jul 2015

Aryaa Dubey, Class X DThe breeze of the nightThe morning sunshineThe rays of thine, Oh

8 Jul 2015
My Journey as a Tree

Pavitra Somaiya, Class X BI was very smallNot very tallWhen I was sown in the

5 Jul 2015

By Tanisha Shah, Class VIII BMOM!!!!!!!It is a word which makes the whole world for

8 May 2015
हक़ बनता है

A poem by Mrs. Alka Jain, Educator.Dedicated to Mrs. Preeti Phadnis on her farewell.

7 May 2015
School – The Wonderful Place

By Tanisha Shah, Class VIII BSchool is the place I enjoy to go,From when my

30 Apr 2015
Android Lollipop-The Sweetest Android Ever

By Ishaan Nyati, Class IX GHere I tell you the story of Android Lollipop with

29 Apr 2015

By students of Class VIII F

29 Apr 2015

Artwork by Mallesh Kamdar, Class IX D

27 Apr 2015
Dreams for India

By Juhee Goyal and Tanya Rajani, Class X B and Sanika Fegade, Class XI A(This

26 Apr 2015
We Dream

By Mrs Abhilasha Umahiya, Educator(This poem was presented by students of Dhyanchand House in the

25 Apr 2015
In the Village

Artwork by Dishita Jain, Class X A 

24 Apr 2015
A Bright Morning

Artwork by Mahak Patel, Class X A Artist: Mahak Patel

23 Apr 2015
Window on the Wall

Art by Tanisha Shah, Class VIII B

22 Apr 2015
A Last Day

By Ishita Jain, Class VI D              Nobody had known for a while,When I was talking

15 Apr 2015
Fruits and Flowers

Art by Devesh Nath, Class VII A

14 Apr 2015
Let Every Bud Bloom

Art by Avani Jhanwar, Class XII B

13 Apr 2015
Marks and More Marks

Tanvi Devpura, Class XI E‘How much did you score in your last test?’ This is

31 Mar 2015

By Chhaya Joshi and Arushi Bhargava, Class XII CArt by Chhaya Joshi, XII CArt by

30 Mar 2015
Google Doodles

Doodles made some time ago to depict 'Unity in Diversity'.Akshita Ramchandani, XI AChhaya Joshi, XII

29 Mar 2015

By Ananya Khujneri, Class XI A

28 Mar 2015

By Nidhi Bohra, X B

25 Mar 2015
A New Sesion

By Naisha Kumar, VI B going to VII BThe joy, the enthusiasm Is not going to

22 Mar 2015
Birds of Paradise

By Shriya Agrawal Class VI C, Avira Sisodiya VIII C, Avani Laddha VIII AShriya AgrawalShriya

21 Mar 2015

By Ananya Khujneri, Class XI A

17 Mar 2015
An Evening Together

By Zahabiya Ali, Class XI C

13 Mar 2015
Dream High

By Nidhi Bohra

9 Mar 2015
Connecting with the Soul

By Khyati Vyas, Class IX AShishyans are bursting with fun filled energy and positivity like

8 Mar 2015
The Land of Books

By Radhika Rathi, Class IV B When I was in the bed at night,When there

7 Mar 2015
In the Wild

By Zahabiya Ali, Class XI C

6 Mar 2015

By Koshika Jhavar, Class IV BI am the blue sky. I am the ocean wide.

5 Mar 2015

By Yashvi Mundra, Class IV BI met a butterfly,Yellow, black and brown.Hovering over flowers,Flying up

5 Mar 2015

By Shreya Singhi, Class XI D

3 Mar 2015

By Bhakti Badlani, Class VIII EI wonder who committed this blunderExams he invented in his

2 Mar 2015
Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam

By Nidhi Bohra, Class X B

1 Mar 2015
Here Comes the India I Dream of

By Zubin Turakhia, Class VI AOh! It is dirty; spoiled; worsened day by dayCorruption, fraud,

28 Feb 2015
Inspiration drawn from Helen Keller

Kanishka Chouhan, Class X A Inspiration drawn from : The Story of My Life – Helen

27 Feb 2015
A Four ‘O Clock Dream

By Vasudha Gupta, Class VII B Once, the goddess of intelligence was growing old and

26 Feb 2015
Tonight The Last Night

By Sahaj Kori, VII AOnce upon a time, there was a university in the far

25 Feb 2015

By Aditi Jaisinghani, Class XI A 

24 Feb 2015
Three Naughty Monkeys

By Harsh Agrawal, Class VII A Once upon a time, there lived three monkeys. Their names

23 Feb 2015
The Three Monkeys

By Shlok Sabarwal, Class VI FThe story starts when a group of Chinese people visited

22 Feb 2015
Benefits of waking up early

By Debanshi Bansal, Class VII AOnly the early bird gets the worm!Allow me to express 

20 Feb 2015
Heavenly beauty

By Aditi Jaisinghani, Class XI A

19 Feb 2015

By Naisha Kumar, Class VI BThe best stage of lifebefore having a husband or wifeis

18 Feb 2015
One Day

By Nandini Pillai, Class IX CA day when I will soar high,Touch the cloud, feel

18 Feb 2015
Telecommunications- Let’s not forget the creative guy

Kanishka Tripathi, Class XI C The day that Albert Einstein feared I think has finally

16 Feb 2015
Faces – 2

By Ananya Khujneri, Class XI A

16 Feb 2015
The Rain Song

By Saakshi Mittal, Class X B (Inspired by The Song of the Rain by Khalil

14 Feb 2015
Priceless days!

By Arunima Rathi, Class XI-A Alone I can say but together we can talk, Alone

13 Feb 2015
Faces – 1

By Ananya Khujneri, Class XI A

12 Feb 2015
India of My Dreams by Nandini Deodia, Class VI B

(Winning entry for the 'India of My Dreams' Poetry Competition) A day will come And

11 Feb 2015
India of My Dreams by Vidhi Dev, Class VI A

(Winning entry for the 'India of My Dreams' Poetry Competition)An India where every bud blooms,An

10 Feb 2015
Eulogy for the Eloquent ‘Common Man’

By Anshul Shrivastava, Class XI F Billions of people, running millions of errands and expressing

6 Feb 2015
Harry Potter?… Always!

By Tanvi Devpura, Class XI E By writing Harry Potter, J.K. Rowling created nothing short

22 Jan 2015
That’s What You Are

By Ananya Agrawal, Class X B"Mom, when are you going to be back?"My parents were

18 Jan 2015
Darkness is Rising

By Manasv Nandeshwar, Class IX CCall it greenhouse effect of whatever,It just doesn’t rain like

17 Jan 2015
Save Trees!

Class VII

16 Jan 2015
Salad Decoration

Inter-House Salad Decoration CompetitionDhyanchand HouseKalam HouseKurien HouseNarayanmurthy House

15 Jan 2015
Star Spangled Samosa: the Story of How an American Boy goes Indian (Part 2)

By Anshay Saboo, Class VII A (Part 2)[Click here to read part 1]                Time flew by

14 Jan 2015
Star Spangled Samosa: the Story of How an American Boy goes Indian (Part 1)

By Anshay Saboo, Class VII A[Part 1]Letter from the Author – Dear Reader This is

13 Jan 2015
For you O’ Teachers!

By Vasudha Gupta and Hridhima Tyagi, Class VII BYou made it easyTo understand,You are the

12 Jan 2015
Fruits, vegetables and flower

Art by Oorja Rungta, Class VIII B(Junior-editor)

11 Jan 2015
Celebrate Each Moment

By Hiya Aidasani, Class VI B There are 365 days in a year and every

10 Jan 2015
Have a Vision

By Avadhi Dass, Class IX FHow many times have our friends and family asked us,

9 Jan 2015
Gee! Class X D

By Sanika Fegade and Yashvi AgrawalOh my god! You enter X DAll kinds of creatures

8 Jan 2015
Shishuwood presents…

Art by Rishika Suri, Nikita Bhatia, Arushi Tulsiyan, Aeshani Pathak, Namrata Gandhi, Arundhati Jaiswal, Rashmeet

7 Jan 2015
I am a tree!

By Vagmi Shah, Class IX B I have lived my whole life in this forest

6 Jan 2015
The Dark Room

By Tanya Gupta, Class IX BThe wind was blowing violently and the sun was about

5 Jan 2015
A girl child in the mother’s womb…

By Nehal Tapadia, Class X DThe fears of an unheard voice. People say your sons

4 Jan 2015
Rocco, My Brave Friend

By Vagmi Shah, Class IX BIt was a fine autumn evening. I left our log

3 Jan 2015
बचपन की नादानी

वन्शिनी तोल्पड़ी कक्षा ८ वी G बचपन में बच्चों द्वारा कई छोटी-छोटी नादानियाँ हो जाती

2 Jan 2015

Artwork by Kanishka Tripathi, XI C

1 Jan 2015
Long Live Benoy!

By Sanjana Bhachawat, Student Editor, Class XI C Boom! The bullet hit the soldier right

31 Dec 2014
New Year!

By Prakhar Khandelwal, Class VII ANow is the timeTo say goodbye to 2014,And welcome our

30 Dec 2014
Me and my Papa

By Vinisha Shrimal, Class XII AFrom the day he was awarded the title, till he

29 Dec 2014
With Love From Me To You

By Akshina Bhargava, Class XII A Sitting amidst the innumerable emotions of the world –

28 Dec 2014
वृक्ष की व्यथा

Contributed by आगम डाकोलिया, कक्षा ८ वीं Dपल पल